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Dark Horse Cancels Aliens: Colonial Marines – Rising Threat

First announced back in June, Aliens: Colonial Marines – Rising Threat was set to act as a tie-in to Cold Iron Studios upcoming Aliens “persistent online shooter,” and as a sequel to Mira Grant’s Alien: Echo which would have continued the story of Olivia Shipp. Now, following several accusations of predatory and inappropriate behaviour being directed at ... [Read More]

Dark Horse Comics Announces Aliens: Colonial Marines: Rising Threat!

With Aliens: Rescue due to kick off at the end of July, Dark Horse Comics have announced the next series – Aliens: Colonial Marines: Rising Threat! Rising Threat is set to tie into the events of the upcoming game from Cold Iron Studios and will also continue the story of Olivia Shipp, the character recently introduced in Alien: Echo! “Aliens Colonial ... [Read More]

New Mini-Documentary on the Doomed Development of Obsidian’s Aliens Crucible

Video game documentary channel GVMERS has just released a investigative look at the ill-fated development of Aliens Crucible, the Aliens Role Playing Game developed by Obsidian Entertainment which was ultimately canceled by publisher Sega in favor of Aliens Colonial Marines. The video gives a chronicle of the events surrounding the game’s development process and ultimate demise, as well an ... [Read More]

New Aliens: Colonial Marines Overhaul Mod Released!

Aliens: Colonial Marines New Overhaul Mod Released! A "Boiler" Alien hides in the shadows. Some of the shading and lighting has been reworked for the new overhaul mod. A new Aliens: Colonial Marines Overhaul mod has been released! The critically reviled game, Aliens: Colonial Marines, is getting some positive attention recently. As some of you may have seen reported by numerous gaming websites, modder TemplarGFX has been working on significant changes to the game, which in his words bring it closer to “how it should have been when ... [Read More]

Alien Isolation 2 Seems Unlikely Says Creative Assembly

It seems even more unlikely that we’ll be getting a sequel to Alien Isolation any time soon. Back in May 2015, we heard that Alien Isolation had shifted 2.11 million copies in North America and Europe and Sega was reportedly disappointed with the sales performance. In a new interview with GameIndustry.biz, Creative Assembly’s studio director, Tim Heaton, ... [Read More]

Sega Blames Gearbox for Aliens Colonial Marines Marketing

Aliens Colonial Marines The revelations just keep coming out regarding the Aliens Colonial Marines class action lawsuit. We last heard earlier in August that Sega had agreed to pay out $1.25 million over the “mis-advertisement” of 2013’s Aliens Colonial Marines game. This week, Sega has filed court documents saying that Gearbox is just to blame as they are for the marketing ... [Read More]

Gearbox Responds to Aliens Colonial Marines Lawsuit

Aliens Colonial Marines You may remember the class action lawsuit against Gearbox and Sega that was filed in April 2013 by Roger Damion Perrine and John Locke stating both companies falsely advertised Aliens Colonial Marines at various tradeshows. When the game was released in February 2013, critical reception was extremely negative and the graphics were extremely poor compared to how it looked at tradeshows. There were ... [Read More]
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