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Alien: Romulus is “Very, Very, Very Different” According to Actor David Jonsson

As we continue to wait for the first official teaser trailer or publicity stills of Alien: Romulus, the actors have started to open up about the film. Isabela Merced recently talked about a “disgusting” scene that had her co-stars looking away. Now, in a new interview with MovieWeb, actor David Jonsson has described Fede Alvarez’s upcoming film as “very, very, very different.”

“I mean, I’m not too sure what I can say just yet, but I know that… I know that it’s very, very, very different. I think Alien was slightly before my generation, in terms of its depth and its impact at the time, but you know, we have such an incredible spin on it. And we had Fede Álvarez as our director, Ridley Scott producing it. It was incredible to work with those people, and opposite Cailee Spaeny, who is just a brilliant actress. I think it’s going to be cool. I’m very excited.”

"We have such an incredible spin on it" describes Alien: Romulus actor David Jonsson.  Alien: Romulus is "Very, