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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review Roundup

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is almost upon us with its release due tomorrow. Various outlets have started publishing their reviews and it’s getting a mixed to positive reception. The PC version is currently sitting on a score of 70 on Metacritic out of 21 reviews. For reference, the last Alien title was 2014’s Alien Isolation which scored 81 out of 41 reviews.

The positives out of the reviews is that Aliens: Fireteam Elite stays true to its source material. The visual and sound design of the environment, enemies and weapons remain faithful to feel of the films. The combat is fun and frantic. The various classes and progression system with all the different perks were well-received. Challenge Cards keep things fresh and add to the replayability.

The negatives were mainly around the game’s technical issues. Sound and dialogue may suddenly cut out and there are issues with enemy artificial intelligence with Xenomorphs getting stuck in places. IGN gave it a mixed review overall and complained about the repetitive nature of the missions and how drawn out they could be.

Fireteam can be played in singleplayer with bots but as PC Gamer and Gamespot pointed out, the Android bots that accompany you are never going to be as good as human players. Especially, as the game is focused around co-op gameplay and tactics which you aren’t going to get from bots.

Here’s a roundup of the reviews. We’ll try to keep this news article updated.

 Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review Roundup


GamingTrend (100)
ComicBook (4.5/5) (8/10)
NME (4/5)
TheGamer (8/10)
Gamespot (8/10)


Playstation Universe (7/10)
Gamespew (7/10)
Twinfinite (8/10)
Checkpoint Gaming (7/10)
God is a Geek (7/10)
IGN (7/10)
Destructoid (5.5/10)
Shacknews (6/10)
Bloody Disgusting (3.5/5)
GamesRadar (3.5/5)
PC Gamer (73/100)
PushSquare (6/10)


GameRant (1.5/5)

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Comments: 17
  1. Voodoo Magic
    It seems it's still not fixed for everyone.

    That doesn't surprise me though to be honest. We've seen Illfonic announce Predator Hunting Grounds fixes in patches, only for people to try it afterwards and laugh saying Errrm...nope! Still broken!  :laugh:
  2. Voodoo Magic
    Quote from: Guts on Aug 31, 2021, 09:31:14 PM
    I have it on PS4 Pro, and the performance is kinda meh, sound is very flat and skips and jumps doesn't sound in sync at all. And i can't find nobody to play with so there's that.

    That's still happening after the hotfix, huh? Sheesh Cold Iron. Yeah, for the first several days the same thing happened to me and others where the matchmaking was broken. I learned from friends it will eventually somehow fix itself, which it did, but no one should have to wait days for that.

    I have this sneaking suspicion it fixes itself after you play a full private match with friends, but I have no proof at the moment to back that up.
  3. Voodoo Magic
    Quote from: Buttz on Aug 25, 2021, 02:48:01 PMand Sgt Herrera needs to SHUT THE HELL UP. She's constantly just firing off little quips and stupid jokes or observations. Completely undercutting any tension or fear and just generally annoying the hell out of you.

    Quote from: FatBrando on Aug 26, 2021, 02:46:04 PM
    This game never stops throwing enemies at you so there's never any tension, and yeah, your CO always making some quip or remark that really undercuts any sense of dread.

    Yeah, I found that a bit irritating as well. She's in your ear saying Uhhhhh hellllo? What are you waiting for? I asked you to do such-an-such... all while I'm fighting for my life in a swarm of Aliens. :P
  4. FatBrando
    It's not great. It's kinda fun but It lacks the subtlety of Left 4 Dead. There was a little down time in between swarms in that game. Gave you a chance to collect yourself and search for gear. This game never stops throwing enemies at you so there's never any tension, and yeah, your CO always making some quip or remark that really undercuts any sense of dread. Treating the Aliens like more of a nuisance of the job than a real threat. Just another day in the core I guess? The writing and voice acting is pretty awful. The characters are all cliches at best, stereotypes at worst. Sadly in the attempt for diversity the writers forget that people are more than just there ethnicity and are all still humans beings with more than just stereotypical ethnic traits. The actors don't do much to better the terrible dialogue either. It's got bugs(not the xenos) and a fair amount of jankiness. The more you play the more the rough edges show up. The game has a serious probables being repetitive. The levels are often bland and boring. Lacking much of anything in terms of visual storytelling or interesting set pieces. And there nothing to do here but shoot things. There are several opportunities to shake up the gameplay (a moment of stealth to sneak past some sleeping androids? But no, they wake no matter what and it's back to shooting.) That being said, its not all bad. The actual gunplay is great. The weapons are fun and feel great to fire. They managed to make all the iconic weapons really feel powerful and useful. The smart gun is kinda OP and it should be! Kudos to Cold Iron for not shying away from making it a super powerful gun. And the flamethrower, which in most Alien games is either useless or just not fun to use, is maybe the best close quarters crowd control weapon in the game. Everything sounds and feels great to fire. The classes and kits are all distinct enough and offer enough to make them feel unique and useful. Building a group and understanding your role in the unit adds a very needed layer of depth to the game. In fact it's much more tactical than it seems initially. Once you know your role in the game and how to synergize with the team the game is a lot of fun. But that's maybe the biggest issue here. So much of the experience is up to the player. There's fun to be had here, but you have to work for it.
  5. Buttz
    There has to be some ebb and flow. The game is just constantly throwing as many aliens as it can, with no down time. There is literally no time you're not shooting something. And the levels are too long. It's hard to explain but it's absolutely correct. The levels are bland and boring. Everything looks the same. The characters are all poorly written and acted cliches and Sgt Herrera needs to SHUT THE HELL UP. She's constantly just firing off little quips and stupid jokes or observations. Completely undercutting any tension or fear and just generally annoying the hell out of you. It's a bad game. Shame too because the actual mechanics aren't bad. The shooting is fun and the sound design is great. But the objectives amount to press x to do a thing. Now press x to do another thing. Go here. Rinse and repeat for 45 minutes. If you die you start over and have to slog through the same bland repetitive level from the beginning. It's crap.
  6. dave1978
    Gave it a good few hours on the PS5 last night,  excellent fun.  Alien models are very nice and they move around brilliantly.  Yes its a bit shallow but the gun play is excellent,  i would give it a solid 7.5 / 10
  7. seattle24
    Gamespot - 8/10

    Tech radar - Positive

    These reviews are great. Hand on heart was not expecting it to get generally such good feedback.

    One review I read that called it average thinks it's going on sale for $60 like some sort of triple-A game - I think if they had their facts straight they'd realise it's quite a good-value package.

  8. PAS Spinelli
    Gamerants review used Colonial Marines screenshots in their article on accident, I think that says how trust worthy that one is lol

    The general reaction is that the game itself is really good, but could use more variety in mission structure and bug fixes
  9. newbeing - 4.5/5

    Bloody Disgusting - 3.5/5

    GameRadar -3.5/5

    IGN - 7/10

    wccfTech - 6/10

    Destructiod - 5.5/10

    Polygon - Fans will like it, but an uninspired L4D-like

    Stevivor - 3.5/10 (seems mostly due to running into a save breaking bug)

    Ratings seem all over the place. Kind of hovering in the average of 7/10, which is what I was kind of expecting.

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