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chopper-predator-01 Chopper PredatorThe Chopper Predator, also known as the Gill Predator, is one of the Predators that appears in the 2004 film Alien vs Predator directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Unlike the previous films, the Predator was designed by Amalgamated Dynamics and portrayed by an uncredited Czech stuntman. The Predator comes to Bouvetøya Island in Antarctica with two other Predators as part of an ancient training ritual. They came to Earth to hunt xenomorphs in an underground pyramid as a rite of passage. He is eventually killed by the Grid Alien after it sneaked up behind him.

Abilities, Weapons & Equipment

The most distinguishing feature of the Chopper Predator is the long Arm Blades. He has the same weapons and equipment as Scar and Celtic including Wrist Blades, Combi-Stick, Net Launcher, Dagger, Shuriken. He also possesses the ability to cloak and his mask allows him to view in different vision modes. It’s also assumed he has the ability to Self-Destruct.

chopper-predator-02 Chopper Predator

Chopper Predator Biography

The Chopper Predator came to Earth with fellow Predators Scar and Celtic to face a rite of passage in an underground pyramid on Bouvetøya Island, Antarctica. The Predator mothership was able to drill a hole to the pyramid using some form heat-based laser which attracted the attention of Charles Bishop Weyland who organised an expedition to go down there. Inside the pyramid was a Queen Alien which the Predators used for breeding xenomorphs to hunt and three shoulder cannons were hidden within the pyramid. It’s revealed that adolescent Predators use the pyramid every 100 years as a coming of age hunt to prove themselves to the Elder Predators. The mothership drops the Predators off in separate pods and they kill the mercenaries on the surface. They reach the pyramid and find that the humans have stolen their shoulder cannons. When Celtic attacks the humans, a cloaked Chopper kicks Lex out of the way before she can get to a weapon. He is just about to kill her when a xenomorph (Grid Alien) impales him with its tail. It lifts him up and head-bites him, killing him.

chopper-predator-03 Chopper Predator

Chopper Predator Behind-The-Scenes

The Predators were designed by Amalgamated Dynamic in Alien vs Predator as opposed to Stan Winston and they were changed considerably. They were much bulkier in appearance with armour covering more of their body. Originally, designer Steve Johnson conceptualised completely new Predator designs but Anderson felt the designs were too far removed different from what came before it. He wanted the Predators to be different from the original films so they were made more muscular and menacing and borrowed from the original comics. Wider shoulders, a smaller waist and the dreadlocks were made longer. The most distinguishing feature of this Predator is his long arm blades. The Chopper Predator was portrayed by an uncredited Czech stuntman.

chopper-predator-04 Chopper Predator

Chopper Predator Merchandise

McFarlane released Series 2 of their AvP action figures in July 2005 and one of the figures Alien Attacks Predator featured Grid impaling the Chopper Predator. Hot Toys released a 14″ poseable model kit of the Chopper Predator figure in 2006. They also released a 12″ figure of the Predator.

Chopper Predator Trivia

  • He was known as Chopper throughout production due to his huge arm blades. Fans also called him Gill Predator because of the slits on his mask.
  • Chopper is the only Predator so far to use arm blades.
  • The Chopper mask can be seen in AvP Requiem when Wolf gets his mask off of a wall. It can be seen along with Scar and Celtic’s masks.
  • He is the first Predator to be killed by a xenomorph on film.
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