AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

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This section includes AvP Requiem deleted scenes that were not found on either the Blu-Ray set as separate deleted scenes or part of the Unrated cut. See AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated for a comparison. These deleted scenes come from a variety of sources including production stills, the original script and AvP Requiem commentary track. Not all of them were filmed – some were changed early on as the script was rewritten, and some things were planned but dropped for budget reasons. A few big storylines such as Kendra and Curtis were filmed but cut out entirely.

Facehuggers Transported (Source: AvP Requiem Commentary, Concept Art)
In the film, we saw the Predators aboard the scout ship transporting stasis tubes containing Facehuggers. But it was originally planned to show the Predators in the mothership loading the scout ship with the stasis tubes prior to this.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Scout Ship

The Predalien’s Death (Source: Original Script)
In the first draft of the script, the Predalien actually dies aboard the Predator starship at the very beginning. The Predalien Chestburster emerges from Scar and quickly grows in size. The Predalien battles a few Predators before a Predator accidentally fires a plasma blast through the hull of the ship. The ship tumbles back towards Earth as the injured Predators fires another plasma blast at the Predalien, killing it.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Excerpt from the original script.

Dog-Burster (Source: Liam O’Donnell Interview)
When the Predalien attacks the homeless people in the sewer, Harry’s dog Butch was going to be impregnated with a Chestburster. This idea was dropped for budget reasons as it would have meant creating a whole new Xenomorph design for the film. The dog-burster did actually feature in the original script but in a later scene. A Chestburster was to be showing emerging from a sheepdog in front of the survivors but was quickly gunned down.

Town Meeting (Source: Original Script, Credits)
After Dallas and Ricky emerge from the sewers, they almost get hit by a trucker named Terry who happens to be an old acquaintance of Dallas’s. Terry informs them of a town meeting taking place at the school gym to discuss the disappearance of Buddy Benson and his son. They go to the gym and the whole town must be in attendance. Sheriff Morales talks to the crowd and somebody suggests Dallas, being an ex-convict, had something to do with their disappearance.

Morales tells them that Dallas was with him at the time Buddy Benson disappeared. Town members suggest calling in the FBI to help but Morales says that it’s not in their jurisdiction and they have the resources to deal with it themselves. Darcy, Buddy’s wife, asks for the Sheriff to organise a search now but he says it’s too dark and too dangerous to do so.

The scene was in the original script. We’re not sure how much of this was actually filmed but the Truck Driver was credited in the cast list.

Skinned Predators (Source: Behind-The-Scenes Feature, Trading Card, Liam O’Donnell Interview)
When the Wolf Predator analyses the crashed Scout Ship, there are actually skinned hanging Predator bodies in the background. You get a much clearer look at them in a behind-the-scenes featurette and they also feature on one of the AvP Requiem trading cards from Inkworks.

The story behind this is that Fox wanted the Predalien to take on more Predator traits which included using a cloak and Predator weapons. You can sort of see this a bit later when the Predalien rips the spine out of the chef – a classic Predator trait. As a compromise, this scene was shot where the Predalien had skinned the Predators on the ship and hung them with alien resin.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Predalien Skins Bodies

This scene is also on a trading card with this description:

“In the crashed spaceship, the Predator looks up and sees two slain comrades hanging upside down, their bodies completely skinned. It seems that the infamous Predator ritual has been visited upon two of its own species. Both sets of feet are encrusted in Alien hive resin as glowing Predator blood covers their massive horn-rimmed skeletons. On the ground, littered beneath these slain extraterrestrial hunters, are battle helmets and other weapons lost in their fight…”

Survival of the Fittest (Source: Original Script, Liam O’Donnell Interview, Cast Credits)
There is a scene at school with Ricky, Jesse and Dale which takes place in a biology class with Mr Thomas giving a talk about ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and natural selection.  He says nature decides what lives and what dies based on its ability to adapt to its changing environment. Dale begins to tease Ricky about his pizza job and Ricky turns around and punches Dale. Mr Thomas breaks up the fight and sends Ricky to the Principal’s Office. A bit later, Dallas walks out of the office and the Principal tells Ricky that he’s suspended for a week and if it happens again, he’ll be expelled.

This scene at school is intercut with the Wolf Predator in the sewers and Sheriff Morales finding Ray’s skinned body in the woods. The scene in the classroom was definitely filmed. The teacher is credited in the cast list and our interview with creative consultant, Liam O’Donnell, confirmed the scene was indeed filmed.

Dallas’ Crime (Source: Original Script)
The reason as to why Dallas was imprisoned is left ambiguous in the film but the original script reveals a bit more. Following Ricky’s suspension from school, Dallas drives him home and it is revealed that he was sent to prison because of a crime that Ricky did. Dallas covered for him and he served three years in prison for it. Ricky doesn’t like the fact he did and Dallas explains he doesn’t want him to turn out like him.

