Arthur Walkingstick

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Arthur Walkingstick was one of the inmates in the Fiorina “Fury” 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit and stayed on after Weyland-Yutani had closed the prison down. Arthur was killed by Golic when he was guarding the toxic waste disposal unit. Arthur appears in 1992’s Alien 3 and is played by Deobia Oparei.


Early Life

Arthur was given a life sentence on Fiorina 161 for drug manufacture, murder, and rape.

Ripley’s Arrival on Fiorina 161

An EEV, ejected from the USS Sulaco, carrying Ellen Ripley, Corporal Hicks, Newt and Bishop the android crashed onto Fiorina 161 in 2179. There was just one survivor – Ellen Ripley.

After Superintendent Andrews was killed, the prisoners came up with a plan to use quinitricetyline to lure the Xenomorph into the toxic waste disposal unit. Arthur and Troy collected batteries for the prisoners’ torches. Arthur helped the others spread the quinitricetyline.

Arthur guarding the toxic waste disposal unit. Arthur Walkingstick

Arthur guarding the toxic waste disposal unit.

After Frank was killed, he accidentally dropped the detonator. Arthur watched as it fell to the floor and ignored the chemical. It resulted in a chain reaction of fire and explosions.

After Junior sacrifices himself, the prisoners trap the Xenomorph in the toxic waste disposal unit and Arthur is assigned to guard the unit. Golic, who was confined to the infirmary, escaped to free the Xenomorph.

Arthur spots the dropped detonator. Arthur Walkingstick

Arthur spots the dropped detonator.

When he arrives, Arthur refuses to let him near it. Golic slit Arthur’s throat with a shive before apologizing profusely. Arthur bled to death and his body was later found by the other survivors.


In the theatrical version, it is assumed Arthur perished in the quinitricetyline fire but the 2003 Special Edition reveals Golic murdered him.

In 2016, he gave an interview to Schon Magazine who asked him about his time on Alien 3.

Your first debut in cinema was in Alien III. Do you think starting off in a major blockbuster gave you more confidence to continue your career as an actor? 

A foundation in theatre gave me my confidence and identity, as an actor, not film.Though, I was definitely thrilled to be a part of the Alien movies. And beyond excited to start working in film and to debut in such an auspicious project! Coming into work, every day, for three months, to sit in a mess hall – the film was set on a prison planet – at a table, sat besides Charles Dance and Sigourney Weaver, it never got tired.

Other Media

Alien 3 #1 Arthur Walkingstick

Alien 3 #1

Alien 3 Novelization (1992 Novel)

In the Alien 3 novelization by Alan Dean Foster, Arthur appears as in the film. The novelization mostly follows the same path as the Alien 3 Assembly Cut. In the film, Arthur and Troy are sent to search for batteries while in the book, they are searching for light bulbs for the torches.

Alien 3 Comic (1992 Comic)

The Alien 3 Comic is a mixture of the theatrical and assembly cut with some new additions.


  • Arthur is of African descent judging by his accent. The actor is actually British and has a British accent in real life.
  • Arthur is the only character to be killed by another prisoner in the film.


Arthur guarding the toxic waste disposal unit. Arthur guarding the toxic waste disposal unit.
Arthur spots the dropped detonator. Arthur spots the dropped detonator.
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