Alien Egg

Posted by Darkness on December 10, 2006 (Updated: 04-Jan-2022)

The Alien Egg can survive for an undetermined length of time in various and diverse environments. The egg’s outer skin is translucent, flammable, and is unarmored.

The egg potentially detects a host that is within close striking proximity by sound, movement or vibration. As this occurs, the egg and accompanying organism within are awakened by the viable opportunity to perpetuate the lifecycle. The four petals at the top of the egg open, preparing for the next stage as the facehugger emerges. If necessary, the prey is ambushed. However, as seen in the case of Newt’s potential parasite in Aliens, the Facehugger may take its time in approaching the host if opportune conditions (ie: a cocooned host) are present…

Alien Egg Alien Egg

Alien Egg Alien Egg

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