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Survios and 20th Century Games Officially Anounce Alien: Rogue Incursion!

First announced back in July of 2022, news on Survios’ single-player VR horror game has been sporadic. However, in celebration of Alien Day, Survios and 20th Century Games have officially announced Alien: Rogue Incursion and released an announcement trailer!

Happy Alien Day! Developer Survios and 20th Century Games are celebrating by officially announcing Alien: Rogue Incursion, a new single-player action horror VR game that puts you closer to the Xenomorphs than you’ve ever been. It’s coming to PlayStation VR2, Steam VR, and Meta Quest 3 this holiday.

Unfortunately there’s no gameplay footage in the trailer, but we know it will be releasing towards the end of this year for PlayStation VR2, Steam VR, and Meta Quest 3. Along with the announcement, the official website for Alien: Rogue Incursion is now online.

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    I've only got a gen 1 Rift and a PSVR1 brought cheap second hand. Hopefully can still run this with the original Rift via SteamVR! I'd rather not have to buy a new headset.

    That said, ever since playing the MuthurVR mod for Isolation I've been saying that Alien needed a game built from the ground up for VR because it's just such a perfect match. I know it's a very specific game and setup, but if they've done this well, I really think it could be amazing. Very very excited for this news.
  2. Darkness
    I've always wanted to try the virtual reality stuff but the cost is too much for just a few titles. I think I have unrealistic expectations too. I expect to be walking around without the use of wires but the technology just isn't there yet.
    Damn unfortunate only for VR. That is terribly restrictive and limiting sales to an VR only audience to me is a mistake. Unless the budget didn't allow for a highly resourced game and the target is for a smaller audience therefore the game will probably be underwhelming. I don't have VR so I don't know how these games are usually made in comparison to triple AAA games like Isolation which is clearly well developed and well resourced as it attracts to a larger audience throughout multiple platforms.
  4. dinosauriac
    The Aliens-style head and the gun the character is holding in the key art make me think this isn't going to be much of a horror title, but I could be wrong. This reminds me though, I really need to get the Alien Isolation VR mod working properly sometime...
  5. Acid_Reign161
    I'm keeping fingers crossed that this is good, but I had fears when it was first announced Survios was the developer (having seen their other VR titles like 'The Walking Dead' which looked terrible)... I remained cautiously optimistic... but then the art style of the xeno on the teaser today...I feel it's going to be another Walking Dead with an Alien skin...I hope I'm wrong! 😅
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