Aliens: Dark Descent

Date Released: 2023
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Developer: Tindalos Interactive
Formats: PS4, PS5, X-Box One/X/Series X, PC
Genre: Squad-based shooter

Aliens: Dark Descent is the upcoming Aliens game from Tindalos Interactive due for release in 2023.

Official Synopsis

In Aliens: Dark Descent, command a squad of hardened Colonial Marines to stop a terrifying Xenomorph outbreak on Moon Lethe. Lead your soldiers in real-time combat against iconic Xenomorphs, rogue operatives from the insatiable Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and a host of horrifying creatures new to the Alien franchise.

You are the commander. They are your weapon.

Infiltrate large open levels and annihilate enemies with your squad, dispatching orders strategically and intuitively at the touch of a button. Tread carefully, as death is permanent and your foes will adapt their tactics to your actions while hunting you down. Forge unique paths for survival, uncovering shortcuts, creating safe zones, and setting up motion trackers in a persistent world where your actions impact levels forever.

Customize your squad with a selection of different classes. Level up and specialize your soldiers with unique abilities and an arsenal of weapons, armor, and perks, for high stakes missions in treacherous territory. Develop your base to research new tech and improve your squad even further.

Manage your resources wisely and take calculated risks to outsmart the deadliest creature mankind has ever faced. Can you and your squad stop the outbreak before it’s too late?

  • Face off in a gripping original Alien story against iconic Xenomorph creatures ranging from Facehuggers to Praetorians, Alien Queens and many more, including rogue human commandos and a brand-new threat unique to this Alien storyline
  • Lead strategically and change squad tactics from mission to mission, carefully managing your soldiers’ health, resources, and sanity, to avoid permanent team losses and mental breakdowns
  • Forge unique paths for survival in a persistent world, uncovering shortcuts, creating safe zones and setting up motion trackers to stay one step ahead of these creatures
  • Assemble and level up squads composed of 5 starting Marines classes, with dozens of specializations, unique abilities and weapons.

Early Announcement

Aliens: Dark Descent was first announced on June 9, 2022 for a 2023 release date.


The first trailer was released June 9, 2022 which was a cinematic trailer with a little bit of gameplay footage at the end.

Aliens: Dark Descent Videos

Announcement Trailer


Latest News

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Comments: 2
  1. Has anyone here played the Studio’s other games? I haven’t played them Tindalos have made some large scale RTS games. From what I’ve read about this game is we’ll be exploring an overrun colony or station and will be able to set up defenses in real time, with persistent destruction and perma-death.

    We’ll have a home base which we’ll explore from, scavenging for finite supplies, setting up defenses, and discovering story elements before returning to base. The aliens can cause destruction on the base that will last the whole playthrough.

    I imagine it will play kind of like the last two X-com games from Firaxis, just without a grid system and more twin stick shootery.

    All that rambling is to say Im pretty stoked for this game. Let’s hope the developers give us something good and don’t bungle the license.

  2. Ah man. Finally. Now I just gotta hope one day Laurian Studio’s gets to make an AliensTTRPG style game with Game Master Tools, Mod Support, and a fun campaign like Divinity Original Sin1 and 2.

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