Alien Resurrection Characters

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Below you’ll find a list of the main Alien Resurrection characters along with a picture and description of their character.

character09 Alien Resurrection Characters Ripley 8 (Played By Sigourney Weaver)
Scientists use genetic material to clone Lt. Ellen Ripley in order to obtain the alien Queen embryo that was gestating inside her while she was on Fiorina 161. They make seven attempts before succeeding with the eighth. However, the clone of Ripley also contains alien DNA mixed with her own and carries traits from both species. Ripley must figure out who she is, what her purpose is on the Auriga and where her allegiances lie.
Distephano Alien Resurrection Characters Distephano (Played By Raymond Cruz)
Distephano is a soldier aboard the USM Auriga. After the aliens overrun the ship, he allies himself with the smugglers and helps them to find their way through the Auriga and escape to the Betty.
Hillard Alien Resurrection Characters Hillard (Played By Kim Flowers)
Hillard is the Betty’s pilot. She remains strong when under pressure and maintains her dignity when her good friend Elgyn is found dead. She is the last to follow the group into the water on their way back to the Betty.
Elgyn Alien Resurrection Characters

Elgyn (Played By Michael Wincott)
Elgyn is the leader of the Betty. He is a former military man who discovered more challenge and profit in the world of space smuggling, and he is the one who makes the arrangements with General Perez to kidnap and deliver the shipment of hosts for the scientists on the USM Auriga.

Christie Alien Resurrection Characters Christie (Played By Gary Dourdan)
Christie is the powerful, enigmatic “terminator” of the Betty crew who wears wristbands that have guns attached. He is also honorable and loyal to his crew and the other survivors as he insists that they all stick together in order to survive, even when Call recommends that they leave Ripley because of her genetic makeup.
Vriess Alien Resurrection Characters Vriess (Played By Dominique Pinon)
Vriess is the Betty’s chief mechanic. His legs are paralyzed and he is bound to a wheelchair, but is still able to help the crew during their escape from the Auriga. He discovers the aliens’ acidic blood shortly after they escape their cage when he shoots one on a walkway above him and the blood drips down.
Johner Alien Resurrection Characters Johner (Played By Ron Perlman)
Johner is a member of the Betty’s crew. He is thick and mean and considers himself a “gun for hire”, but his coarseness occasionally provides paradoxical humor. He is the one who first sees the aliens swimming behind them and begins shooting. Johner later risks himself to shoot and kill the alien that is holding onto Christie and Vriess.
Call Alien Resurrection Characters Call (Played By Winona Ryder)
Call is the Betty’s Mechanic who is believed to have joined the crew just for an adventure. She knows Ellen Ripley’s past and is quick to understand what the scientists did to bring her back. She also knows about the aliens and what they are capable of, and holds firm in her belief that all of the aliens must be destroyed. But Call is also caring as she suggests freezing Purvis and removing his embryo later in order to try to save his life, instead of killing him right away.
Gediman Alien Resurrection Characters

Gediman (Played By Brad Dourif)
As a scientist aboard the USM Auriga, Dr. Gediman, along with Dr. Wren, is responsible for the cloning of Lt. Ripley. He performs the surgery to remove the queen embryo from her and he heads up the team studying the aliens’ behavior once they begin to breed. He is fascinated by the aliens, even after he has been cocooned.

Dr. Wren Alien Resurrection Characters Dr. Wren (Played By J.E. Freeman)
Dr. Wren is in charge of the genetic and biological research being conducted on board the USM Auriga. He creates seven failed clones of Ripley before succeeding with number eight. His goal is to insure that the aliens make it to Earth, and he has no concern for what happens to the remaining members of the crew.
Purvis Alien Resurrection Characters Purvis (Played By Leland Orser)
Purvis is a member of the “shipment” kidnapped by the crew of the Betty and brought to the Auriga to be used as a host. He is the only one of his group to survive until the crew of the Betty finds him. They decide to try to save him instead of killing him immediately, but the Auriga’s labs have been destroyed so they plan to get him to the Betty to freeze him and take him to a doctor later.
General Perez Alien Resurrection Characters General Perez (Played By Dan Hedaya)
General Perez is in charge of all Military Operations on board the USM Auriga and he is the one who enlists the aid of the Betty to obtain the hosts and smuggle them aboard. Perez is also concerned for the survival of the aliens and wants to kill the clone of Ripley after the queen is removed, in case she is able to remember her past and tries to destroy the aliens again.
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