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Scar Predator Scar PredatorThe Scar Predator is one of the Predators that appears in the 2004 film Alien vs Predator directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Unlike the previous films, the Predator was designed by Amalgamated Dynamics and portrayed by Ian Whyte.

The Predator comes to Bouvetøya Island in Antarctica with two other Predators as part of an ancient training ritual. They were supposed to hunt xenomorphs in an underground pyramid. He is eventually killed by the Queen Alien.


October 10, 2004

The Scar Predator came to Earth with fellow Predators Celtic and Chopper to face a rite of passage in an underground pyramid on Bouvetøya Island, Antarctica. The Predator mothership was able to drill a hole to the pyramid using some form of heat-based laser which attracted the attention of Charles Bishop Weyland who organised an expedition to go down there.

Inside the pyramid was a Queen Alien which the Predators used for breeding xenomorphs to hunt and three shoulder cannons were hidden within the pyramid. It’s revealed that adolescent Predators use the pyramid every 100 years as a coming of age hunt to prove themselves to the Elder Predators. The mothership drops the Predators off in separate pods and they kill the mercenaries on the surface.

They reach the pyramid and find that the humans have stolen their shoulder cannons. Scar follows Alexa Woods and Sebastian De Rosa after his fellow Predators were killed by a xenomorph. Scar confronts Weyland but decided to spare him when he realised he was already dying. Weyland attacked Scar so the Predator killed him with his wristblades. Scar kills a xenomorph and a facehugger and removes his mask to mark it with the blood of the xenomorph he just killed. As he’s doing it, he’s attacked by a facehugger.

 Scar Predator

He catches up with Lex and is about to kill her when she gives him his shoulder cannon back. Multiple xenomorphs attack them and Scar kills several of them while Lex kills one with Scar’s combi-stick. Scar decides to team up with Lex and he crafts some weapons and armour for her using a  dead xenomorph’s skull and tail. They come across a facehugger nest and discover Sebastian in resin. She kills him and the chestburster emerges but the Predator easily kills it. He activates his self-destruct device and throws it into the nest.

They both escape the pyramid as the bomb detonates. When they reach the surface, Scar marks Lex with the blood of a xenomorph and the Queen Alien surfaces. They both fight the Queen and eventually Scar is fatally injured by her tail. Lex manages to push the water tank into the frozen water which drags the Queen down into the ocean with it. Lex looks over the dying Scar Predator when the Elder Predator and other Predator materialise. He gives Lex his combi-stick as a sign of respect and the Predators leave in their ship taking Scar’s body with them. As they leave the body, a Predalien Chestburster emerges from his corpse.

 Scar Predator


As the Celtic Predator seems to rely more on his size and strength, Scar was the smarter fighter using his senses to help him. He also appeared to be the most honourable Predator out of three as he didn’t kill Weyland at first. Only after Weyland provoked him. Scar is the first Predator shown in a film to team up with a human. After Lex had inadvertently killed a Xenomorph, Scar recognized her status as a strong warrior and was willing to team up with her to escape the pyramid.

Abilities, Weapons & Equipment

Scar Predator features a lot of the standard Predator equipment. Wristblades can be extended to double the length which he demonstrated when he used them against Weyland. It’s assumed that he can also make them reversible like Celtic showed. Lastly, the wristblades can be fired as a last resort which he did against the Queen. This concept was later shown in Predators when the Berserker fired his wristblades. The Combi-Stick is used a number of times against humans and can be extended and thrown at targets.

Scar is the only Predator who finds his shoulder cannon. The firing mechanism is very different to what we’ve seen previously.  A new weapon for the film is the Ceremonial Dagger which Scar uses to cut open a Xenomorph. Another one is the Shuriken which Scar uses against Facehuggers, Xenomorphs and the Queen. This is similar weapon to the Smart Disc from Predator 2 that can be thrown at targets. It’s worth noting that the Predators’ wristblades and armour seem to be susceptible to Xenomorph acid damage but the Shuriken, Combi-Stick and Dagger are not.

