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Posted by Darkness on March 4, 2008 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

Below you’ll find various bits of AvP Requiem trivia.


  • Wolf Predator AvP Requiem TriviaSalerno wrote an early pitch for the film where the Predator ship crashed in Afghanistan and the movie revolved around a special forces team.
  • In April 2006, AICN published a negative review of an early draft (dated December 2005) of the AvP Requiem script. Fox quickly ordered AICN to take down the review. The script had apparently been rewritten three or four times before they went into filming.
  • In the original drafts:
    -There were no battle scenes with the National Guard. Instead, the battle with the aliens was heard over a radio by the main characters.
    -The Predalien was killed at the beginning of the movie. It wasn’t going to play any major role in the film.
    -Wolf was killed by two aliens later in the movie.
    -The character of Ricky was originally meant to die when the Predalien stabs him with its tail but this was changed to just a wound by the studio.
    -Salerno apparently wrote bigger action sequences when the Predalien was on the scout ship. This was changed for budget reasons.
  • Talented comic-book artists were hired to help the directors with their storyboards. They also did CGI pre-vis for the big sequences and pre-edited a huge portion of the film before they started filming.
  • Throughout Production, the crew named the main Predator, the Wolf – a reference to the Cleaner from Pulp Fiction.
  • The Predalien was known as Chet – a reference to Bill Paxton’s character in the movie Weird Science.
  • A large amount of money was spent on designing the Predalien and Wolf so ADI could only redesign the heads of the standard Alien warriors. Old Alien Resurrection/AvP body molds were used.


  • The production name for the movie was Colorado Nights.
  • The Strauses wanted to do a scene where some military people find Wolf’s ship in the lake after the nuke evaporated all the water, but couldn’t for budget reasons.
  • There was supposed to be a TV showing a news broadcast at the end of the film that talked about how the whole country was under marshal law, but was cut out.


  • During post-production, Fox approved the budget for additional scenes to be shot for the movie.


  • Wolf Predator AvP Requiem TriviaThe R-Rated trailer was to be shown on July 27, 2007 at the San Diego ComicCon, but was withdrawn after convention officials prohibited the screening of any R-rated footage. There was some confusion surrounding this as somebody at Comic-Con said they didn’t have any problem with R-Rated footage.
  • The movie was known by various titles throughout 2006/2007. It was originally known as AVP: Survival of the Fittest. AvP: Aliens vs Predator and Aliens vs Predator: AvP were also rumoured. A movie news site supposedly confirmed that the final title was just Aliens vs Predator. It was finally confirmed on August 16, 2007 that the title would be Aliens vs Predator Requiem (or AvPR for short) while overseas it would be known as Aliens vs Predator 2.
  • Originally the R in AvPR didn’t stand for anything. It was merely another method of Fox pushing the R rating.

Other Things

  • Xenomorph AvP Requiem TriviaIllustrator/artist Dave Dorman did some designs of the Predalien back in the early 90s when Fox was thinking of doing AvP. He approached the filmmakers in 2006 and offered to work on AvPR. They turned him down.
  • There was going to be a few different cameo appearances from various actors in the Alien/Predator series. Firstly, the filmmakers wanted Adam Baldwin (Garber from Predator 2) to make a cameo appearance but the actor flat-out said no. Next, there was Bill Paxton (Hudson from Aliens & Lambert from Predator 2) but he wanted too much money. Finally, the filmmakers wanted Michael Biehn (Hicks from Aliens) to play one of the special forces people at the end of the movie but the studio turned it down.
  • The studio wanted the Predalien in the movie to act like a Predator which included using Predator weapons and a cloak. Obviously, this was a ridiculous idea so a compromise was met. There was a scene shot where the Predalien had skinned the killed Predators in the crashed ship. This was ultimately cut from the movie as it didn’t look right. You may also notice another nod to this idea in the movie where the Predalien rips the chef’s spine out.
  • There were lots of deleted scenes. Please refer to the Deleted Scenes and Theatrical vs Unrated articles for more info.
  • Although all their scenes were cut from the film, Meshach Peters and Shareeka Epps still receive credits in the final film.
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