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Posted by Darkness on December 10, 2006 (Updated: 07-Sep-2023)

Below you’ll find a list of the main characters in the Alien vs Predator movie along with a picture and description of their character.

 Lex AvP Movie Characters Alexa “Lex” Woods (Played By Sanaa Lathan)
Alexa, nicknamed Lex, is an environmental researcher in her late 20s and is very brave and intelligent with a good sense of humour. She has been hired by Weyland Industries to keep everyone on the team in check and to prevent anyone being killed. Lex is the only person to survive in the film.
 Sebastian AvP Movie Characters Sebastian De Rosa (Played By Raoul Bova)
Sebastian is an archaeologist from America who is in his early 30s. As well as being a very pleasant person, he soon gets acquainted with Lex who are immediately attracted to each other. In the film, Sebastian gets dragged away by the Grid Alien and soon finds himself cocooned. Lex discovers him and shoots him before the Chestburster has a chance to emerge. After though she does, the Chestburster emerges anyway.
 Charles Bishop Weyland AvP Movie Characters Charles Bishop Weyland (Played By Lance Henrikson)
Charles Weyland is an entrepreneur with a lot of money to throw around and is in his early 40s. Underneath his passionate personality, he is sadly suffering from cancer but before he dies, he wants to accomplish something for civilization. Charles covers the costs of the trip to Antarctica and chooses who will go on the expedition including himself. Weyland is eventually killed after confronting the Scar Predator.
 Graham Miller AvP Movie Characters Graham Miller (Played By Ewin Bremner)
Miller is a scientist, more precisely a chemical engineer, on the team and holds within him masses of knowledge. He has a shy nature and isn’t particularly confident around women. Miller plays an important role in the expedition and makes many discoveries along the way. In the film, Miller is dragged away by an alien, then cocooned and eventually he is facehugged. As seen later in the film, he has a hole in his chest where a Chestburster has emerged.
 Verheiden AvP Movie Characters Mark Verheiden (Played By Tommy Flanagan)
Verheiden is part of Weyland’s security team. He is a very strong person – both mentally and physically. In the film, Verheiden gets trapped in one of the shafts and two aliens surround him and drag him away. He is cocooned, facehugged and killed by a Chestburster emerging.
 Stafford AvP Movie Characters Maxwell Stafford (Played By Colin Salmon)
Max Stafford is of Afro-Caribbean origins and speaks with a concise English accent. Charles Weyland chose him to be the leader of the group and Max used to be a soldier so he has plenty of experience in this area. In the film, Max is attacked by the Celtic Predator when he gets caught in one of their nets. He is eventually killed when the Predator stabs him with his spear while he is caught in the net.
 Rusten Quinn AvP Movie Characters Rusten Quinn (Played By Carsten Norgaard)
Quinn is a very strong person who is responsible for the drill team on the expedition. He is in charge of the other three members of his team: Sven, Boris and Mikkel. In the film, Quinn gets knocked down the shaft from the surface by a Predator. A few moments later, the three Predators turn up and he is killed by the Scar Predator.
 Adele Rousseau AvP Movie Characters Adele Rousseau  (Played By Agathe De La Boulaye)
Adele Rousseau is a member of the security team in the group. Her fate was sealed when she was in the Sacrificial Chamber with Thomas. She is facehugged and eventually a Chestburster emerges from her chest instantly killing her.
 Joe Connors AvP Movie Characters Joe Connors (Played By Joseph Rye)
Connors in another security team member. Like Verheiden, Connors falls down into a shaft and is confronted by an alien. He is cocooned and is facehugged. Eventually, he is seen later with a hole in his chest from where a Chestburster emerged.
 Thomas Parks AvP Movie Characters Thomas Parks (Played By Sam Troughton)
Thomas, like Sebastian Wells, is an archaeologist. In fact, they are quite good friends as shown at the dig in Mexico early on in the movie. While in the Sacrificial Chamber, Thomas is facehugged and presumably is killed when the Chestburster emerges.
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  1. I’ve gone to the Alien Covenant 2017 Forum option to review the list of characters and it looks like I’m seeing the list of characters for a different movie, so will this section of the forum get updated?

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