NECA Predator Series 7

Release Date: January 2013
Manufacturer: NECA
Figures: Big Red, City Hunter (Masked), Falconer Predator (Camo Cloaked)

NECA Predator Series 7 is the seventh wave of NECA figures based on the Predator license released around January 2013. The series features Big Red – a Predator based on the fan film Batman: Dead End, a masked version of City Hunter from Predator 2, and a new version of the Falconer Predator from Predators who is partly cloaked.

Official Description

The latest series in the #1 selling Predator line includes something for everyone. The Masked City Hunter from Predator 2 includes throwing disc, spear, and bloody skull & spine. The Camo Cloaked Falconer from Predators includes the long awaited Falcon bird accessory which can peg to his back or forearm and last, but not least, is the Big Red Predator from the cult classic fan film known as Dead End. Big Red includes interchangeable hands and 2 katana swords

NECA Predator Series 7 Gallery

Big Red Big Red
Big Red Big Red
Big Red Big Red
Big Red Big Red
Big Red Big Red
Big Red Big Red
Big Red Packaging Big Red Packaging
City Hunter City Hunter
City Hunter City Hunter

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