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Posted by Darkness on April 5, 2008 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

This article covers the differences between the Theatrical and Unrated versions of AvP Requiem. Most of the material listed here only lasts for a few seconds and is usually just short extensions of existing scenes. They are really things that should have been in the theatrical version to start with. They don’t really add anything new to the story either way. One scene which is worth checking out is where the Predator is in the crashed scout ship. Other than that, I think many fans will be disappointed with the Unrated version.

Leaving The Mothership
The opening in the Unrated cut isn’t that different from the Theatrical version, to be honest. The film starts off with the Predalien Chestburster emerging from Scar on the mothership. Then the movie cuts to the mothership flying past the planet Saturn. This is where the scout ship disconnects from the mothership and heads back to Earth. Following that, there’s a longer sequence showing the Predalien removing the dead skin from where it had molted from the Chestburster stage.

Saturn AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

I suppose at least the new opening fixes the continuity issues with AvP though it’s not as good as what was storyboarded originally. In one of the leaked storyboards, we saw the scout ship docked inside the mothership with Predators moving Facehuggers onto the ship.

Scout Ship Recording [Missing Scene]
The scene on the Predator homeworld where Wolf is alerted to what has happened has been cut out. The visual recording just shows that the ship crashed on Earth rather than what happened inside the ship. This was cut out because a scene is added later where Wolf views the recording by viewing a dead Predator’s mask on the crashed ship. It’s worth noting as well that this means, Wolf didn’t know that there was a Predalien involved when he set off from the homeworld.

Ship AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Dallas & Sheriff #1
When the Sheriff is talking to Dallas in the car, there is some additional dialogue. The Sheriff asks him if he regrets what he did but Dallas doesn’t. It’s also implied that Dallas had been in prison for three years. I don’t think it’s ever made clear what Dallas did but I think it was a bank robbery.

Dallas AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Sam’s Chestburster
The scene involving the Chestburster coming out of the boy in the forest is fractionally longer. At the end of the sequence, you see the Chestburster from a different angle.

Boy AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Homeless Woman’s Death
When the homeless woman is being attacked by the Predalien in the sewer, the end of the scene is slightly different. There is a close-up shot of her lying on the floor being attacked.

Alien AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Wolf in the Crashed Ship
There’s a new scene with Wolf in the crashed ship. He takes his mask off and wears the mask of one of the dead Predators. This allows him to view a recording of what happened on the scout ship before it crashed and finds out about the Predalien. The scene immediately following this with Wolf and the vial is edited differently too.

Predator AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Kelly & Tim
There’s an additional scene after they’ve put Molly to bed. Tim is on the sofa when Kelly walks over to him and they talk about Molly. About her feelings and whether it was right of Kelly to go away.

Kelly AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Forest Search
The scene where everybody is looking for Sam and Buddy has been extended at the beginning. Buddy’s wife, Darcy, shows up in the woods and asks the Sheriff what happened to her husband. Dale and presumably his father appear and tell the Sheriff that they’re going to search for them whether he likes it or not.

Morales AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Diner Scene
The scene at the diner is extended slightly at the beginning. Dallas is watching a news report on the TV and then there’s a shot of Kelly and Tim eating and they call Molly over. After the waitress walks off, there’s a quick glance between Kelly and Dallas.

Kelly AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Sewer Scene
The scene in the sewer is edited differently. After the morgue sequence, the movie cuts to the Predator in the sewer. After he destroys the hive section on the wall, the Unrated version cuts to Ricky and Jesse at the car. Then back to the Predator in the sewer. In the theatrical version, the Predator in the sewer is one long sequence.

Wolf Sewer AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Dallas & Sheriff #2
When Dallas and the Sheriff are at the bar, there’s an extra line. Dallas asks the Sheriff if he has told Buddy’s wife that somebody in the forest had been skinned alive.

Dallas Morales AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Power Plant
There’s a new scene at the power plant. Karl, a power plant worker, tries to talk to his colleague on the radio. He then discovers his body and notices the cloaked Predator in the rails. The Predator eye-flashes him and the worker runs off. He is later seen at the cemetery.

Power Plant AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Swimming Pool Death
When Dale’s friend is grabbed by the alien, it head-bites him and you can see all the blood spray everywhere. The water in the pool also changes to a red colour. In the theatrical version, the alien just grabs him and pulls him underwater.

Underwater AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Dallas & Sheriff #3
There’s an additional scene with Dallas and the Sheriff in the car after Ricky, Jesse and Dale escape the swimming pool. The Sheriff finds out over the radio there was an explosion at the power plant and heads over there.

Morales AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Exploration of Swimming Pool
In the scene where Dallas and the Sheriff are exploring the swimming pool, there’s an additional scene of them finding blood on the floor.

Predator AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Carrie’s Death
The scene where Darcy finds Carrie’s body is very different. There’s a quick shot of Carrie unconscious and the Chestbursters burst out of her stomach off-screen. When Darcy enters the kitchen, one of the Chestbursters slips past her while three others have emerged from her stomach. This explains why Darcy is so hysterical later in the movie when she talks to the Sheriff. In the theatrical version, Darcy finds Carrie long after the Chestbursters have emerged from her.

Chestburster AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Cemetery Scene
Most people have seen this scene when it was leaked online. The power plant worker, Karl, is hiding next to a tombstone with the name Hawkins engraved on it (Reference to Predator). Molly and Kelly are running through a cemetery when Karl calls them over to hide with him. The scene is intercut with the Predator healing himself. Molly starts complaining and Karl tells them to be quiet. The Predator hears all the arguing and fires his shoulder cannon decapitating him. Kelly then tries to reach for Karl’s gun, but the Predator notices and targets it with its laser. Kelly and Molly then escape the cemetery. This scene on the DVD is slightly different to the leaked clip in that there are a few comments made by Molly asking about her father and why they left him. The Predator’s vision mode has also been corrected here. It was orange on the leaked clip.

Cemetary AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

National Guard
In the national guard sequence, there’s a new shot of one of the soldiers getting head-bitten at a car window. In the theatrical version, what happened to the soldier was implied off-screen and blood was splattered all over the window. Parts of the national guard scene are edited differently. For example, the blood spraying over the window is used for another soldier’s death. At the end of the sequence, when the captain emerges from the vehicle, the shot is a few frames longer and you can see a spray of blood from where the alien head-bites him.

National Guard AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Nurse’s Death
The scene where the nurse is killed is slightly different in the Unrated cut. There’s a close-up shot of the Predalien breaking the nurse’s neck, I think. The Predalien also head-bites her when the camera switches back to behind the Predalien.

Hospital AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Sue’s Death
The infamous scene of the pregnant woman’s stomach bursting open has been extended slightly. And when I say slightly, I mean about three or four frames. I doubt anybody will even notice it, to be honest. Just as her stomach is about to burst open, there will be a closeup as the Chestbursters emerge. This is literally a few frames longer than the theatrical version.

Pregnant Lady AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

The morgue scene has been extended a little. When the characters are walking through the morgue, there are a few extra shots of them looking around.

Hospital AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Jesse’s Death
Jesse’s death is very different in the Unrated version. The Predator’s shuriken still impales but then her intestines and other organs fall out. The angle is weird so you don’t really see it but you can hear it. Then there’s another shot of her missing her lower torso. It’s kinda silly in this scene in my opinion. Another example, of when things are over-the-top. It should have been left the way it was.

Jesse AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

Hospital Rooftop
When the characters are on the hospital rooftop, there’s an extra scene showing Kelly, Molly and Ricky running to the helicopter and Dallas firing the Predator gun at an alien.

Hospital Rooftop AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated

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