Alien Resurrection Deleted Scenes

Posted by Darkness on December 30, 2013 (Updated: 07-Sep-2023)

Below you’ll find a list of Alien Resurrection deleted scenes. The special edition version of Alien Resurrection is 7 minutes longer than the theatrical cut but has 13 minutes in total of altered scenes. There’s a great article on that compared the Theatrical and the Special Edition version of Alien Resurrection. The first part of this article includes added scenes in the special edition but the list isn’t exhausted. There is some additional dialogue and minor shots in some scenes. The second part of the article includes scenes that were scripted but most likely never filmed.

Alien Resurrection Special Edition Scenes

Opening Credits
The opening credits of the film are different. In the special edition, it starts off with a shot of a bug being squashed by a man in a space capsule.

Capsule Alien Resurrection Deleted Scenes

When the scientists are doing surgery on Ripley 8, she awakes in the middle of it, grabbing the scientist’s arm and trying to break it.

Ripley Alien Resurrection Deleted Scenes

In the medical examination, Ripley 8 is shown a picture of a little girl. She clearly remembers Newt from Aliens, she smiles and then her face turns to sadness.

Sketch Alien Resurrection Deleted Scenes

Vriess’s Joke
Before Johner throws the knife at Vriess, Vriess says a joke to Call: “What has two thumbs, one eye, a pink tongue, and screws like a god?”. Vriess later throws a screwdriver at Johner.

Vriess Alien Resurrection Deleted Scenes

The Chapel
There is more dialogue in the scene with Ripley 8 and Call when she interfaces with ‘Father’. Ripley asks her why she came here and Call says she wanted to protect people. Ripley then tells her she wanted to do the same and reminisces about a girl who had bad dreams – referencing Newt from Aliens. When Distepheno comes to get them, Ripley asks Call if she dreams and Call tells us they have neural processors that enable them to do that. Ripley 8 says “When I sleep, I dream about them. It. Every night. All around me. In me. I used to be afraid to dream, but not anymore.” “Why?” “Because no matter how bad the dreams get, when I wake up it’s always worse.”

Ripley Alien Resurrection Deleted Scenes

Alternative Ending
Alien Resurrection has a different ending in the special edition. There’s a shot of the Betty landing on Earth which has been completely destroyed. We then see Ripley 8 and Call sitting down and Call wonders what they should do when the military arrives. The camera pans up to show a destroyed Paris and with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Ripley Call Alien Resurrection Deleted Scenes

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