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Posted by Darkness on December 31, 2012 (Updated: 07-Sep-2023)

Below you’ll find a list of Alien Deleted Scenes that were in the theatrical release. Some of the scenes, such as the Cocoon sequence, have been since included in Ridley Scott’s Director’s Cut. The Director’s Cut is 47 seconds shorter than the Theatrical version but removes quite a few scenes from the Theatrical cut. There’s a fantastic article on that compares both versions. This article includes deleted scenes from the DVD / Blu-Ray and also scenes that were in the script but never filmed. You can also view the Alien Theatrical vs Director’s Cut article to see the difference between the two cuts of the film.

Tow’s Exterior
This deleted scene is of a long exterior look at the Nostromo’s tow. This scene isn’t in the Director’s Cut and is only found in the deleted scenes section.

Nostromo - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Kane wakes up from hypersleep, and then wanders out to the kitchen of the Nostromo. Kane says, “Rise and shine, Lambert.” Lambert replies, “What time is it?” Kane then says, “What do you care?” We then watch as Kane starts to get breakfast ready for the rest of the crew, brewing some coffee, and getting the cereal ready. He seemingly appears to be either talking to the crew who are assembled just offscreen or he’s just practising talking to them for when they wake up.

Lambert - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Derelict Transmission
All the crew but Brett and Parker are on the bridge, they are listening to the derelict signal. Dallas asks, “Can we all hear that, Lambert?” Lambert turns the signal on. Once they have all listened to it Kane says, “Good God”. Then Ripley adds, “It doesn’t sound like any radio signal I’ve heard”. Lambert then suggests, “Maybe it’s a voice”. Dallas says to home in on the signal and she tells them specifications about the planet. It ends with Ash saying, “We can walk on it.”

Dallas - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Rock Formation
While Kane, Lambert, and Dallas are heading toward the Derelict Ship, the three stop to take a short break under a rock formation. As the three leave a strange shape is revealed which is fifteen feet tall and fossilized into the other side of the rock. Kane, Lambert, and Dallas do not notice the shape but Ash does. This scene was in the script, but it doesn’t appear that it was filmed. I’ve only found a few photos of it and they were from the Topps card set.

Rock Formation - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Alien Pyramid
The search party from the Nostromo originally found a triangle that the Space Jockey had carved into its “dashboard,” apparently as its last act when they investigated the Derelict Ship. After the planetoid’s endless dust storm has briefly settled, the crew can see a huge pyramid on the horizon. Another crew is sent to explore. They scale it, find an opening on top, and a volunteer lowers himself down the hatch. He finds a giant chamber that seems like a tomb, or maybe a place of worship. There are weird statues and some sort of hieroglyphics which are representative of Alien reproductive cycles.

Alien Pyramid - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

The explorer then finds the Alien spores that had been waiting. This summary was taken from The Book of Alien which goes on to quote Ridley Scott who said, “The pyramid and the derelict-two different elements-were still the subject of a seesaw debate when I came on the project. I would love to have shot it, but the more I thought about it the more I realized it would have been wonderful in a three-hour version. What finally cracked it was the budget. We just had to get rid of it. And you know, sometimes financial practicalities force you to do a certain amount of editorial work, and I’m glad we simplified it.” The image below is a piece of conceptual artwork done by Chris Foss.

Entering the Derelict 
This is a short sequence in which the trio actually approach the entrance portals on the rear of the Derelict. All the time Dallas is narrating for Ash who still can’t actually hear because of distortion. We look out through the interior of one of the portals as the group climbs in and debates going further.

A Bottomless Pit
This is an extended scene when Kane discovers the acid-burned hole in the floor of the Pilot’s Chamber. Dallas, Kane and Lambert are all gathered around the hole and Kane is prompting Dallas to let them explore it further. Kane says that he’ll do it and we watch as they assemble the tripod mast. Dallas also tells Kane that he is not to unhook himself from the cable for anything and to get back up in ten minutes.

