Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Posted by Darkness & Corporal Hicks on August 12, 2017 (Updated: 10-Sep-2023)

The first part of this article covers the 12 deleted and extended scenes found on the Alien Covenant Blu-Ray set. The second part includes scenes that were in either the script, the early test screenings or the trailers. Some information also came from the Alien Covenant novelization from Alan Dean Foster. Not all of the alternate sequences from the novelization have been included here because some of those were Alan Dean Foster’s creations and not scripted or filmed.

Alien Covenant Blu-Ray Deleted Scenes

Prologue (Extended) (4m 56s)

This is the longest deleted scene on the Blu-Ray set. During the film’s prologue there was some extended dialogue between David and Weyland while David plays the piano. David explains what Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold – Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla is about, telling Weyland that it is about God’s abandoning their creations due to their displeasure with their creation’s greed and vanity, only to realise that the Gods themselves share the same flaws.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Walter in Greenhouse (57s)

There is a short scene where Walter is tending to a greenhouse aboard the Covenant, whistling to himself as he does so. There’s a brief dialogue exchange where Mother tells Walter music helping plants grow is a myth. He asks why she thinks he was whistling to the plants. Mother then tells him a neutrino burst was detected which damages the ship.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Walter Walter

Oram and Daniels (Extended) (1m 4s)

After the crew access the damage on the Covenant, Oram tells Daniels that Jacob was a genuine leader and he admired him. Oram orders Daniels to take some time off and “cry it out.” Daniels tells him she can mourn in her own way.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Walter Visits Daniels (1m 30s)

There’s a brief scene where Walter visits Daniels in her quarters (after Oram removes her from active duty) and offers her some cannabis to relax.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Daniels Bedroom Flashback (1m 37s)

The flashback seems to take place in place of the previous deleted scene after Daniels is sitting in her quarters. The flashback shows Daniels and her partner Jacob Branson in an apartment on Earth during a snowstorm. Jacob wakes her up to show some modifications he has been making to his design for a log cabin he’s planning on building when they arrive at Origae-6. Afterwards Daniels looks out of the windows at the snow falling on the city.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Jacob’s Funeral (Extended) (1m 26s)

After Daniels invites Walter to join in with Jacob’s funeral, Walter offers to perform a funeral service. After Daniels turns him down, Walter asks why she invited him. Daniels explains that she’s now alone in a crew made of couples and that she thought Walter might know a thing or two about being on his own.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Walter Walter

Ledwards Fall (39s)

As Karine is taking an injured Ledward back to the lander, he trips up momentarily.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Crossing the Plaza (Extended) (55s)

As the crew make their way to the Citadel, the characters come to a huge hole in the middle of the plaza. One of the crew throw a flare down there and we can see multiple Engineer ships  at the bottom.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Daniels Thanks Walter (1m 19s)

While in the Citadel, Daniels takes a moment to thank Walter for diving in front of the Neomorph and saving her life. He tells her that he is “here to serve.“ She says there is so much that doesn’t make sense and Walter says he’ll talk to David about it “brother to brother”.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Walter Walter
Walter Walter
Walter Walter

Rosenthal Prayer (1m 6s)

This scene takes place just before Rosenthal is killed. She’s on her own in part of the Citadel when she puts her weapon down and takes her jacket off. She says a prayer in Hebrew and then a Neomorph is seen creeping down a tunnel towards her.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Walter Reports Back (39s)

After having had a chance to talk to David and seen his quarters and Shaw’s grave, Walter reports his impressions back to Oram, Daniels and Lope. He expresses his concern about David’s tangential thinking and lack of maintenance. They wonder where Rosenthal went so Oram decides to go and look for her.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Walter Walter
Walter Walter

Stairs to Eggroom (Extended) (31s)

The final deleted scene shows Oram descending the stairs to the Eggroom. Oram smells something strange and David dips his fingers into some ointment nearby. He passes it to Oram and tells him it’s a lot like lavender. Oram takes it and rubs it under his nose to hide the smell.

