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Posted by Darkness on July 18, 2010 (Updated: 10-Sep-2023)

These documentaries were filmed and made by Dennis Lowe. Dennis was a SFX Assist (Model Camera) on the original Alien and also worked on Star Wars: Empire Strikes back, Legend and many other great films. One of his many hobbies is making documentaries and recently Dennis interviewed other people who also worked on Alien to share their memories and experiences and working with Ridley Scott and on Alien in general. They are not studio documentaries and have not been aired on TV. These were made by Dennis himself with his own equipment and are non profit films. You can view them all on Dennis Lowe’s Website or down below.

Alien Makers (1 hour 20 mins) (2009)

Memories from people who worked on ALIEN (1979). Rone Hone, Roger Nichols, Neil Swan, Brian Eke, John Hatt, Martin Bower, Simon Deering, Jon Sorensen, Bill Pearson all contribute.


Alien Makers II (1 hour 33 mins) (2009)

Memories from people who worked on ALIEN (1979). Ivor Powell (Associate Producer), Brian Johnson (SFX Supervisor), Sandy Lieberson (Vice President 20th Century Fox – Europe in 1979), Tim Ayling (Son of Denys – Model Lighting Cameraman) and Terry Rawlings (Film Editor) all contribute.


Alien Makers III (43 mins) (2009)

H.R. Giger created one of the great iconic symbols of the cinema for the film ‘Alien’, here he talks about his work and the future of his projects including his Museum and Giger Bar at Gruyeres, Switzerland. This documentary was initially removed from Dennis Lowe’s website because Giger was unhappy with the ending so Dennis Lowe re-edited it removing the last minute or so.


Alien Makers IV (90 mins) (2010)

Memories from people who worked on ALIEN (1979). Nick Allder, Michael Seymour and Dennis Lowe all contribute.


Alien Makers V (90 mins) (2012)

Memories from people who worked on ALIEN (1979). David Watkins, Joyce Voysey, Robert Voysey, Dick Budden and Pat Lowry all contribute.


Alien Makers VI (56 mins)

This film features an interview with H.R. Giger’s first wife Mia Bonzanigo who recalls her time with Giger when they both worked on Ridley Scott’s Alien.


Alien Fans (93 mins) (2010)

This film includes a selection of people that have been influenced by the ‘Alien’ franchise in one way or another. Mike Lynch, Julian Bloom, Michael Seigel, Philippe Carini, Marc Caro, Aaron Percival, Fred Blanchard, Graham Langridge, Bijan Aalam, John Milas, Dominic Kulcsar all contribute.


Alien Fans II (89 mins) (2012)

Gareth Ellner, Till Nowak, Andrew David Clark and Adrian McKenna talk about how the film ‘Alien’ still influences their lives in very different ways. Brandon Alinger from ‘The Propstore of London’ discusses the problems during the restoration of the Nostromo model with model makers Monty Shook and Jack Edjourian from ‘Grant McCune Design’. Richie Bohach, Steve and Danita Labouyteaux from ‘Richie’s Armor’ make an appearance as they endeavor to reach the ‘Derelict’.



Dennis Lowe’s Website

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  1. There’s only one seed for the DVD ISOs, and it won’t go any faster than 5kb/s. I can host them on a seedbox for a long time if I had the chance to get them.

  2. These are always worth a “re-view”. So much has changed in the special effects industry over the years, technically speaking, but the culture around it produces bonds that have lasted these guys for decades. Thanks for posting these: it help promote Dennis Lowe’s work but also gives valuable insight into the production of Alien.

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