Superman & Batman vs. Aliens & Predators Review

Posted by RakaiThwei on February 20, 2007 (Updated: 06-Oct-2023)

 Superman & Batman vs. Aliens & Predators ReviewThe latest in the Vs. series by both DC and Dark Horse comic. It has been three years since Dark Horse has released an Alien vs Predator comic book– namely Thrill of the Hunt. You would think that Dark Horse would’ve at least started to treat the AvP comics a little bit better– Superman and Batman vs Alien and Predator is no exception. One could say that Dark Horse had half heartedly dished out something with the AvP name just to make a quick buck by teaming up with DC and publishing this comic.

The artwork in the comic is nicely done. You have the reminiscent look of the original 1950’s Superman. Ariel Olivetti has done a great job in mimicking Alex Ross’ style. The style is great for Superman and Batman– but not the Aliens nor the Predators. The Predators, despite being ancient hunters and possibly the ancestors of the Predators we know today, wear fur skins and look like something out of a Tolkien book– in a sense, Orcs. And the Alien Queen has six arms instead of four…  The facehugger is remarkably smaller too.

“Great Rao!” is a line which often coined by Superman is used too many times. Batman being the crabby anti-hero does what he does best– argue with Superman. Lois Lane also seems to do her share of fighting– why Superman would bring her along is another story.

The storyline in this comic, had potential. Keyword: HAD. In the first issue, you see Batman speaking with the Predators, whom believe that Superman is a Sun Spirit. There appears to some indication of a team up to battle against the Aliens before the volcano explodes… Would there be a Superman/Batman/Predator team up? You’d expect it to be… but no. DC and Dark Horse threw out a story which had potential in the second issue.

There is little to no Alien vs Predator action. Batman and Superman seem too easily and single-handedly defeat the Aliens and Predators (Gee, no surprise there) without killing them. No blood has been shed in the latter half of the story, Predators are sent home along with a comatose Alien Queen in storage thanks to Superman.

Another half hearted attempt by Dark Horse and DC…

If you’re a Superman/Batman fan, great for you. You’ll wanna read this…

AvP fans.. stay away from this one and read the older publications.

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