 Alien Covenant Deleted Scenes

Continue on to Part 2 to find all the deleted scenes from the Trailers, TV Spots and early test screenings.

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Comments: 24
  1. It looks like Scott had footage and resources to make the really excellent, memorable movie we all wanted to see. The same was true for Prometheus. Somehow, that movie did not make it to the screen. It’s very strange.

  2. Lol im suprised how many people voted for Covenant sequel rather than for Alien 5.Ridley is doing bad stuff to his franchise,Covenant was bad.
    I just watched Neil Blomkamp short movie(part 1) on youtube and now im even more sure he should make Alien movie.

  3. There was mentioned a scene where Walter exit the botanical labs with the rolled Marihuana joint, he goes then to Daniels and offer her a smoke. Why there is not any info here about it anymore? I read it here about couple of hours before. Any reason for delete this info?

  4. Is there any logical reason they did not include the red corridor? It looked simply awesome in the trailer. I was very very dissapointed when I did not see it in the final film. :(

    Also the scenes with Shaw alive should have been included. Her acting there was superb. And the xeno vs neo scene would have been spectacular. Too bad it went down the cutting floor…

  5. Was there multiple cuts released? I have seen two versions of the shower scene, in the one they cut out all the parts with the guy, so it appears its only her in there.

  6. Y’know I’m still kinda surprised they didn’t have an extended version of Prometheus on blu ray, if Ridley wanted to stick by what’s in the theatrical they could just have put a disclaimer at the start saying that it’s not necessarily a director’s cut.

    I hear that Kingdom of Heaven extended edition is some massive improvement on the original version (never watched it meself but it apparently goes from two stars to five for many) and I think the director’s cut of Blade Runner is the best… So honestly, maybe this wasn’t a George Lucas situation, large parts of it could’ve been down to studio cold feet. Either way, i think that longer versions of both Covenant and Prometheus sound like they’d be better movies, or at least movies that make slightly more sense.

  7. The version I saw in theaters had the alien’s inner jaw going through Rick’s head and coming out his mouth on the other side of the shower glass. The beginning sequence with David and Peter had Peter saying “Dealer’s Choice” when David asks him what he should play.

  8. I don’t like the flashback sequence being in the middle of the movie, but IF they had to include it, I really wish they had just left the part with Shaw in there as well.
    Also curious to see the Xeno vs Neo encounter.

  9. Im not sure the record player scene is on board the lander when its on planet 4. It looks to me like its in Daniels bedroom on the covenant. Also, in the novelisation there is a scene where Daniels is in her room sorting through Jacobs stuff listening to Nat king Cole on the record player that she says was Jacobs favourite song and then Walter comes in from the ships hydroponics with some marajuana he’s been growing to roll some joints with her to help take her mind of things. I wonder if its from part of that scene that maybe got filmed but they changed the view out the window to the wheat field and put John Denvers take me home over it for the TV spot. Just a thought.

    Rosenthals death scene was one of my favourite scenes in the film, that damn Neomorph creeped me out and i wish we got the version that resembled lamberts death as that shot of the alien rising in front of lambert is my favourite shot in Alien.

    Plus Neomorph vs Alien and a more brutal Ricks and Upworth death shot, yes please. These deleted scenes on the blu ray would be great but what i really need in my life is an extended cut of covenant.

  10. I hope these get restored, especially the intro with David explaining the meaning behind the musical piece. I’d also really like to see the neo vs xeno. The two sequences that sound like good omissions are the corridor sequence and the scene with Walter reporting back to Oram about lack of synthetic maintenance. Even though the corridor sequence is a “money shot” it ultimately looks kind of cheesy so I’m glad it wasn’t included. Just a special effect for the sake of being a special effect. I’m guessing that’s ultimately why it was cut.

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