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Total Film Shares Three Exclusive Images From Alien: Romulus

Movie magazine Total Film has shared three brand new production stills from Alien: Romulus from its upcoming magazine issue. The first still shows some of the crew tending to Aileen Wu' character Navarro. The second production still shows Cailee Spaeny' Rain sitting and talking to Archie Renaux's character Tyler. Finally, the last still is of Isabela Merced's character Kay. ... [Read More]

Adaptive Qualities, An Interview With Author Steve Perry – AvP Galaxy Podcast #183

Welcome to Alien Day 2024! We have just uploaded the 183rd episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! To help us celebrate Alien Day at Alien vs. Predator Galaxy, Corporal Hicks and RidgeTop are joined by none-other than Steve Perry, the author of the first three Aliens novels and the father of the ... [Read More]

[Exclusive/Spoilers] How Alien: Romulus Connects To The Prequels & The Original Alien

While the official marketing of Alien: Romulus is expected to start winding up over the next month or so, things have been very quiet on the details front for Fede Alvarez's upcoming Alien: Romulus. However, the last few days have seen quite a few details about Alien: Romulus unleashed on the internet from various insiders with knowledge of a recent ... [Read More]

Michael Bishop to Return in Aliens: Bishop, A New Titan Novel On The Way!

A listing for a new Aliens novel has appeared on Amazon. Titan's next Aliens novel, titled Aliens: Bishop, is on the way in October. Written by T.R Napper, Aliens: Bishop will, as the title suggests, focus on the titular artificial person from Aliens, as well as his creator Michael Bishop. Check out the synopsis below: A direct sequel ... [Read More]

Alien: Isolation Coming To Android and iOS in December 2021!

Feral Interactive, the developers responsible for porting Alien: Isolation to Nintendo Switch in 2019, has now announced an Android and iOS port of Alien: Isolation set for release December 16th! A SURVIVAL HORROR MASTERPIECE The stunning AAA visuals, arresting narrative and terrifying atmosphere of Creative Assembly’s classic – faithfully replicated on mobile. This is the complete survival horror experience ... [Read More]

How Aliens: Fireteam Fits Into The Alien Universe

In IGN's latest article covering Cold Iron Studio's upcoming Aliens: Fireteam, they're talking to Cold Iron’s head of studio Craig Zinkievich,  creative director Matt Highison and narrative designer Christ L’Etoile about Fireteam's story and its additions to lore. “Aliens: Fireteam is a cooperative shooter, but it’s here to tell a new story too, and there’s a cohesive narrative ... [Read More]

Marvel Comics Teases Alien #1 with New Trailer and Preview Art!

Building upon the anticipation of Marvel's first venture into Alien comics next month, Marvel Comics has just dropped an exciting new trailer and art pages to preview, promoting their new upcoming monthly comic series! Written by Philip Kennedy Johnson and illustrated by artist Salvador Larroca in a series promised to explore "never-before-seen corners of the Alien universe", this teaser provides us ... [Read More]

There’s Something In Those Trees, Predator: Hunting Grounds So Far – AvP Galaxy Podcast #93

We have just uploaded the 93rd episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! Our latest episode features regular hosts Corporal Hicks and RidgeTop talking about the upcoming Predator: Hunting Grounds! We discuss our first impressions on the Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay footage from GamesCom, our hopes for the game, Illfonic's previous work on Friday ... [Read More]
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