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Harry Dean Stanton Brett

Harry Dean Stanton

Samuel Elias Brett was the engineering technician on the commercial towing vessel, the USCSS Nostromo. He was on the Nostromo in 2122 when it received a distress signal on LV-426 and they brought an alien organism back onto the ship. Brett is killed by the xenomorph. In Alien, Brett is played by Harry Dean Stanton.

Early life

Brett served on the USCSS Hurd before he was assigned to the Nostromo.


In the year 2122, the Nostromo’s computer systems woke up the crew from hypersleep because it detected a distress signal coming from a nearby planetoid. Both Parker and Brett were opposed to landing on LV-426, saying they weren’t getting paid enough to do this but Dallas and Ash pointed out they would lose personal shares in the company, should they not go investigate the distress signal.

The crew landed on LV-426, damaging this ship because of the planetoid’s atmosphere. While Dallas, Lambert and Kane went out to find the signal, Brett and Parker stayed on the ship to work on the ship repairs. An injured Kane was brought back by Dallas and Lambert, and Dallas ordered the ship off LV-426 despite the repairs being unfinished.

brett2 Brett

After a Chestburster burst out of Kane, Brett made a few cattle prods and some nets to catch the alien. Brett, Ripley and Parker formed one team and set out to look for it. They first noticed something on the motion tracker which turned out to be Jonesy, Ripley’s cat, but Brett foolishly let it go. Parker ordered Brett to go and find it so that it wouldn’t trigger the motion tracker again. Brett set off on his own to find the cat and discovered something else instead.

He found some sort of chrysalis which indicated that the Chestburster and morphed into something much bigger. As Brett tries to entice the cat out of its hiding place, the Xenomorph drops down below Brett. Brett turns around and is completely shocked by what he saw. The alien attacks him and performs a head-bite attack, killing him and Brett is dragged away up some chains into the air ducts.

Alien Director’s Cut

In the 2003 Director’s Cut, there is a scene showing Ripley finding Dallas cocooned to the wall. Next to him, is Brett who is in the process of actually transforming into an Alien Egg. Dallas begs Ripley to kill him and she incinerates both Dallas and Brett with her flamethrower.

Brett Morphing into Alien Egg Brett

Brett Morphing into Alien Egg


Like Parker, Brett was always complaining about money and wanted more pay to investigate the distress signal as it wasn’t in his job description. Brett was the quietest and laid-back member of the Nostromo crew though he did make the cattle prods and nets to capture the alien.


There was a deleted scene that was cut from the final film. After Kane is killed, Brett actually comes up with the idea to use cattle prods and nets to capture the escaped Chestburster.


NECA released their first figure of Parker in 2020 as part of Alien 40th Anniversary Series 2.


  • Harry Dean Stanton’s first words to director Ridley Scott during his audition were, “I don’t like sci-fi or monster movies…” Ridley Scott admired his sincerity and convinced him to take the role after telling him that Alien would actually be a thriller.
  • Brett was named after George Brett who was a major league baseball player.
  • Brett was the first victim of the fully grown adult Alien.
  • Brett was assigned to the USCSS Hurd before the Nostromo which is a reference to Gale Anne Hurd who was one of the producers on Aliens.
  • Brett appears in the Last Survivor DLC for 2014’s Alien Isolation video game and actor Harry Dean Stanton provided his voice and likeness for the game.
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