Kane’s Weapon
Kane pulls out one of the weapons you see hanging from the compression suits they wear. He looks around with it and then lowers it to look more closely at the egg. Pictures of this file and the one below were obtained from the Making of Alien documentary, which was available with the Alien Legacy. It contains video footage of these deleted scenes.

Kane's Weapon - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Bringing Kane Inside
Ash assists Dallas in bringing Kane into the Nostromo. Lambert follows them inside and they set Kane down just outside the inner airlock door which Dallas shuts.

Kane - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

After Kane is brought back onboard the Nostromo, the crew watches Ash and Dallas inspect him. Ripley climbs down a ladder in the corridor outside the Medlab and Lambert goes berserk on her for not letting them back in the ship. Parker and Brett pull the two women apart and Dallas says, “Ripley, when I give an order I expect to be obeyed.” Ripley asks, “Even if it’s against the law?” Dallas replies, “You goddamn right.” Ripley then gets Lambert to tell them what happened. She says that he went below and found some egg things. This scene would have explained how Ripley said in Aliens that Kane saw thousands of Eggs, because otherwise she couldn’t have known.

Lambert - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Kane’s Condition
After the Facehugger’s acidic blood eats through a few floors, Lambert appears behind Ash in the Medlab asking if any of the acid got on him. Ash says, “No,” and Lambert says that they need to find a way to get it off him. Ash replies, “Yes, well, I don’t think we out to try that again, it didn’t work out too well last time.” He then states that he needs to get some intravenous feeding started and he asks Lambert if she’s all right. She replies, “Yes,” and Ash puts Kane into the Autodoc. The rest of the crew arrives and asks Ash if he’s going to be okay. Ripley sees an X-Ray of Kane’s chest and asks Ash, “What is that dark stain on Kane’s lung?” Ash replies, “I don’t know Ripley. Whatever it is, it’s blocking the scanner.” Dallas tells everyone to go back to work.

Ash - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Repair Progress
Parker and Brett continue to work on the repairs. Brett thinks he has got it and Parker says, “I’m sorry my friend, you don’t have anything.” Brett says he was sure that was it and Parker replies, “Well, it’s not man, try the next one. What engineering school did you go to?” Ripley then radios down to them asking, “What’s happening down there?” Parker makes a joke to Brett and then replies, “A lot of real hard work, hard work Ripley.” Ripley then says she can hear it and Parker says she is out to try it sometime. Ripley comments that she has the toughest job on the ship; listening to them. Parker asks, “Why don’t you get off my back?” Ripley says, “I’ll get off your back as soon as 12 Module is fixed.” Parker says that she is a bitch.

Parker - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Planning the Search
After Kane’s death, the crew gathers back at the meal table to discuss what to do next. Brett asks Ash how to deal with it since he’s studied it and Ash replies, “I don’t know Brett.” Dallas says that they need to capture it and eject it from the ship. Ash asks how are they going to do that and Dallas says that they flush it out. Ripley replies, “That’ll take forever,” and Dallas asks, “You have an alternative?” Ash comments that their supplies are based on them spending a limited amount of time out of hypersleep and they respond that they aren’t going into hypersleep with it running around.

Brett - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Parker says that they need to find a way to kill it and Lambert says, “We can’t kill it, its body acid will burn straight through the hull.” Parker then suggests putting on their pressure suits and blowing the air out of the ship. Lambert says sarcastically, “That’s a terrific idea,” and Parker asks whose idea it was to let that thing on board. Then everyone starts shouting and Ash breaks it up saying, “Just a minute. Now, I really do hate to point this out but it might be better off without oxygen. It has lived that way long enough.”

Ripley brings up the problem of finding it saying that they’re blind on B and C decks. Lambert adds, “And what do we do when we find it,” and Dallas replies that they trap it somehow. Brett then announces they use a strong net and a cattle-prod. Lambert says, “Why do we listen to this idiot?” Brett asks if anyone has a better idea and then Dallas asks him how long it would take. Parker and Brett decide 20 min to an hour and then they leave. Dallas comments, “More like 2 to 3 with them,” and Ash says, “Great.”

