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  1. i reaty did likethe aliens kenner toy line when it was out in 1992 it was before alien 3 was i think that right i am not sure just love alien vs predator series i try get avp novel back in 2004-5 but never foul it but got war of aliens vs predator hunter planet it not bad

  2. the basic life cycle of a human bred xeno is the following
    adult drone
    drone evolving into a warrior
    warrior evolving into a praetorian
    when there is no present queen or the queen is now dead, the praetorians will fight to see who is the new queen
    also, a royal aka queen facehugger can automatically make a praetorian, which can later on become a new queen.

  3. when a facehugger latches on you, it uses its tail to strangle you. in natural response, you will open your mouth as you gasp for air, which then allows it to do its thing. plus, its body has a was of knocking you out so it can still get into your mouth.

  4. David created the Alien.
    Confirmed by Ridley Scott at SXSW
    Link –
    “The final preview scene starts on Michael Fassbender’s android, David, who definitely is the Prometheus android, and not the new Covenant android, in this scene. David escorts Billy Crudup’s character through what The Verge describes as a “personal workshop of biological terrors” David is explaining that, in an effort to fully understand the alien that they encountered in the finale of Prometheus, he has been experimenting with genetic mutations of these creatures, and that he has genetically engineered new versions of the Alien. David says that he has been waiting for one last piece of his genetic puzzle to fall into place, at which point he brings Crudup’s character into a room that contains the four eggs that we know from Ridley Scott’s original Alien. David’s final puzzle piece is “mother,” or a waiting host, and he wants Crudup’s character to be that for him.”

    (Warning, the above text you just read contains a major spoiler).

  5. @Predator Legend (Scar) They wrap their tails around your throat so your body automatically opens your mouth so you can breath. The facehugger then puts its proboscis in your mouth delivering the eggs into your chest and supplying you with air long enough for them to implant the egg.

  6. 1. Adults have stages in this order

    2. The Predalien and Runner are not hybrids. A true fan would know xenos get DNA from the creature they burst out of. The Predalien is from a Yautja while a runner is from a quadruped such as a dog or an ox. The Newborn is the only hybrid here.

  7. What about pretorian Aliens??? Didn’t even know it existed until a friend told me this morning.
    Have been reading about them and yes they havnt been featured in any movie, but we do see them in the Aliens vs Predators games.
    As a MASSIVE Aliens fan
    I think you guys need to put that into the evolution of the Aliens, from drones to warriors to Pretorians to finally Queens

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