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Dark Horse Comics Announces Aliens: Colonial Marines: Rising Threat!

With Aliens: Rescue due to kick off at the end of July, Dark Horse Comics have announced the next series – Aliens: Colonial Marines: Rising Threat! Rising Threat is set to tie into the events of the upcoming game from Cold Iron Studios and will also continue the story of Olivia Shipp, the character recently introduced in Alien: Echo!

Aliens Colonial Marines: Rising Threat delves into the formative years of the Colonial Marines. Tying into the events of the upcoming Cold Iron Studios videogame, this new series introduces Olivia Shipp, leader of a squad of battle-weary Marines who have defied orders to rescue the survivors of a refinery under siege.”

 Dark Horse Comics Announces Aliens: Colonial Marines: Rising Threat!

Once again Brian Wood is returning to write Rising Threat, making this his fourth Alien series for Dark Horse. Interior artwork with be handled by Werther Dell’Edera, with Michael Atiyeh responsible for colours. Though the press release (via doesn’t mention, it would appear that the fan favourite Tristan Jones is returning to provide cover art!

Aliens: Colonial Marines: Rising Threat will be an 8 issue long run, with the first issue currently scheduled for release on the 18th of September.

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  1. Nukiemorph
    I just hope Rescue has an ending.  I'll be frustrated if it has a similar ending to Resistance with the intent of resolving in Rising Threat and we end up with a dead end.

    (Nothing against Dark Horse's decision.)
  2. SM
    Quote from: Xiggz456 on Aug 31, 2019, 12:09:24 AM
    Well that kinda sucks and he's a POS but I was already less than enthused that he was writing Rising Threat to begin with. Dark Horse should hire Mira Grant to take his place. She already writes Spider-Gwen and she essentially created Olivia so it seems like perfect fit for her.

    Rising Threat was sounding better than Rescue as far as I've read.

    A page one re-write of the same basic storyline from someone else could work.  I've only read Echo and Grant's Predator short, but there's no reason she couldn't do it.  Apart from Echo, it's been a mighty long time we've had a woman writing for Alien's female protagonists.  Criminal Enterprise was 2008.  And the only comic I can think of that had a woman writing was Xenogenesis (or co-written in that case).  Kelly Sue DeConnick wrote F & S Omega.  That's not a great record.

    And I don't think it should be cheapened by it being about A:CM being cursed.  It's about a guy being an arsehole.
  3. Nightmare Asylum
    So glad I fell off of buying his books, and even happier now to see him gone.

    But like, this has apparently been going on with him for years so why the hell was he even hired in the first place ???

    Bravo Dark Horse, who had to have known about this all along but didn't bother to do anything until it was in the public eye again. Him getting fired should have happened years ago.

    EDIT: So looking into this more and there's been stuff out about him publically since at least 2013? :o
  4. Xiggz456
    Well that kinda sucks and he's a POS but I was already less than enthused that he was writing Rising Threat to begin with. Dark Horse should hire Mira Grant to take his place. She already writes Spider-Gwen and she essentially created Olivia so it seems like perfect fit for her.
  5. Corporal Hicks
    November's solicitations are out but I can't see the frigging covers:

    Synopsis -

    Given the lucky break of finding a mobile water drill rig, Olivia and the marines make their way through the alien-infested Katanga refinery toward the Xenomorphs' nest. Yet how long can their luck last when faced with the onslaught of the perfect killing machine?

  6. Kimarhi
    Pretty much the same.

    Earth War I remember finally finding and being like f**k yeah, and then opening and being like what the hell?

    They've slightly grown on me.  I have no idea why.  Earth War should be in the bin with Resurrection and Prometheus, but it isn't for me. 

    I'm not even sure how my own brain works sometimes. 
  7. razeak
    Two things, didn't know Alien theory was plagiarising. I've only watched a few videos. That's an interesting development.

    The first series was pretty hot when it released. I enjoyed the first story quite a bit. I've probably reread that on 20 times. Earth War was pretty disappointing to me. It had amazing covers though.
  8. Corporal Hicks

    Pretty interesting interview. Some details on the general plot of the series, some talk about working on the tie-in angle of it.

    Covers for issue 2 are out:
  9. Nostromo
    Aliens: Colonial Marines Volume 1 TPB is ready for pre-order (Release is April 21, 2020)

  10. SM
    Quote from: HuDaFuK on Jul 15, 2019, 08:46:16 AM
    Quote from: Erik Lehnsherr on Jul 15, 2019, 07:55:25 AMAnd after Resurrection's always an option.

    If they ever want to follow on from the Rage War, Weaver's World was still getting hammered by Aliens at the conclusion of that.

    As for the lauded original trilogy - after years of listening to people rave about them, when I finally got around to reading the original trilogy novels, I was amazed by how lacklustre they were.

    It's generally better with the art.
  11. Corporal Hicks
    Yeah, I think it'd be a stretch to say the Earth infestation is some universally hated story. I know a lot of fans who did dig that arc and there's no denying it was those initial series, and the demand for them that proved to a lot of companies that tie-ins could be successful and good.

    Would I like to see it again? I'm honestly not sure. I'd certainly love to see a larger, more established colony get taken over. It's just that any Earth invasion would once again bump up against Resurrection. Unless Fox just decides to finally be rid of it...
  12. The1PerfectOrganism
    Lots of stuff is being reprinted 30 years later, Bethesda sucks and the real installment we got is great, I definitely prefer it.
  13. SM
    She's the lead because she drives the plot of going to get the Queen Mother and nuking her and ending the Earth infestation, which is the whole point of that series.
  14. Perfect-Organism
    What makes Ripley's role secondary in Earth War, figuratively anyway, is that it was such a mediocre series that it comes across as a footnote to the previous 2 series.  If you look at the 3 series as one volume, you really get the sense that Ripley's role was tacked on, and the best material came before her arrival.
  15. SM
    She had no role in the first two, but was effectively the co-lead with Newt in Earth War (not miles away from Resurrection), while Hicks got relegated.
  16. Samhain13
    Quote from: Local Trouble on Jul 14, 2019, 11:12:10 PM
    Quote from: Samhain13 on Jul 14, 2019, 10:59:52 PM
    We only had one attempt at an Earth Alien Invasion scenario and it was so long ago. Wouldn't hurt to try another since that Aliens trilogy wasn't the best.

    I say do it on a game. Set it quite further into the future, post-Earth alien invasion survival game. An AVP game in that setting would be great, its has been mostly colony LV-whatever in the previous ones, so I would something different.

    How about a Bethesda RPG?

    I can dig that.
  17. The1PerfectOrganism
    I think you're waxing nostalgic about the days of yore and you're remembering it as more of a phenomenon than it was. Potential for the scenario or not.
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