Molly’s Encounter (Source: Original Script)
In the original script, Dale and his friends are playing stickball in the street. When he accidentally knocks the ball down the drain, he asks Molly who is nearby, to reach it with her smaller hands. She reaches into the great for the ball and a Xenomorph in the sewer approaches her hand. As the Xenomorph is about the grab her, she grabs the ball and pulls it out.

Carrie’s Death (Source: AvP Requiem Commentary)
Carrie’s death was going to be longer. The Predalien was going to be shown on the rooftop of the building and there were going to be a few point-of-view shots from the creature. When it traps her in the kitchen, the scene was to show another POV shot of the Predalien looking at the foetus inside of her, revealing the reason she was targeted.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Xenomorph Attacks Carrie

The Bus Depot (Source: Original Script)
In the original script, there is a scene showing Kelly, Molly and Tim O’Brien at a bus depot. Tim survives longer in the original script than in the film and this scene takes place just after Karl is killed in the graveyard. Tim takes Karl’s gun and the Predator pursues them to a bus depot. As the three of them weave through parked buses, Wolf spots them and shoots a crane holding a bus above them. It swings down the survivors manage to escape into the convenience store where the other survivors are acquiring guns.

Morales’ Death (Source: Original Script)
Sheriff Morales actually died much earlier in the original script. When the survivors are at the convenience store arming themselves, he is grabbed by a Xenomorph and ripped in half.

Kendra & Curtis (Source: Production Stills, Trading Cards, Liam O’Donnell Interview)
Kendra and Curtis was the biggest segment that was cut out of the film and nothing about it is found on the Blu-Ray either. This section comes from some production stills and the Inkworks trading cards.

Kendra and Curtis attended the hospital after Curtis had evidently hurt his hand. The doctor had sent them upstairs and the nurse bandaged his hand up.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Curtis & Kendra

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Inkworks Trading Card

At Gunnison hospital after hours, terrified youngsters Curtis and Kendra duck and cover, as a strange creature takes a morbid interest in the newborn human babies in their cribs. No longer concealed by shadows, this is the ruthless Predalien in all its horrific glory, seven feet of pure xenomorphic malevolence, embodying the most fiendish attributes of both parent species. But what does the unearthly monster want in the nursery? Inkworks Trading Card: After Visiting Hours

While there, they saw the Predalien looking at the babies and they accidentally knocked something over, drawing its attention. The Predalien goes after them and what follows is a scene similar to the Raptors in the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park. Instead of Raptors, it’s the Predalien hunting Kendra and Curtis in the hospital.

The scenes then follow from the movie where the Predalien kills the orderly and incapacitates the pregnant woman. Kendra and Curtis were actually hiding in a closet and saw the whole incident.

Through a crack in the closet door, little Kendra and Curtis watch in terror as the towering Predalien continues its murder spree. In the maternity ward, a pregnant woman named Sue sees a bizarre silhouette through the curtains pulled around her bed. She’s so frightened by the unexpected visitor that she can’t even force a scream. Slowly the hospital curtains part and the grotesque Predalien stands right over her…Inkworks Trading Card: “Is That You, Doctor?”

Kendra and Curtis eventually escape the hospital and are seen driving down the road. (In the original script, Kendra is driving with her two younger brothers LeShawn and Curtis). At one point, a Xenomorph jumps on the roof and according to the original draft, it deliberately burns acid through the roof to get to them.

Blasts from the Predator’s laser cannon make short work of Gunnison locals Scott and Earl. But young Kendra and Curtis have somehow managed to escape the horrors of Gunnison Hospital. Barely old enough to drive, Kendra zooms off in her car like a bat out of hell. Curtis huddled beside her. Then they both start screaming madly – there’s an Alien on the car roof, trying desperately to get at them with its long, black talon hands!Inkworks Trading Card: Hitching a Deadly Ride

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes  AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Kendra slams on the brakes and swerves launching the Xenomorph off the car towards the characters in the Stryker tank.

The mad ride through Gunnison continues, as the Alien atop Kendra’s car continues to claw savagely for the trapped youngsters. Suddenly the girl driver’s eyes widen – on the road directly ahead are Sheriff Morales and his companions, who have now armed themselves with National Guard weapons. They blast away at the vicious monster as Kendra jams on the breaks, sending her stowaway passenger on an unexpected flight… Inkworks Trading Card: On the Road Again

Everybody fires at it and kills it.

Knocked off Kendra’s speeding car, the dazed Alien warrior picks itself off the ground. “Shoot it in the head!” shouts Dallas, which is exactly what everyone does. The Alien is dramatically assaulted by an armada of bullets, which blow it right off its feet again. The long, black skull of the monster explodes and its jaw drops to the street, sending sizzling acid blood everywhere. Dallas and the others look on, shocked, horrified and weary… Inkworks Trading Card: Monster Mashed

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Inkworks Trading Card

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Kelly on Gun

Then another Alien appears, and that’s when Kelly jumps on the mounted gun on of the National Guard vehicles, as seen in the trailers, and kills it, saving her daughter Molly. You can see a lot of this scene in this Behind-The-Scenes featurette. Kendra and Curtis join the group and later stay with the Sheriff when the others decide to go back to the hospital. Kendra and Curtis are killed when the bomb is dropped on the town.

