AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Posted by Darkness on January 31, 2008 (Updated: 01-Jul-2014)

The section covers some of the deleted scenes in AvP Requiem. Around 30 minutes were cut from the Theatrical version due to budget reasons and most of it won’t ever be seen on future DVDs. The forthcoming DVD will have around 6-8 minutes of new footage, with more gore, and much more character development. Most scenes listed here can be seen in production stills, trading cards or videos. I have indicated which scenes will be featured on the DVD (that I know of so far).

Predator Mothership (Source: Colin Strause, Concept Art)
The upcoming DVD will have a different opening. It’s paced longer and it shows the Predator mothership and the Scout ship detaching from it near Saturn. Some concept art was leaked online as well which showed two Predators carrying Facehugger stasis tubes onto the scout ship. In the movie we did see Predators carrying the stasis tubes but it was assumed it was on the scout ship.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
Leaked Concept Art

Hanging Predator Bodies (Source: Behind-The-Scenes Feature, Trading Card)
Skinned Predators were seen hanging from inside the Predator ship in the beginning of a Behind-The-Scenes featurette. The story behind this is that Fox wanted the Predalien to act more Predator-like which included using a cloak and Predator weapons. As a compromise, this scene was shot where the Predalien had skinned the Predators on the ship and hung them with alien resin. It was ultimately cut from the movie as it didn’t look right and won’t be on the forthcoming DVD either.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
From a Behind-The-Scenes feature.

This scene is also on a trading card with this description:

“In the crashed spaceship, the Predator looks up and sees two slain comrades hanging upside down, their bodies completely skinned. It seems that the infamous Predator ritual has been visited upon two of its own species. Both sets of feet are encrusted in Alien hive resin as glowing Predator blood covers their massive horn-rimmed skeletons. On the ground, littered beneath these slain extraterrestrial hunters, are battle helmets and other weapons lost in their fight…”

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes  AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
AvPR Trading Cards (Images Courtesy of Mr Weyland)

Wolf’s Arrival (Source: ADI Book)
Originally Wolf was to learn of the Predalien and the events that caused the ship to crash by viewing a recording on the helmet of a slain Predator. It was intended to be the first time you saw Wolf’s face in the film. The picture below was taken from the ADI Making Of Book. This scene will also be on the upcoming DVD.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
From the ADI Making Of Book

Carrie’s Death (Source: Various)
In the forthcoming DVD, we will see a new scene featuring the chestbursters emerging from Carrie. In the movie, she was attacked by an Alien and the Predalien and was later discovered by Darcy with her stomach ripped open.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
Fangoria Magazine (Picture for reference only)

Graveyard Scene (Source: Leaked YouTube Video)
This scene was leaked on YouTube but was later removed. Molly and Kelly are running through a cemetery. A man called Karl (played by Tom McBeath) with a gun is hiding next to a tombstone with the name Hawkins engraved on it (Reference to Predator). Karl calls them over to hide with him. The scene is intercut with the Predator healing himself. Molly starts complaining and Karl tells them to be quiet. The Predator hears all the arguing and fires his shoulder cannon decapitating him. It might also be worth noting that the Predator’s vision is different when he looks at him. His silhouette is orange while everything else is dark. This scene will be on the DVD.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes  AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes  AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Kendra & Curtis Part 1 (Source: Production Stills, Trading Card)
Kendra and Curtis was cut out of the theatrical cut entirely. One production still was released showing them at the hospital and Curtis had evidently hurt his hand. The doctor had sent them upstairs and the nurse bandaged his hand up. While there, they saw the Predalien looking at the babies. They knock something over and the Predalien goes after them. A little bit later the nurse comes back and the Predalien kills her instead like in the theatrical cut. You can see this in the trading card below. Kendra and Curtis then escape the hospital.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes  AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
Production Still (Left), AvPR Trading Card (Right)

Stomach-Bursters (Source: Various)
The scene in the hospital which the stomach of the pregnant woman bursts open will be slightly longer on the DVD.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
TV Spot (Picture for reference only)

Kendra & Curtis Part 2 (Source: Production Stills, Trailer, Behind-The-Scenes Feature, Trading Card)
Two production stills appeared with an Alien on the roof of their car. After they escape the hospital, they are next seen driving down a road when an Alien jumps on the roof. They slam on the breaks and swerve and the Alien rolls off in front the main characters…

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes  AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
AvPR Production Stills

…Everybody fires at it and kills it. The scene can be found on one of the trading cards which says:

“Knocked off Kendra’s speeding car, the dazed alien warrior picks itself off the ground. “Shoot it in the head!” shouts Dallas, which is exactly what everyone does. The alien is dramatically assaulted by an armada of bullets, which blow it right off its feet again. The long, black skull of the monster explodes and its jaw drops to the street, sending sizzling acid blood everywhere. Dallas and the others look on, shocked, horrified and weary…”

Then another Alien appears, and that’s when Kelly jumps on the mounted gun, as seen in the trailers, and kills it, saving her daughter Molly. You can see a lot of this scene in this Behind-The-Scenes featurette. Kendra and Curtis join the group and later stays with the Sheriff when the others decide to go back to the hospital. Presumably, Kendra and Curtis are killed when the bomb is dropped on the town. Any scenes featuring Kendra and Curtis will not be on the DVD.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes  AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
Behind-The-Scene Capture (Left), Production Still (Right)

Jesse’s Death (Source: Various)
Jesse’s death sequence will be slightly different on the DVD. She will actually get cut in half by the Predator’s shuriken. In the movie, she was pinned to the wall by the shuriken.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes
R-Rated Trailer (Picture for reference only)

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