Sex Scene 
Ripley comes to Dallas in the Narcissus. She tells him she needs some relief. Dallas says, “We’re the new pioneers, Ripley. We even get to have our own special disease.” They continue to talk and then they have sex. This was the only information given in the script, but according to The Book of Alien they were supposed to have been interrupted by Kane’s corpse floating by and this scene was supposed to be in an observatory bubble. None of this was filmed. The image below is a storyboard of this scene done by Ridley Scott. A logical problem with this scene is that Kane’s corpse is shot out away from the Nostromo.

Kane's Burial - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Brett’s Alternative Death 
When Brett nears the landing strut, you see the Alien dangling from chains. The scene then plays out as normal until the Alien attacks. It grabs Brett’s head, and he shouts for Parker. Blood starts coming from the back of Brett’s head and the Alien lifts Brett up. Ripley and Parker then run in. Parker looks up and bloods dripped onto his shirt and then Brett’s cattle-prod falls to the floor.

Brett's Death - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Ripley Reassures Lambert 
After Dallas disappears, Ripley tells Lambert it’s the only way. Lambert replies, “I’m sorry, you know, it just seems like you’re asking us to kill each other one by one,” and Ripley says that if it doesn’t look like it’s going to work she will get them out of there. Ripley tells Lambert to hang in there and then asks her if she ever slept with Ash. Lambert replies, “No, I never got the idea he was particularly interested. Why?” Ripley tells her to figure out where they are now and to plot their course.

Ripley - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Airlock Sequence 
This scene is basically when they’ve managed to lure the Alien towards the airlock. It starts with Parker calling through the comm. system for Ripley, eventually she runs into the bridge and responds to him. He’s telling her to open the airlock doors. She does so but they here nothing from Parker. Ripley runs off, leaving Lambert alone. Lambert calls out to Ripley on the comm. and then to Ash. Eventually she gets through to Ash and tells him to get some oxygen and head down to the airlock.

Lambert - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

There was more to this scene but only this section was actually filmed. It would have involved Parker watching the Alien as it moved towards the airlock and him further instructing Ripley and Lambert. Eventually, when they open the airlock, the Alien is alerted by the alarms and leaps to get out but gets caught trying to escape the airlock. It manages to escape but not before leaving a nice amount of acid blood to eat through the hull. Ripley eventually arrives to see the acid eating through the door and activates the emergency bulkhead.

Ash’s Blister 
Originally, Ripley didn’t communicate with Mother so easily. She had to find the key that would allow her access. Being suspicious of Ash, Ripley searches in his blister which is where you see Ash watching Dallas, Lambert, and Kane investigate the Derelict. After she finds the key she hears something hitting the blister’s window and when she looks up at it she sees Kane’s bloated face hitting the plexiglass. Ripley rushes out of Ash’s blister with the key. This scene was in the script, but it wasn’t filmed.

Buildup to Attack 
The scene where Lambert and Parker are killed was a lot longer before it was edited. Originally, the Alien sits down on the other side of the room far away from Lambert. The coolant bottles roll up next to the Alien. When Lambert sees the Alien it unrolls its tail and walks over to her in a crab-like style. Then it slowly stands up revealing its full body.

Lambert - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

Cocoon Scene
After Ripley discovers the remains of Parker and Lambert, she makes another discovery. Ripley enters the landing legroom of the Nostromo where Brett got killed, and discovers a cocooned Dallas and Brett. Dallas and Brett are mutating into Eggs. Ripley tries to think of a way to help Dallas but she can’t and he tells her to kill him. Finally, Ripley burns the whole place with her incinerator unit.

Dallas Cocoon - Alien Deleted Scenes Alien Deleted Scenes

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