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Fede Alvarez and Cailee Spaeny Grace Cover of MovieMaker Magazine!

With just a month left until Alien: Romulus hits the big screen, the acid-fueled marketing machine has been kicked into over-drive with the film being featured in several upcoming magazines! The MovieMaker magazine has just unveiled a new behind-the-scenes image of director Fede Alvarez and a spacesuited Cailee Spaeny as the cover of their upcoming summer issue. ... [Read More]

Fangoria Shows Off Variant Cover Featuring New Alien: Romulus Still

The latest issue of Fangoria magazine, Issue 24, went on sale a few days ago which features a spread about Alien: Romulus. We're not sure what details it has but the blurb says that both Ridley Scott and director Fede Alvarez share details about the Alien movie. Today, Fangoria has released a limited edition variant cover version that features a new ... [Read More]

Alien: Romulus’ UK Premiere Will Be At The Edinburgh International Film Festival

While we have eagerly been anticipating the 16th of August for the release of Alien: Romulus by Fede Alvarez, Deadline has revealed today that the UK premiere will be at the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF), on the 15th of August. It will serve as the opener for the festival's Midnight Madness program, a day earlier than ... [Read More]

Alien Romulus Full Trailer Released!

Almost as if in celebration of the future anniversary of the Alien's birth aboard the Nostromo in 98 years, on June 4th 2122, 20th Century Studios has dropped the much anticipated full trailer for Fede Alvarez's Alien: Romulus! “Alien: Romulus” takes the phenomenally successful “Alien” franchise back to its roots: While scavenging the deep ends of a derelict space station, a ... [Read More]

“It’s Shocking, Scary & Delicious” – Fede Alvarez Talks Desired Alien: Romulus Reactions

Earlier this week Total Film shared a brand new publicity still and a snippet of an interview with Alien: Romulus writer and director Fede Alvarez. That article is now out, and the team over at Perfect Organism have shared a copy of the article in its entirety. In it he reiterates some of what we've heard previously ... [Read More]

Fede Alvarez Talks Consulting With James Cameron, Pacing & New Publicity Image Released

With less than 3 months to go until Fede Alvarez's Alien: Romulus hits the big screens, the publicity continues to drip feed and tantalize us! Talking to Total Film for their upcoming issue, Fede Alvarez reiterated to the outlet about the emphasize on practical elements and working with both Alien director Sir Ridley Scott, and consulting with ... [Read More]

Neil Blomkamp’s Aliens Sequel – New Plot Details By Mike’s Monsters

Even though Alien Day has ended, that doesn't mean we're done with the news. It seems the famous unmade Aliens sequel is finally releasing some its long kept secrets. Neil Blomkamp's Alien film has always garnered a great interest from the community. A great deal was promised, yet it got cancelled without much information on its story and plot details. ... [Read More]

Fede Alvarez & Sir Ridley Scott Talk Chestburster in Preview of Alien Day Conversation

As part of 2024's Alien Day return of Sir Ridley Scott's original Alien to cinema screens in the United States, a “special look at Alien: Romulus featuring a discussion with Alien director Ridley Scott and Alien: Romulus director Fede Alvarez” will be screened before the movie. As part of the promotions for their own bookings, Fandango has uploaded a preview ... [Read More]
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