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Marvel’s Alien #1 Solicitations Are In!

Just over two weeks ago we finally got details of Marvel’s debut Alien series. And now that the solicitations for March 2021 are here we now have further plot details about what to expect from Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s series. Beware minor spoilers.

Gabriel Cruz gave his life to Weyland-Yutani–In the case of an alien attack he barely survived, almost literally! Recently retired, Cruz is trying to patch things up with his abandoned son with the help of his friend, a Bishop-model android, but his re-entry into civilian life is not going smoothly…and his encounters with the deadly Xenomorph are far from over.

 Marvel's Alien #1 Solicitations Are In!

Variant cover artwork by Peach Momoko.

In addition to InHyuk Lee’s previously revealed cover art, we also know that Aliens #1 will have a total of 14 covers, some of which you can see below!

By Patrick Gleason.
By Rom Lim.
By Peach Momoko.

The first issue will also be a bumper sized issue, weighing in at 40 pages. We don’t yet have a specific release date though. Thanks to Ultramorph for the heads up!

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  1. judge death
    I wouldnt call those feet as hoves per say but alien foot which has traits of it from the host, like the aliens warriors who had the fingers molted into tre fingers instead of six, I think its the same here with the feet, its toes but they are shaped together to make a mass that some might see as hooves looking from certain angles, its toes and claws on it is still able to climb on walls with ease, which I doubt those hooves we see the one in the comic has, will be able to.

    Far from being as perfect as the normal xenos are in my opinion and damn ugly looking.
    Alien 3 runners feet in comparison still has the xenomorph look to it and feel, done with class, this one: not so much.
  2. HuDaFuK
    Yeah, as far as I'm aware the only shots in which the Runner is digital are the shot of its head cracking and possibly the shot of it fleeing the Ox corpse in the extended cut (I've never been clear on whether they just erased the puppeteers operating the full-size puppet from the original footage or whether they did a complete CG Bambiburster on a clean background plate for that shot).
  3. SiL
    You can't see the underside of the puppets feet because the rods are in the way. That's why I said it's probably not meant to be hooves, but rather the mounting point for the rods. The sculpt is of toes shaped into points to resemble hooves, rather than hooves with fake toes on top like you suggested.

    And the legs still weren't digitally replaced. The film's compositing work was photochemical and the only cg shot was the cracks on the dome originally. I don't remember seeing its legs during Boggs and Rains deaths but will check.
  4. SiL
    I don't think it matters what the suit's feet look like as we never see them in the film itself because in nearly all instances it's digitally replaced with the digitgrade legs from the rod puppet. I don't know what to tell you honestly. I think it's clear as day it's got hooves underneath the mostly decorative feet.
    In no instances is it digitally replaced. Half of the models you show have toes compressed into an evocative shape, not literal hooves.

    And in any case this isn't what's shown in the comic, where is just a complete hoof with no hint of toes or the usual foot structure.
  5. HuDaFuK
    Photo shows digitigrade example. And it looks like real animals.

    I'll restate:

    It's a fictional alien creature; it bleeds acid and gestates inside human beings; it radically changes its biology and appearance depending on its host - it's already total bullshit as far as real-world biology goes. Saying it can't have something like a hoof on its foot because it wouldn't make sense on Earth is a completely null and void argument.

    Especially when photos literally show it had something like a hoof on its foot.

    Or are you going to call an alien creature with acid instead of blood as a hoofed animal? Is this your argument?

    I don't believe I said that. I said part of its foot looks quite hoof-inspired. Others seemingly think so too.

    Given how the Alien famously takes physical traits from its host, as I just mentioned, including some bovine traits (from the original Ox host) in the design makes sense.
  6. Drukathi
    So your argument is to try and apply real-world biology to a design for a completely fictional alien creature (with acid for blood) rather than.... look at a photo?


    Photo shows digitigrade example. And it looks like real animals. In any case - it doesn't look like hooves, whatever it is. Or are you going to call an alien creature with acid instead of blood as a hoofed animal? Is this your argument?
  7. Drukathi
    Runner's feet don't look like hooves anyway! I don't even understand how one could think so. This type of walking is called - digitigrade. And that's exactly what xeno went with after Alien 3. Whereas xeno in Alien and Aliens is plantigrade.
    Although hooves are an evolution from toe walking (digitigrade), it is incorrect to say that the Runner has hooves. Because cats and dogs, for example, are digitigrade (I myself did not notice how ideally "dog" is applied to the Runner.). But in no case do they have hooves. And marvelmorph has a classic hooves. It is clearly seen that this is not a high/short foot or toe walking. A horse or a goat.
  8. Kradan
    To be honest, i've noticed Runner's "hooves" long before these Marvel previews - I just forgot all about it. But what I like about them in that particular design is that they're not over-emphasized, they're not obvious. I like that one day you just look at it and suddenly thought comes into your mind: "Huh, Runner's feet kinda look like hooves. Never noticed it before . Neat"
  9. SiL
    It has toes shaped into hooves. The Alien in the comic just has hooves.

    AvPR's head shape was just taking off the dome of the AvP Aliens. It's how ADI did the skull since Alien3.
  10. David's Creation
    To be fair, the facehugger that lead to that alien was born of a queen that burst from a human Hadley's Hope colonist.

    Maybe it would have hooves/paws if that human DNA wasn't part of the equation... or even if the human DNA was further back in the lineage.
  11. judge death
    That the xenomorph adults take traits from the hosts isnt new but the facehuggers and eggs and the royal lines dont, so seeing facehuggers like this goes against everything I´ve seen in the past so they better have a very good explanation unless they wanna break the lore.
  12. SiL
    It's not like that in that printed version. That misalignment goes up the whole page (look at the neck of the frame above it), and from the image of the printed version that's not even where the spine is. It looks like whoever threw together that composite just didn't align them properly.
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