Hive Fight (Source: AvP Requiem Commentary)
There were to be more extensive firefights between the survivors and the Xenomorphs in the hospital hive. It was initially planned to build the hived hospital set on a riser so that the Xenomorph’s acid blood could be shown burning holes through the floor when they died. This was scrapped for budget reasons.

Ricky’s Death (Source: AvP Requiem Commentary)
Originally, Colin and Greg Strause’s initial pitch to Fox had Ricky being killed by the Predalien in the hospital. The Predalien was to tear him in two but Fox didn’t like the idea so Ricky was just impaled by the Predalien’s tail instead.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Ricky is impaled by the Predator in the film.

Rooftop Fight(Source: AvP Requiem Commentary)
The final fight between Wolf Predator and the Xenomorphs on the hospital rooftop was originally going to be much longer. Wolf was supposed to emerge onto the rooftop with fluorescent Predator blood pouring out him, indicating that the previous battle with the Xenomorphs had been savage. In the finished film, it looked like they didn’t bother him at all. This was changed because the heavy rain washed away the blood on his suit. The battles with the Xenomorphs on the rooftop were going to be longer too. When the Predalien and Wolf are interlocked with each other, Wolf was supposed to impale the Predalien’s head with its own inner jaw that it had ripped off instead of his wristblades. This would have melted off the Wolf’s left arm.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Predalien vs Predator

Wolf’s Death (Source: Original Script)
In the original script, Wolf was killed well before the nuclear bomb was dropped on the town. He was overrun with Xenomorphs who incapacitate him. His eyes are burned by acid blood and removes his mask and tries to activate his self-destruct mechanism. The Xenomorphs rip his arm off before he can activate it and then go in for the kill.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Nuclear Fallout (Source: AvP Requiem Commentary)
After the nuclear strike and the character’s helicopter crashing in the forest, the scene was supposed to feature ash falling from the sky like snow. The filmmakers were refused permission to create the effect due to potential damage to the environment.

Special Forces Team (Source: AvP Requiem Commentary)
An alternative ending was shot showing the special forces team killing the remaining survivors from the helicopter crash after Dallas gives them the Plasma Pistol. This scene was shown to be too depressing so it was changed to the character’s surviving instead.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

The Special Forces Team

Xenomorphs and Predator in Captivity (Source: Liam O’Donnell Interview, Concept Art)
In the final moments of the film, after Ms. Yutani receives the Plasma Pistol, the scene was to show a secret facility where numerous Xenomorphs and Predators are being held in stasis and studied by Yutani scientists. This was dropped for budget reasons.

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Secret Lab (Dark Hoffman)

 AvP Requiem Deleted Scenes

Secret Lab (Dark Hoffman)

Post-Credits Scene (Source: Greg Strause Interview, Liam O’Donnell Interview)
There was originally going to be a post-credits scene showing how AvP Requiem connected to the Alien universe. When the Plasma Pistol was given to Ms. Yutani, the scene was going to transition to a Weyland-Yutani spacecraft. This craft was heading for the Xenomorph homeworld where we see a tribe of Predators trying to capture a King Alien.

This scene was supposed to show that, the Predator technology that they found, was the reason Weyland-Yutani developed so many technological advancements that enabled space travel as seen in the Alien timeline. The post-credits scene would have also served as a setup for a third Alien vs Predator film set 100 years in the future. The scene was cut again for budget reasons.

What was the plan for the third Aliens Versus Predator movie? We heard that you wanted it to lead directly into Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Greg Strause: The original ending for AVPR, that we pitched them, ended up on the alien homeward, and actually going from the Predator gun, that you see at the end, it was going to transition from that gun to a logo of a Weyland-Yutani spaceship that was heading to an alien planet.

And then we were actually going to cut down to the surface [of the alien planet] and you were going to see a hunt going on. It was going to be a whole tribe of predators going against this creature that we called “King Alien.” It’s this huge giant winged alien thing. And that was going to be the lead-in, to show that the fact that the Predator gun [at the end of AVPR] is the impetus of all the technological advancements that allowed humans to travel in space. Which leads up to the Alien timeline.

So Predators, and the gun that was left behind and handed to Ms. Yutani in the end of AVPR, that helped us figure out space travel?

Greg Strause: That was the idea. They never got any of the equipment from the first Predators. It’s the first time they ever received any intact working technology left over. So they could take that and reverse engineer, figure out what the power source was – all of those things. And in theory, that would enable that company [Weyland-Yutani] to make massive advancements in technology and dominate the space industry.

That was the whole idea, was to literally continue from Ms. Yutani getting the gun – and then cut to 50 years in the future, and there’s spaceships now. We’ve made a quantum leap in space travel. That was going to set up the ending, which would then set up what AVP was going to be, which would take place 100 years in the future. That was kind of the plan.Greg Strause Interview

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