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New Mini-Documentary on the Doomed Development of Obsidian’s Aliens Crucible

Video game documentary channel GVMERS has just released a investigative look at the ill-fated development of Aliens Crucible, the Aliens Role Playing Game developed by Obsidian Entertainment which was ultimately canceled by publisher Sega in favor of Aliens Colonial Marines.

The video gives a chronicle of the events surrounding the game’s development process and ultimate demise, as well an idea of what the final result could have looked like.

GVMERS seems convinced that Obsidian may have been onto something with the project.

“While this game – Aliens Crucible – would ultimately end up being cancelled at Sega’s behest, what information that has emerged about the game in the years following its demise suggests that Obsidian Entertainment may have had something truly special on their hands. More than just an RPG in an Alien mold, Aliens Crucible would have featured a macabre return to the franchise’s horror roots bolstered by Obsidian’s expertise in crafting meaningful player choice, making for what could have been an enticing proposition for both fans of Obsidian Entertainment and the Alien franchise alike.”

They specify that Sega did not necessarily lose faith in the game, but rather were looking to streamline costs, and the two shooters being Rebellion’s Aliens vs Predator (2010) and Gearbox’s Aliens Colonial Marines seemed like safer bets.

Check out our gallery for a look at some concept art and renders from the game.

 New Mini-Documentary on the Doomed Development of Obsidian's Aliens Crucible

Our Take (RidgeTop): I was really disappointed that this was never able to see a release. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II by Obsidian remains one of my favorite gaming memories and I think this RPG survival type game could have been an interesting take on the property. Sega didn’t seem to benefit too much from betting on Gearbox over Obsidian. While probably impossible, I’d love it if this game could still see a resurrection somehow, perhaps at a lower price with some final tweaks and a fresh coat of paint applied.

If you’d like to support the documentary work of GVMERS, be sure to check out their Patreon.

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