NECA Predator Series 10

Release Date: November 2013
Manufacturer: NECA
Figures: Nightstorm Predator, Hive Wars Predator, Lava Planet Predator

NECA Predator Series 10 is the tenth wave of NECA figures based on the Predator license released around November 2013. The series is a tribute to the Predator Kenner figures that came out in the 1990’s and features Nightstorm Predator, Hive Wars Predator and Lava Planet Predator.

Official Description

Taking inspiration from the original Kenner Expanded Universe designs, our team has applied modern sculpting, detail and articulation to upgrade these vintage Predators for the new millennium. This collection includes Lava Planet Predator, Hive Wars Predator, and Nightstorm Predator. Each Predator utilizes a different unique body, with over 20 points of articulation, accessories and intricate deco. Special blister card packaging is an homage to the classic card art as well, featuring custom illustrated art and a color pallete that harkens back to the toy shelves of 1993.

NECA Predator Series 10 Gallery

NECA Predator Series 10 Video Reviews

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