NECA Predator Series 6

Release Date: September 2012
Manufacturer: NECA
Figures: Lost Predator, Warrior Predator, Scout Predator

NECA Predator Series 6 is the sixth wave of NECA figures based on the Predator license released around September 2012. The series continues from Series 4 and 5 by being based around 1990’s Predator 2 movie and features the Predators we see at the end of the movie: Lost Predator, Warrior Predator, Scout Predator.

Official Description

The 3 remaining Lost Predators from the closing scene in Predator 2 are at long last available in this highly anticipated series. This set includes the Scout, Warrior, and Lost Predators. Each figure stands 8″ tall and has over 25 points of articulation along with movie accurate accessories.

NECA Predator Series 6 Gallery

Lost Predator
Lost Predator
Lost Predator
Guardian Predator
Guardian Predator
Guardian Predator
Guardian Predator
Scout Predator

NECA Predator Series 6 Video Reviews

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