NECA Predator Series

This section lists every Predator-related figure that NECA has made over the past few years. They generally release their figures as part of a Series but occasionally they’ll release one as a standalone figure, usually as part of an exclusive.

neca-predator-series-1-01 NECA Predator Series Series 1 (2010)
Includes Classic Predator, Berserker Predator, Falconer Predator from Predators.
neca-predator-series-2-08 NECA Predator Series Series 2 (2010)
Includes Battle-Damaged Classic, Unmasked Berserker, Tracker from Predators.
neca-predator-series-3-08 NECA Predator Series Series 3 (2011)
Includes Jungle Hunter, Elder Predator, Predator Hound.
neca-predator-series-4-01 NECA Predator Series Series 4 (2011)
Includes City Hunter, Boar Predator, Shaman Predator.
neca-predator-series-5-01 NECA Predator Series Series 5 (2012)
Includes Guardian Predator, Stalker Predator, Snake Predator.
predator-series-6-01 NECA Predator Series Series 6 (2012)
Includes Lost Predator, Warrior Predator, Scout Predator.
predator-series-7-01 NECA Predator Series Series 7 (2013)
Includes Big Red (Batman: Dead End), City Hunter (Masked), Falconer (Cloaked).
Dutch (Jungle Extraction) NECA Predator Series Series 8 (2013)
Includes Jungle Hunter, Dutch (Jungle Extraction), Dutch (Jungle Patrol).
predator-series-9-01 NECA Predator Series Series 9 (2013)
Includes Jungle Hunter (Water Emergence), Dutch (Encounter), Dutch (Disguise).
predator-series-10-01 NECA Predator Series Series 10 (2013)
Includes Nightstorm Predator, Hive Wars Predator, Lava Planet Predator.
predator-series-11-01 NECA Predator Series Series 11 (2014)
Includes Wasp Predator (Batman: Dead End), Lost Predator (Armored), Dutch (Thermal).
predator-series-12-01 NECA Predator Series Series 12 (2014)
Includes Enforcer Predator, Elder Predator V2, Viper Predator.
predator-series-13-01 NECA Predator Series Series 13 (2015)
Includes Cracked Tusk, Renegade, Scavage inspired by Kenner figures.
predator-series-14-02 NECA Predator Series Series 14 (2015)
Includes Celtic, Scar, Chopper from Alien vs. Predator.
predator-series-15-02 NECA Predator Series Series 15 (2016)
Includes Scar (Masked), Warrior, Temple Guard from Alien vs. Predator.
predator-series-16-01 NECA Predator Series Series 16 (2016)
Includes Spiked Tail, Stalker and Ghost inspired by Kenner figures.
 NECA Predator Series Series 17 (2017)
Includes Youngblood, Elder, Serpent Hunter from the AvP movie and AvP video game.
 NECA Predator Series Series 18 (2018)
Includes Hornhead, Broken Tusk and Machiko from the comic series.

The Predator (2018) Figures

The section includes figures based on the Predators we saw in 2018’s The Predator from Shane Black.

NECA Ultimate Fugitive Predator (2018)
Based on the Predator from The Predator movie.
NECA Thermal Vision Fugitive Predator (2018)
This is a Target exclusive.
NECA Fugitive Predator (Lab Escape) (2019)
Based on the Predator from The Predator movie.
NECA Assassin Predator (2019)
Based on the Upgrade Predator from The Predator movie.
NECA Emissary Predator #1 (2019)
Based on the deleted Emissary Predator from The Predator movie.
NECA Emissary Predator #2 (2019)
Based on the deleted Emissary from The Predator movie.

1/4 Scale Predator Figures

This list includes 20-22″ Predator figures that NECA released over the years.

Masked Predator NECA Predator Series Jungle Hunter (2011)
Jungle Patrol Dutch NECA Predator Series Dutch Schaefer (Patrol) (2013)
City Hunter NECA Predator Series City Hunter (Masked) (2012)
Warrior Predator NECA Predator Series Warrior Predator (2012)
Guardian Predator NECA Predator Series Guardian Predator (2013)
City Hunter Unmasked NECA Predator Series City Hunter (Unmasked) (2013)
Big Red NECA Predator Series Big Red (2013)
Elder Predator NECA Predator Series Elder Predator (2013)
LED Predator NECA Predator Series Jungle Hunter (2016)
City Hunter NECA Predator Series City Hunter (LED Lighting) (2016)
Jungle Demon NECA Predator Series Jungle Demon (2017)

Other Figures

This list includes figures that were released separately out of the main series – mainly comic-con or toys ‘r us exclusives.