 Scar Predator

Each Predator has their own unique mask which features the targeting laser for the shoulder cannon and allows the Predators to shift through various vision modes. They can cloak rendering them invisible to humans though xenomorph can still detect them. The cloak seems to be disrupted a couple of times throughout the film. On the surface, Celtic’s was disrupted when he was fired upon but this could have also been because it was snowing. Chopper’s cloak was later disrupted when he was impaled by Grid. Finally, Scar Predator showed off his self-destruct device and for the first time, it is shown that it can be used as a remote explosive. Upon escaping the pyramid, Scar left his device in the hive to detonate which caused a major explosion.


 Scar Predator

Ian Whyte

The Predators were designed by Amalgamated Dynamic in Alien vs Predator as opposed to Stan Winston. The Predators were much bulkier in appearance with armour covering more of their body.

Originally, designer Steve Johnson conceptualised completely new Predator designs but Anderson felt the designs were too far removed different from what came before it. He wanted the Predators to be different from the original films so they were made more muscular and menacing and borrowed from the original comics.

The filmmakers felt that since the Predators would be battling Aliens as well as humans, they would need more protective armour. The armour of Jungle Hunter in Predator had more Asian and tribal influences where as City Hunter in Predator 2 was more ornate, almost insect-like. So ADI had to try and combine the two. Much of the ideas for the armour was provided by concept artists Farzad Varahramyan and Joe Pepe.

 Scar Predator

Concept art by Farzad Varahramyan shaped the look of the three Predators.

For the Xenomorphs, ADI reused moulds from their work on Alien Resurrection but for the Predators, they hadn’t any previous experience in creating Predators so it all had to be done from scratch. To reflect their look in the comics, they were given wider shoulders, a smaller waist, smaller heads and the dreadlocks were made longer.

Scar was the only Predator out of the three to remove his mask and Anderson wanted to humanise the Predator. ADI made his face more sculpturally regal and his colour scheme as less pale, clammy amphibian tones and was more human-like. His eyes were based on a predatory cat’s with a golden tone and a larger iris. Finally, ADI removed the slime coating from the face because they felt this was more a trademark of the Alien than the Predator.

The Predator weapons were refined more this time round and the Combi-Stick/Spear became sleeker and more elegant. The Disc was changed into a multi-bladed, collapsible buzz saw. The twin wrist-blades were updated and made longer. Five different helmets were created but Scar’s is similar to the first Predator.

The shoulder cannons were made much bigger than previously seen and their thermal heat vision was changed from blue to orange as Anderson thought it looked cooler. Scar Predator was portrayed by 7”1’ actor Ian Whyte who went onto play Wolf Predator in AvP Requiem and the Engineer in Prometheus.


NECA released an unmasked Scar Predator figure as part of Predator Series 14 in 2015 and a masked version as part of Predator Series 15 in 2016. A cloaked version was released exclusively for the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.


  • He was nicknamed Scar Predator on production because of the scar he engraves into his mask when he kills a xenomorph.
  • In the scene where the facehugger attacks Scar, it happens very differently in the novel. In the film, he is caught by surprise but in the novel, he is actually held down by a xenomorph while a facehugger infects him. The novel says that Scar was terrified and was whimpering before being infected.
  • The Scar Predator appears in the 2005 video game Predator: Concrete Jungle as an alternate skin for the player character.
  • The Predalien chestburster still manages to survive after the Queen impaled Scar through his body.
  • Scar was the first Predator to use a shuriken on film.


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  1. God i love scar predator he is like my favorite predator out of all of them and its interesting that now i only think but ts interesting that perhaps the other predators Chopper and Celtic were Scars brothers so i think after the death of them he was pretty ticked oh and I’ve heard theres going to be a new one in 2018 :) yay

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