• <h2>“We Are Investigating Aliens From The Fan Perspective,” Talking Aliens Expanded with Writer/Director Ian Nathan & Executive Producer Robin Block – AvP Galaxy Podcast #152</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>We have just uploaded the 152nd episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! In this episode, Corporal Hicks is joined by […]</span>
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[Exclusive/Spoilers] Here’s the First Concept Art From the FX Alien Series!

The upcoming Alien series by FX is planning to begin production sometime next year. The series has had a lengthy development, with effects studio Weta signed on to handle the Alien effects, which we exclusively revealed earlier this year.  During development there’s always a slew of concept art created for shows and films of this nature to help ... [Read More]

[Exclusive] Introducing The FX Alien Series Writers Room & Episode Titles

While filming of Noah Hawley’s Alien series has been pushed back to 2023 due to the series being considered a “massive undertaking” and Hawley’s other series, Fargo, needing to take precedence “given its Midwest setting” we do know that writing has been continuing with at least five episodes having been written as of February. Now we ... [Read More]

“I Know It’s Sacrilege, But…” – Discussing News on Noah Hawley’s Alien Series & Fede Alvarez’s Alien Project – AvP Galaxy Podcast #141

We have just uploaded the 141st episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! In this episode Corporal Hicks, RidgeTop and Xenomorphine talking about all the latest news regarding FX and Noah Hawley’s upcoming Alien series, and the recently announced Alien film being developed by Don’t Breathe’s Fede Alvarez! We discuss our ... [Read More]

Filming for Noah Hawley’s Alien TV Series is Now Slated to Begin in 2023

Our hope that production would begin this year for Noah Hawley’s Alien TV series will unfortunately not be realized Alien fans. ScreenRant has recently uncovered that we’ll have to wait until 2023 before cameras begin to roll. It was only three weeks ago when we reported that filming on Noah Hawley’s Alien Series was pushed back until September 2022. ... [Read More]

“Near The End of this Century” – FX’s John Landgraf Talks Alien Series Time Setting

Ever since Noah Hawley’s Alien series was announced, the time that the series would be taking place has been a concern for many Alien fans. The regular use of the phrase “not too far future” or “near future” has been a worry that the series would be taking the place far earlier than the early 2100s that the first Alien ... [Read More]

Filming on Noah Hawley’s Alien Series Pushed Back to September 2022

Despite the earlier comments that Noah Hawley’s Alien TV series was looking to start production in the spring-time (and we’re aware the series was previously looking to start shooting in March in Thailand and Eastern Europe), it appears that filming has now been pushed back to September 2022, meaning that the series release will also be pushed back to ... [Read More]

[Exclusive] Effects Studio Weta Bringing the Xenomorphs to Life for the FX Alien Series!

Following the recent news surrounding the themes of the upcoming FX Alien series such as competing corporations or consciousness transference, one of the more frequent questions we’ve been seeing from fans is regarding the Aliens themselves, looking for some news on our favourite extra-terrestrial’s involvement in the series. We’re pleased to bring you some ... [Read More]

[Spoilers] More Hermit and Wendy Character Details From FX & Noah Hawley’s Alien Series!

In early November The Illuminerdi scooped the first character details from Noah Hawley’s upcoming Alien series. Alien vs. Predator Galaxy was able to corroborate, confirm and correct that initial report. Illuminerdi has now posted some additional details about those same characters, which again we can confirm are legitimate. Beware spoilers. It looks like Alien is looking to ... [Read More]

“What If There Are Other Companies Trying To Look At Immortality In a Different Way?” – Noah Hawley Talks Alien Series!

With his new novel Anthem having just released, Noah Hawley is currently making the press rounds to promote the book. In a new interview with Esquire, Noah was also asked about how work was progressing on the upcoming Alien series, where he said that everything was “going great” before talking a little about some ... [Read More]
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