Stealth Berseker NECA Predator Series Berserker Predator (Cloaked) (2010)
2010 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive.
Berserker Predator NECA Predator Series Berserker Predator (Semi-Cloaked) and City Hunter 2-pack (2011)
Toys ‘r Us Exclusive.
Gort Predator NECA Predator Series Gort Predator (2011)
2011 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive.
City Hunter Cloaked NECA Predator Series City Hunter (Cloaked) (2012)
2012 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive.
Jungle Hunter Cloaked NECA Predator Series Jungle Hunter (Cloaked) (2012)
Toys ‘r Us Exclusive.
Final Battle NECA Predator Series Dutch and Jungle Hunter (Final battle) (2013)
Toys ‘r Us Exclusive.
Jungle & City Hunter NECA Predator Series Jungle Hunter and City Hunter (Battle damaged) 2-pack (2013)
Toys ‘r Us Exclusive.
Albino Predator NECA Predator Series Albino Predator (2013)
2013 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive.
Predator NECA Predator Series Predator (video game appearance) (2014)
Tribute for the 1989 NES game Predator.
Ahab Predator NECA Predator Series Ahab Predator (2014)
2014 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive.
Bad Blood Predator NECA Predator Series Bad Blood Predator (2014)
Based on the Predator in the comic series Predator: Bad Blood.
Blade Fighter NECA Predator Series Blade Fighter Vehicle (2014)
 25th-predator-02 NECA Predator Series Predator (Dark Horse 25th Anniversary) (2015)
Based on the cover Predator of Dark Horse’s 1989 Predator comic.
City Hunter NECA Predator Series City Hunter (video game appearance) (2015)
Based on the 1991 Sega Genesis game Predator 2.
Scarface NECA Predator Series Scarface (2016)
Based on the creature in Predator: Concrete Jungle.
Deluxe Clan Leader NECA Predator Series Deluxe Clan Leader (2016)
Inspired by the Kenner figures.
Stealth Scar Predator NECA Predator Series Scar Predator (Cloaked) (2016)
2016 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive.
Celtic vs Grid Alien NECA Predator Series AvP Celtic Predator vs Grid Alien (2016)
A 2-pack featuring battle-damaged versions.
 NECA Predator Series Predator Assortment (Arcade Appearance) (2018)
Featuring Mad Predator, Predator Warrior and Predator Hunter.
 NECA Predator Series Predator Bone Throne (2018)
Includes a bone throne that people can use in dioramas.
Dutch & Linn (AvP Arcade Game) (2018)
Includes Dutch and Linn who were playable characters in the 1994 AvP arcade game.
NECA Ultimate Bad Blood vs Enforcer Predator (2018)
Includes Bad Blood and Enforcer Predator from the Predator: Bad Blood comic series.
NECA Ultimate Elder: The Golden Angel (2018)
Based on the Dark Horse comic book Predator: 1718.
NECA Hawkins (2018)
2018 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive.
NECA Batman vs Predator (2019)
San Diego Comic Con 2019 exclusive.
NECA Ultimate Alpha Predator 100th Edition Figure (2020)
Original figure to celebrate over 100 Predator figures from NECA.
NECA Ultimate Armored Lost Predator (2020)
Based on the Lost Tribe Predator from Predator 2.
NECA Ultimate Scout Predator (2020)
Based on the Lost Tribe Predator from Predator 2.
NECA Lasershot Predator (2020)
A tribute to the old Kenner figures.
NECA Ultimate Stalker Predator (2020)
Based on the Lost Tribe Predator from Predator 2.
NECA Ultimate Guardian Predator (2020)
Based on the Lost Tribe Predator from Predator 2.
NECA City Demon Cloaked Predator (2020)
A SDCC 2020 exclusive.
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