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Alien FX’s Noah Hawley Talks About Collaborating with Ridley Scott

Last week, Noah Hawley revealed that filming on the Alien FX series will recommence in Bangkok next year after the recent strikes. He has done a further interview with The Hollywood Reporter who asked him about his current projects and the effects the recent strikes had on his work. He mentions some of the trouble he had at the start of the Alien project with the Disney-Fox merger and the studio pressuring the makers to do different things with the show.

As you said, you had a partner in Landgraf who said, “Make your version of Alien.” So, what have been the challenges of doing that? 

There was a challenge early on simply because this process started in a pre-Disney Fox, and then became a Disney Fox, which was Bob Iger, and then Bob Chapek and now Iger again, and there was definitely a moment in which it felt like, on a corporate level, the people who make the creative decisions are different than the people who make the financial decisions and there was a lot of internal pressure that the show should do a specific thing or not do a specific thing.

How did that get communicated? 

It was doubt. There was an element for my partners of having to navigate an org chart that was trying to take some creative power up to the next level in a way that makes it harder for artists. That said, it was temporary. We’re not in that moment now, but I think that was part of what extended the development period.

 Alien FX's Noah Hawley Talks About Collaborating with Ridley Scott

Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s Alien

Hawley goes on to say that he collaborates with Alien director Ridley Scott on a regular basis about the show to get his insights and ideas.

What is Ridley Scott’s involvement in the TV show? Having directed the film, is he involved? 

I mean, are the Coens involved in Fargo?Let’s just say, I’ve probably had more conversations with Ridley than I’ve had with Joel and Ethan. Scott Free [Productions] is producing Alien and Ridley is making two or three movies a year is basically how that’s working. I mean, Ridley has been an amazing collaborator to the degree that I can pick his brain about all of his thoughts, processes, decisions and the things that he’s learned. And I try to keep him [in the loop] and send him material so that he feels respected and included. But also, he’s doing his thing.

The Alien series is executive produced by Ridley Scott and takes place on Earth around 70 years in the future before Ripley’s story begins.

The cast includes Sydney Chandler, Alex Lawther plays a soldier named CJ, Samuel Blenkin as Boy Kavalier, a CEO. Essie Davis plays Dame Silvia and Adarsh Gourav as Slightly. Kit Young plays Tootles. The Alien TV series is due to air in 2025 on FX on Hulu.

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  1. reecebomb
    If it's set on earth, I want a bleak and ultra-realistic drama kitchen sink style - set in retro futuristic Alien universe.

    But of course it will have the same fake modern sheen that plagues most of the media released today, think Chernobyl was done quite well on that department.
    The backdrop of Alien is harsh and bleak, other than the dangerous planets through the yet to be explored galaxy
    Earth is in perhaps the most hostile. It's in a state of irrevocable suffering, constant wars, polluting the environment until it's uninhabitable. Its a planet that engages in atrocities in a never ending cycle of violence, this dystopia isn't science fiction but a very possible future.

    It's a greedy Megalomania-tic unfettered capitalistic conglomerate dominated future, the powers that be "the elite" reap the benefits of interplanetary mining/harvesting, plundering resources and exploiting people who are under their pay. Despite the promise of building better worlds the companies reign Dominion basking in glory while humanity are no more than mere worker ants in a colony, or a hive if you will.

    The company is cold, ruthless and will pursue domination by any means necessary, unclouded by conscience, remorse of delusions of morality, the destructive, predacious, invasive all consuming nature of the company are just as much monsters as the aliens, but you don't see them screwing each other over for a percentage, And let's say the company were to obtain Xenomorph biotech they'd be worth than before and spreading this disease throughout the galaxy tenfold.

    Is this our future? maybe unless we take the initiative to chance the course of our fate, to defy corrupt forces, advocate laws that look after people's freedoms, that the properties of land are properly negotiated, compensated, traded/exchanged, to defend individualistic identities, understanding merits of tradition while not being stuck in the dark ages given by fear. That we pursuit the ambitions of life's goals but not at the expense of another's suffering. To adapt to challenges that lie ahead in an ever changing world.

