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Aliens: Crucible Would Have Been Like “Mass Effect but More Terrifying”

First announced at the end of 2006, Obsidian's Aliens: Crucible went through most of its production in quiet until it was officially cancelled 3 years later. Since then we've slowly learnt more and more about the first attempt to bring Alien in the RPG world. Last year GVMERS produced an enlightening mini-documentary on the game and Josh Sawyer, Creative Director ... [Read More]

New Mini-Documentary on the Doomed Development of Obsidian’s Aliens Crucible

Video game documentary channel GVMERS has just released a investigative look at the ill-fated development of Aliens Crucible, the Aliens Role Playing Game developed by Obsidian Entertainment which was ultimately canceled by publisher Sega in favor of Aliens Colonial Marines. The video gives a chronicle of the events surrounding the game's development process and ultimate demise, as well an ... [Read More]

13 Minutes of Aliens RPG Gameplay Footage

A new gameplay video of the cancelled Aliens RPG videogame by Obsidian Entertainment has surfaced online recently. It features over 13 minutes of footage that show character customization, dialogue, the Alien queen and other features from the game. Additionally a short video showing some of the animations made for the game can be found here. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxmb1s_ac_videogames#from=embediframe [Read More]
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