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Ridley Scott Regrets Choosing to Direct Alien: Covenant Over Blade Runner: 2049

In 2016 Sir Ridley Scott had to make a choice. Which of his landmark science-fiction films would he choose to direct a sequel to? Alien or Blade Runner. Ridley Scott choose to direct Alien: Covenant, and it’s a decision he’s since come to regret. In a recent interview with Empire (reported on by Ridley Scott was originally attached to direct ... [Read More]

FX’s Alien Series Began Production This Week, More Cast Members Announced!

Though it had been Deadline also notes that the negotiations were completed long before the on-going strike currently taking place, and that the shooting schedules have been adjusted around the absence of SAG cast members – including Sydney Chandler – who are not present on set. The deals for the actors were made well before the SAG-AFTRA strike started August 14, ... [Read More]

Screen Actors Guild Strike Likely To Affect Noah Hawley’s Alien Series

As the conflict between the Writers Guild of America and Hollywood continues, the Screen Actor’s Guild has also joined the battle against the studio system. With many US productions already shut down by the writers strikes, some American productions taking place aboard has managed to circumvent the strikes. With SAG having now joined the fight, those productions with union actors are ... [Read More]

Alien³ Teaser Trailer Egg is on Display at the Smithsonian, Originally Thought to be from Different Film

Currently on display at a Smithsonian museum in Washington DC is a giant Alien egg from the Alien series. Rather than a fleshy, petaled Xenomorph egg we’re used to seeing in the franchise, this prop is a hard-shelled representation, almost evoking the feeling of a moon. The egg was originally donated to the museum from 20th Century Studios (20th Century Fox ... [Read More]

Gravity Production Designer Andy Nicholson Joins FX’s Alien Series

Not long after the news broke that Galo Olivares had joined Alien: Romulus as the Cinematographer, the same outlet – The Ronin – also shared the news that Gravity’s Production Designer Andy Nicholson was stepping up alongside Noah Hawley as Production Designer for the upcoming Alien series. The Ronin can exclusively reveal a nifty department head hiring ... [Read More]

New Documentary Aliens Expanded Starts Crowd-Funding Today!

If you were around in 2020 you will have likely been aware of In Search of Darkness, a crowd-funded documentary devoted to the science-fiction of the 1980s being produced by the team at You can also support Aliens Expanded at the Producer level, which includes all the previously mentioned rewards, in addition to Producer credits on the documentary. Aliens Expanded is ... [Read More]

Noah Hawley Has Delivered All Scripts for the Alien Series!

It’s been a while since we heard anything about Noah Hawley’s Alien series. With filming on the series Alien vs. Predator Galaxy has dropped a couple of exclusive articles with what we know about the upcoming Alien series, including our most recent which named some of the writers working alongside Noah Hawley in the writers room:  Bobak Esfarjani and ... [Read More]

“I Know It’s Sacrilege, But…” – Discussing News on Noah Hawley’s Alien Series & Fede Alvarez’s Alien Project – AvP Galaxy Podcast #141

We have just uploaded the  We discuss our thoughts on the Alien series Earth setting, the transhumanism and consciousness transfer, the recent announcement of Fede Alvarez developing a new Alien film with Sir Ridley Scott for Hulu, and plenty more!  What did you think of our latest episode? Be sure to let us know down below! You can also listen to ... [Read More]

“Near The End of this Century” – FX’s John Landgraf Talks Alien Series Time Setting

Ever since Noah Hawley’s Alien series was announced, the time that the series would be taking place has been a concern for many Alien fans. The regular use of the phrase “not too far future” or “near future” has been a worry that the series would be taking the place far earlier than the early 2100s that the first Alien ... [Read More]
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