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Free League and Titan Books Announce RPG Tie-Ins With New Novels!

In a new announcement issued today by Alien: The Roleplaying Game publisher Free League, and Alien novel publisher Titan Books, it has been revealed that a new storyline for the RPG will be published over the course of three new Titan Alien novels!

Free League Publishing and Titan Books today announced a collaboration to publish a unified storyline set within the ALIEN Universe. For 2022 and into 2023, the editorial and writing teams will share assets and coordinate plotlines to form a cohesive narrative across three original novels and the multiple award-winning ALIEN RPG.

“The ALIEN RPG has established the ‘Frontier War,’ as remote human colonies come under assault by an unknown enemy, dropping a deadly pathogen that unleashes monsters on those worlds,” Titan Acquisitions Editor Steve Saffel said. “At the same time, in the wake of the Titan novel Alien: Into Charybdis, political tensions on Earth reach a boiling point.”

These dramatic events play out in the recently released ALIEN RPG: Colonial Marines Operations Manual by Free League and three upcoming trade paperback novels by Titan Books, each independent but all set against a dramatic galactic backdrop:

  • Alien: Colony War by David Barnett  (April 2022)
  • Alien: Inferno’s Fall by Phillipa Ballantine and Clara Carija (July 2022)
  • Alien: Enemy of My Enemy by Mary SanGiovanni (February 2023)

The results will set the stage for further developments within the ALIEN Universe, as depicted in the roleplaying game and original fiction.

To further establish the connection between the game and the novels, the ALIEN RPG lead setting writer Andrew E.C. Gaska will develop three unique RPG scenarios which will appear as bonus features in the books, one per novel. The first such scenario, Fallout, is included in Alien: Colony War. Readers intrigued by these adventures will have the opportunity to further explore the RPG experience.

 Free League and Titan Books Announce RPG Tie-Ins With New Novels!

As Alien vs. Predator Galaxy understands it, each book will feature its own shorter scenario that will form an overarching storyline continuing on from the narrative set in motion by Alien: Into Charybdis and the Alien RPG: Colonial Marines Operations Manual.

This is also the first mention we’ve had of Alien: Enemy of My Enemy, a new novel from Mary SanGiovanni that will release in February 2023.

Alien: Colony War is currently slated for release before Alien Day 2022, on the 19th of April. It is available for pre-order on Amazon (US/UK). The next expansion for the RPG, Heart of Darkness, has also been announced for release later this year, but pre-orders are not yet available.

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