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Titan Books To Publish Aliens: Find the Xenomorph

A new listing for Titan Book's Aliens: Find the Xenomorph has now gone up! It's the Alien franchise's answer to Where's Wally (Waldo)? that I never knew I wanted. Illustrated by artist Kevin Crossley, Aliens: Find the Xenomorph will challenge your tactical eye to find our favourite acid-blooded parasitic lifeform in 14 pieces of artwork. Official Aliens search-and-find ... [Read More]

“The Knot Tightens Under Pressure,” Reviewing Alien: Inferno’s Fall – AvP Galaxy Podcast #155

We have just uploaded the 155th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! Our 155th episode sees Corporal Hicks and RidgeTop joined once again by The Perfect Organism’s Christian Matzke to discuss Alien: Inferno's Fall, the second in a trilogy of novels published by Titan Books that ties into the event of Alien: ... [Read More]

New In-World Alien Encyclopedia On The Way From Titan Books!

Seemingly in the same vein as Insight Edition and Stephani Perry's Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report, a listing for a new Alien encyclopedia written "from an in-world perspective" and published by Titan Books has recently appeared on Amazon (UK/US)! The definitive volume on the Alien film universe, covering the Xenobiology, terraforming, synthetics, humans, corporations, military, ... [Read More]

Free League and Titan Books Announce RPG Tie-Ins With New Novels!

In a new announcement issued today by Alien: The Roleplaying Game publisher Free League, and Alien novel publisher Titan Books, it has been revealed that a new storyline for the RPG will be published over the course of three new Titan Alien novels! Free League Publishing and Titan Books today announced a collaboration to publish a unified storyline set within the ALIEN Universe. ... [Read More]

“You Can’t See The Eyes of the Demon, Until Him Come Callin'” – New Anthology from Titan, Predator: Eyes of the Demon!

Though their upcoming Alien vs. Predator anthology has been pushed back from December until spring, a new Predator anthology from Titan Books has now gone up for pre-order on Amazon! Following on from the previous anthology If It Bleeds (which we loved), the new Predator anthology is also titled after an iconic quote from the ... [Read More]

Updated: New “Aliens vs. Predators: Rift War” Novel is Coming June 2022

A war is coming! Titan Books has just announced a new novel currently in the works that promises to delve further into the ongoing battle between our two favorite iconic creatures: Alien versus Predator! Titled "Aliens vs. Predators: Rift War", this new novel is being written by husband and wife writing team Yvonne Navarro and Weston Ochse who are no strangers ... [Read More]

Titan Books New Alien Novel Details Are In! David Barnett’s Alien: Colony War!

Following Pat Cadigan's Alien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay by William Gibson release back in August (read our review here), we hadn't yet heard about any future Alien novels from Titan Books. Thanks to a new listing spotted on Amazon, we now have the first details of our next Alien novel from Titan and author David Barnett - Alien: Colony ... [Read More]
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