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FX’s Alien Stops Filming During Strike & New Cast Member, Kit Young, Revealed

According to a new report from Deadline, filming on FX and Noah Hawley’s upcoming Alien series has stopped due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. It was previously reported that while it was believed several members of the series’ still largely unknown cast are members of SAG, and though might not cause an entire shutdown of production, ... [Read More]

FX Alien Series Thailand Location and UK Casting Considered Since Early 2021

With the current historic Hollywood industry strike of the US writers and actors unions, things in the movie and series production world have been highly disrupted. Noah Hawley’s FX Alien series has surprisingly just started principal photography in Thailand ahead of its originally planned time in September. While initially it seemed that the series ... [Read More]

FX’s Alien Series Began Production This Week, More Cast Members Announced!

Though it had been Deadline also notes that the negotiations were completed long before the on-going strike currently taking place, and that the shooting schedules have been adjusted around the absence of SAG cast members – including Sydney Chandler – who are not present on set. The deals for the actors were made well before the SAG-AFTRA strike started August 14, ... [Read More]

Screen Actors Guild Strike Likely To Affect Noah Hawley’s Alien Series

As the conflict between the Writers Guild of America and Hollywood continues, the Screen Actor’s Guild has also joined the battle against the studio system. With many US productions already shut down by the writers strikes, some American productions taking place aboard has managed to circumvent the strikes. With SAG having now joined the fight, those productions with union actors are ... [Read More]

Noah Hawley’s Alien Series To Begin Filming September 2023

Noah Hawley’s Alien series is currently expected to begin filming later this year in September 2023 according to the latest issue of Production Weekly. The Alien series was originally supposed to go in front of cameras in March 2022, but after numerous delays and the fifth season of Hawley’s other series, Fargo, well into production, it looks like the writer/director ... [Read More]

Gravity Production Designer Andy Nicholson Joins FX’s Alien Series

Not long after the news broke that Galo Olivares had joined Alien: Romulus as the Cinematographer, the same outlet – The Ronin – also shared the news that Gravity’s Production Designer Andy Nicholson was stepping up alongside Noah Hawley as Production Designer for the upcoming Alien series. The Ronin can exclusively reveal a nifty department head hiring ... [Read More]

FX Alien Series Has Entered Pre-Production, Filming Planned for This Year!

After a lengthy development period, Noah Hawley’s FX Alien series is finally gearing up for filming later this year! During a recent FX panel at the TCA (Television Critics Association) 2023 January Press tour, FX Chairman John Landgraf confirmed that the series has moved on from the development phase into active pre-production. “Noah is currently in production on the fifth season ... [Read More]

[Exclusive/Spoilers] Here’s the First Concept Art From the FX Alien Series!

The upcoming Alien series by FX is planning to begin production The concept art shows a Weyland-Yutani spaceship, the USCSS Maginot, crashed right in the middle of a city, cutting into the underground levels. The city is controlled by the Prodigy Corporation, a rival to Weyland-Yutani. The next piece depicts two soldiers within an industrial looking room. They’re approaching Xenomorph ... [Read More]

Noah Hawley Has Delivered All Scripts for the Alien Series!

It’s been a while since we heard anything about Noah Hawley’s Alien series. With filming on the series Alien vs. Predator Galaxy has dropped a couple of exclusive articles with what we know about the upcoming Alien series, including our most recent which named some of the writers working alongside Noah Hawley in the writers room:  Bobak Esfarjani and ... [Read More]
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