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In late 2003, the Alien Quadrilogy was released with a new ‘Assembly’ cut of Alien 3 which adds many new scenes. The Alien 3 workprint has been around for a while which contain some new/alternate scenes that weren’t in the Assembly cut. This four-part article covers what new scenes were in the Assembly cut, what was taken out, what new scenes are in the workprint as well as other scenes from production stills etc which haven’t been seen in any Alien 3 cut.

Alien 3 Special Edition (2003)

EEV Crash
The scene of Ripley being rescued at the beginning is completely different. Originally, Clemens finds her lying on the shore near the EEV and then takes her into the prison. A group of prisoners head down to the beach with Oxen to get the EEV out of the water. This whole sequence was reshot to have footage with the dog instead. (Read the Alien’s Host deleted scene). In the theatrical version Ripley is discovered still inside her cryogenic unit inside the EEV. In the theatrical version, there were shots of some prisoners examining the escape pod, including a shot of a facehugger crawling towards the dog and an optical shot of the EEV being carried out of the water by a crane.

Theatrical Cut

Dillon’s Speech
Following the rescue sequence, 85 tells everyone in the mess hall to settle down, and Dillon preaches before Andrews’ first ‘rumour control.’ The theatrical version started the scene with Andrews’ rumour control.

Entering the Morgue
Just before the autopsy of Newt, there is a scene with Clemens, Ripley, and Prisoner Kevin walking down the spiral stairs into the morgue where Clemens questions Ripley about her need to certain Newt’s death. Clemens asks, “Is there a particular reason that you’re so insistent?” Ripley replies, “Yes, I have to be sure how she died.” He continues, “I hate to be repetitious about such a sensitive subject, but it’s perfectly clear that she drowned.” As the two walk across the room, he asks, “Was she your daughter?” She responds, “No, she wasn’t.”

Alien’s Host
In the assembly cut, the alien emerges from an ox instead of a dog. There is a scene where two inmates are dragging an ox named Babe into the butchery after it had suddenly dropped dead. They discuss what caused Babe’s death, and there’s some macho talk about Ripley. The scene ends when one of the inmates discovers a strange dead animal nearby the dead ox (which is a dead facehugger). This scene replaces the scene in the theatrical version where Murphy finds his wounded dog. The funeral scene is also now intercut with scenes of the Alien bursting from the dead ox rather than the dog, ending with an especially made digital shot of the Alien running off.

The ox was originally shot first on the film. The crew designed the scenes, built the slaughterhouse set, sculpted the animatronic ox, constructed the chestburster, and filmed all of the scenes before they filmed any of the real ox. When they brought on the real ox, it wouldn’t do anything. Director David Fincher and the FX team scrapped the ox in favour of an easily trainable dog.

Theatrical Cut

Discussing Golic
Just before Ripley enters the mess Hall with her newly shaved head after the funeral, Prisoners Boggs and Rains share their complaints to Dillon about Prisoner Golic. They say he is crazy and smells bad, and that they don’t want to work with him in the tunnels. Dillon says “Well, he’s going with you. Golic is just another poor, miserable, suffering son of a bitch, just like you and me.” and that they have no choice in the matter.

Ripley & Dillon
The scene in which Ripley and Dillon talk about temptations in the cafeteria ends on a shot of Dillon, where it originally ended on Ripley.

Cremating the Bodies
Following Murphy’s death, there is more dialog between Ripley and Clemens about why they had to cremate the bodies.

Remembering Murphy
Right after the scene where Ripley asks Clemens where the Bishop droid is, there is a scene where Dillon sees Boggs, Rains, and Golic, off on their excursion into the tunnels. Dillon tells Golic, “Light a candle for Murphy, will you?” Golic replies, “I’ll light a thousand.” Then they go off into the tunnel.

Ripley’s Identity
Straight after the previous scene there is the scene where Andrews and Clemens meet to discuss Ripley. It has a completely new beginning, where the theatrical version begins with Andrews threatening Clemens, and ends with Andrews telling Clemens to “sit the hell down.” There is additional dialog here where Clemens Andrews that Ripley was part of a combat team; Andrews eventually just tells Clemens to get out.

