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Titan Books New Alien Novel Details Are In! David Barnett’s Alien: Colony War!

Following Pat Cadigan’s Alien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay by William Gibson release back in August (read our review here), we hadn’t yet heard about any future Alien novels from Titan Books. Thanks to a new listing spotted on Amazon, we now have the first details of our next Alien novel from Titan and author David Barnett – Alien: Colony War!

Political conflicts on Earth erupt into open hostilities between their colonies in space, with Xenomorphs as the ultimate weapon.

Political tensions boil over on Earth, spreading to the outer fringes of known space as the UK colony of New Albion breaks with the Three World Empire. When an oil-drilling facility on nearby LV-187 is destroyed, its French colonists slaughtered, the British are blamed. Military forces arrive from the Independent Core Systems and combat erupts.

Trapped in the middle are Cher Hunt and Chad Mclaren. Cher is trying to find out who was responsible for the death of her sister, Shy Hunt (of McAllen Integrations from Alien: Into Charybdis). At the same time Mclaren, accompanied by the synthetic known as Davis, follows in the footsteps of his late wife, Amanda Ripley, seeking to stop the weaponization of Xenomorphs. When a horde of the deadly aliens overwhelms both groups, however, their only hope may lie with Royal Marine Corps unit known as “God’s Hammer.”

 Titan Books New Alien Novel Details Are In! David Barnett's Alien: Colony War!

Interestingly, Colony War appears to be a direct continuation from Alex White’s phenomenal Alien: Into Charybdis with the introduction of Shy Hunt’s sister. We also seem set to see the return of Davis from Aliens: Defiance/Resistance/Rescue, as well as the introduction of Amanda Ripley’s husband Chad Mclaren.

Though we haven’t seen an Alien novel from David Barnett previously, he has written a short in the upcoming anthology Aliens vs. Predators: Ultimate Prey, which is currently scheduled for release on the 14th of December. You can pre-order that from Amazon (UK/US) now.

According to the Amazon listing, Alien: Colony War is currently slated for release on the 12th of April 2022. Thanks to felix on the forums for the news!

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