    Is a more ideal Utopia that prioritises peace, progress, unity, the overall betterment of humankind and the world a future thats obtainable? So far that seems like science fiction, but is it possible? Perhaps that what the TV show could evoke, on how the future is grim, but we have it in ourselves to shape our future for the better.
  3. BenditlikeBeckum
    Quote from: Immortan Jonesy on Nov 19, 2023, 06:50:10 AMThis is the closest thing to that, and it's pretty short.
    But maybe in a TV series this trope could be exploited more.
    that's probably most likely. Like every sub or major plot point in alien (no matter how small it was) will probably have an half hour of drama. But also its going to be a different perspective of sorts. I doubt they are going to tread on the same Ripleyesque strong lead female trope. It would be a great way to reimagine or reboot it that way. I'm wondering if they will try to keep the 70s esthetics like how Alien Isolation did. I would love to see cheezy foofy hair perms again. Maybe some aerobicize vidds in the background on big CRT monitors? and  amiga 1200 green screens!
  4. ralfy
    This franchise was limited to protagonist/antagonist vs. aliens. The last show brought in cloning and mutations, the prequels cosmology and more, and given points in the interviews the TV show will likely focus on AI, human drama, etc., with the alien as secondary.
  5. ralfy
    It's probably not so much a matter of shepherding the franchise as rebooting it, and then looking for various directions in which it can travel, e.g., AI, cloning, hybrids, corporate drama, and so on.

    This is inevitable for TV shows but is also needed for features if owners want to milk the franchise.
  6. Still Collating...
    So it's all his idea and vision. Great that he's getting the opportunity do do it like that knowing how much trouble the filmmakers before him had. If it's great or bad, whatever the result, we'll know who was at the helm.   
    Ridley spoke in one interview that this tv series so to be as good or as scary as his film,  :o it came across like he didn't approve of it, pervades changed his tune and is given the project his blessing, he was complimentary to Fede's Alien Romulus assuming he's being honest with his opinion. I'm rather curious at what degree of Ridley Scott is involved with shepherding the Alien Franchise as of recently whether he's just given a paycheck n he gets an executive producer credit though he didn't do anything for the project, or if he helps to finance and oversee development or that he intrinsically provides creative consulting considering g he's Alien's co creator with Dan OBannon, Ron Shusett and producers David Giler, Gordon Carroll and Walter Hill.

    I'm sure somebody has guessed this on the forums already that due to the number of times composer Roque Baños has collaborated with Feds Alvarez it's rather likely he'll due the score for Alien Romulus. Also I predict that composer Jeff Russo who collaborates frequently with Noah Hawley on projects that he's very like to provide music for Alien's tv series, though this is a wild guess, we'll wait and see.
  8. BlueMarsalis79
    QuoteA few years ago, you told me, "What I've found with the franchise stuff, which I've flirted with, is that people don't have a good sense of humor about that stuff the way they do when there is less money involved. So, I'm trying to figure out, is it worth pushing that rock up the hill." Where did you net out?

    I've been at FX for a decade now, and worked with John Landgraf for years before that, so everything I said in that interview is true with the caveat that when you find the right partner and they ask, "Do you want to do Alien?" — which is a hugely valuable franchise to this company — it's, "Do you want to do your version of Alien?" It's a very different conversation. What I found with Star Trek was I got onto the runway and then there was a managerial changeover. In retrospect, it's not that they killed the movie. It's that I got as far as I did with a wholly original idea, until someone said, "Well, wait a minute, what are we even doing with this valuable IP? Just giving it to him to make up a story? That's not how corporate filmmaking works." So, if the call came in to do a big franchise film again, it would have to come with a sense of, "We want you to do your version of it."

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