Golic’s Cigarettes
Golic kicks open an old cigarette machine in the tunnel to get free cigarette packs.

Golic’s Deranged State
During Ripley’s conversation with the reconnected Bishop, there are intercut scenes of Golic being found in the mess hall by Eric, the cook. He walks up to him and Golic turns around smiling. His face is still smeared with blood from his previous encounter with the Alien, and Eric drops his dishes in shock. A little bit later, Golic is grabbed by the others (Clemens, 85, Andrews, and Dillon) and dragged to the infirmary.

Golic in the Infirmary
The scene in the infirmary where Ripley and Clemens talk has a new opening shot in which the camera begins with a medium shot of Golic, then tracks through the hospital room. Later on in the scene, a tied up Golic interrupts with a few lines about how in an insane world, an sane man must appear to be insane; Clemens sarcastically thanks him. Golic spies on Ripley and Clemens talking by looking under the curtain. The alien drops from the air vent into the infirmary and lands on the mattress next to him causing it to ‘lower’. There are more shots of it approaching, and Ripley sees its feet through the bottom of the curtains. There is also a shot of the alien opening its mouth before killing Clemens. After the alien kills Clemens, and Ripley runs out of the infirmary, there is a close-up of Golic admiring the alien, he calls it “magnificent.” Followed by a shot of a large amount of blood dripping from the grate through which Clemens was hauled by the Alien.

Move onto Part 2 of Alien 3 Deleted Scenes.

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  1. Am I the only one who prefers the directors cut?? There were some good ideas and scenes from the assembly cut, but overall I think the directors cut is better. The same goes for the whole Alien franchise there is a reason why those scenes don’t make it at all in the first place. I saw Camrons Aliens with the cut scenes and I thought the cut scenes were terrible, awkward and at times cringing and it disrupted the flow of the movie. As for Alien 3,yes the characters seemed more developed but the directors version or cinema version was better. Firstly because the dog made much more sense than an ox and the ox scene was a contradiction to the whole Alien mythology and life cycle, how can the Alien be born out of an ox? when the ox was found dead? The Alien needs the host to be alive, when Ripley asked Dilon to kill her, how would that have stopped the queen from still bursting out? so that is clear contradiction plus it is well known that the alien needs the host to stay alive in order to feed off its nutrients until it is capable of leaving the body, but in the assembly cut the ox was found dead! so that just made the assembly cut totally invalid just with that one scene alone!. So the dog scene made more sense plus the alien resembled more of a dog than a a dame ox and to further make a clown out of the Aliens the guy pics up the dead face hugger and says “and what shall I do with this?” I found that stupid. Furthermore, there was no mention or scene of Spike the dog in the assembly cut then why do we see a scene with the guy cleaning out the ventilation shaft shouting out for “Spike” who the hell is spike? when it was never showcased in the assembly cut, only those who have seen the directors cut know who that poor dog was. Finally, the ending was terrible she jumps off and goes straight into the lava and the end ta taa. It seemed almost comical. However, in the directors cut we see the queen come out in mid air and she grabs it and hugs and you feel this sense of connection of love for the creature that has haunted her all her life. To end, I think Alien 3 with all the crazy shit that it went through was a great film and made perfect sense to me to kill off newt and co. It seemed more real and authentic that when you thought things couldn’t get bad they just did and imagine newt in a prison tagging along with Ripley moaning every 2 seconds like she did in Aliens, plus this was supposed to be a perfect ending that in the end the Alien won it finally got her but than she turns around and sticks a middle finger at the company and the Alien as she sacrifices herself thus we did not need newt or hicks this was supposed to be an ending to all the pain and suffering Ripley suffered, dying for what she believed in which was to protect humanity from such a dangerous life form it was an ending to all her suffering, now I can’t see newt jumping in with her holding hands. Thus this is were the chapter ended for Ripley, they could have made more Alien movies post Alien 3 but left Ripley out of it instead some idiot had an idea to re clone Ripley in some comedy called Alien resurrection, I get shivers every time I mention that movie. It should have been a new crew or a new hero or do a prequel which is closer to something like Alien Isolation where Amanda Ripley comes looking for her mum now that would be a movie! why is it the gamers always get it right!!

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