NECA Gort Predator (2011 Comic-Con Exclusive)

Release Date: July 2011
Manufacturer: NECA
RRP: US $20

The Gort Predator is based on an helmet Stan Winston made for 1987’s Predator but ultimately wasn’t used. Instead, it made it into Predator 2 and you can see the Predator standing in the ship with Harrigan at the end. This Gort mask also inspired the Celtic Predator’s mask in Alien vs. Predator. The 7″ NECA Gort Predator was an exclusive figure for the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con – it had a limited production run of only 2,000 units and was available for $20. For this figure, NECA used the same mould as they did for the Classic Predator, though this has a new hand/mask and accessories include a skull and spine.


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