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Posted by Darkness on December 10, 2006 (Updated: 15-Jan-2021)

Below you’ll find lots of AvP Movie downloads including trailers, video clips and featurettes.

Video Clips

 AvP Movie Downloads Alien-Predator Battle
This is a video clip of the Celtic Predator wrestling with an alien – getting his wristblades burnt off in the process.
 AvP Movie Downloads Face Off
While the Celtic Predator is busy fighting with Lex, Sebastian and Weyland, the Gill Predator, goes after Lex and while cloaked, gets impaled with by the Grid Alien’s tail.
 AvP Movie Downloads Poker
Amusing clip of an Alien and Predator playing poker. Was originally featured on the official DVD site.
Stream: YouTube
 AvP Movie Downloads Fox AvP Special
Fox showed an AvP Special in August 2004 presented by Lance Henriksen. The video is 22 minutes long.


 AvP Movie Downloads Alien vs Predator Teaser Trailer
The one-minute teaser shows many close-ups of an Alien and Predator and leads off with the line “Whoever Wins… We Lose.”
 AvP Movie Downloads Alien vs Predator Teaser Trailer 2
The one-minute, twenty seconds teaser shows impressive shots of the film and features many alien and predator shots.
 AvP Movie Downloads Internet Exclusive Preview
This trailer was exclusive to Apple and shows many new shots from Alien vs Predator. The trailer has rock music playing through it too.
 AvP Movie Downloads Alien vs Predator Trailer
The final trailer for Alien vs Predator which was released in April 2004. The two-minute clip features many scenes from Alien vs Predator.

AvP Featurettes

 AvP Movie Downloads Alien vs Predator Featurette
A behind-the-scenes look with AvP director Paul Anderson which contains spoilers about the film’s storyline and the director talks us through some of the storyboards throughout the 4 minute Featurette.
 AvP Movie Downloads Alien vs Predator Featurette 2
Another behind-the-scenes look with interviews where Amalgamated Dynamics talk about the creatures in AvP. There’s a lot of shots from the film in there as well.
 AvP Movie Downloads Alien vs Predator Featurette 3
The third AvP featurette covers the cast and characters and we get a few words from the actors and actresses. The main attraction of course is the new AvP footage that is shown.
 AvP Movie Downloads Alien vs Predator Featurette 4
Featurette 4, entitled AvP: A New World Vision covers the sets and pyramid as Richard Bridgland, production designer, talks us through them. Some new AvP footage as well.
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  1. Hello AVP Fans,

    When AVP was released there was this really cool screen saver that was animated. I don’t remember where I found it at, but it was animated meaning when it began to run it started to attack your display. First a predator would open a door and start looking for and alien. Sometimes the small spider like creatures would come out and then sometimes the Alien and Predator would fight.

    If anyone knows what I’m talking about and has it or can tell me how to get it that would be awesome. My email address is rturner6095@gmail.com

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