NECA Ultimate Elder Predator

Release Date: Fall 2022
Manufacturer: NECA

Predator 2 introduced many new Predators at the end of Predator 2 – The Lost Tribe. To celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary, NECA released all the Lost Tribe Predators in their Ultimate form. NECA released another Lost Predator – the Ultimate Elder Predator in 2022.


Predator 2, the action-packed sequel to the original movie, moved the hunt to Los Angeles and revealed a Lost Tribe of alien hunters! Their leader? The fearsome Elder Predator, also known as Greyback, who gifts his flintlock pistol to Detective Harrigan as a sign of respect at the end of the movie.

This venerable veteran gets the Ultimate treatment, with a new LED light-up masked head, unmasked head, over 30 points of articulation, extendable wrist blades, skull necklaces, backpack, flintlock pistol and sword accessories. Comes in special 30th Anniversary Ultimate-style packaging with foil accents.


Elder-scaled Elder-scaled
Elder1-scaled Elder1-scaled
Elder2-scaled Elder2-scaled
Elder3-scaled Elder3-scaled
Elder4-scaled Elder4-scaled
Elder5-scaled Elder5-scaled
Elder6-scaled Elder6-scaled
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