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“The Knot Tightens Under Pressure,” Reviewing Alien: Inferno’s Fall – AvP Galaxy Podcast #155

We have just uploaded the 155th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! Our 155th episode sees Corporal Hicks and RidgeTop joined once again by The Perfect Organism’s Christian Matzke to discuss Alien: Inferno’s Fall, the second in a trilogy of novels published by Titan Books that ties into the event of Alien: The Roleplaying Game!

 "The Knot Tightens Under Pressure," Reviewing Alien: Inferno's Fall - AvP Galaxy Podcast #155

The episode also includes a little mini-review of the previous novel, Alien: Colony War, and we also talk about Neomorphs, black goo consistency, world and character building and plenty more!

There’s a bit I talk about when the Neomorphs start to be described as more Alien-like. This was not when the dropship was attacked as I state, but when the wildlife mutations attack Mae’s unit on the ground.

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    Quote from: Wompdonkey on Nov 17, 2022, 04:53:37 PMThis book was a waste of time, and it really highlights the problem for me of coming to a fan-specific place. Y'all are talking about lore and the details of the goo as if that is what the book should be judged on.

    Because those aspects of the lore are just part of a wider world-building that is quite controversial at the minute. It's a fair point we focused on the aspects we didn't like (the goo), but it's such a hot topic for us.

    I completely understand you're disappointed it wasn't more focused around Zula, but I also think at this point we should expect covers to not be representative of the content. This is a very frequent thing. But I thoroughly enjoyed the Knot. They don't all have to have a massive impact going forwards. And I'm particularly interested in those more complicated family dynamics so I found them massively interesting. 
  2. Wompdonkey
    Everyone says they liked the book, then proceeds to list everything wrong with the book while only saying they like the characters.

    This book was a waste of time, and it really highlights the problem for me of coming to a fan-specific place. Y'all are talking about lore and the details of the goo as if that is what the book should be judged on.

    Nothing of importance happens because the main character POV is ultimately useless. It's a way to get Clara's family members into an Alien book, but they aren't important enough so they get cast aside at the end.
    Even the characters for which I bought the book hardly appear. I was straight-up misled into thinking this book was about Zula and instead I got 80% bitter old woman, 20% shitty android writing.

    I did not like this book at all and hearing y'all's positive thoughts helped me to realize the dichotomy in this fandom.
  3. Kradan
    Quote from: Local Trouble on Nov 29, 2021, 01:13:58 AM
    Quote from: Kradan on Nov 28, 2021, 09:37:04 PMAlso, probably the biggest fan of Covenant out there (ranks it as her number 1 Alien movie)

    Seriously? ???

    Yes, there're even audio recordings to back it up

    That was a good episode. I kinda hoped for a little more of corporal getting mad with Colony war (like when you reviewed Resistance/Rescue)

    Also, when I heard about author implying there's some conspiracy to cover up Amanda's fate my immediate thought was "Is ... is that ralfy ?"
  4. xShadowFoxX
    Basically nailed it with Colony War. I liked how one of you basically just messaged the author asking about that one retcon and the way they responded just made my eyes roll immensely. It was just a bad take on the Alien universe. I did like Inferno's Fall but even I had problems with that one throughout. I did like some of the characters and it's interesting you all bring up the

    Blade Runner

    aspect of it because now I kind of don't want it there now.
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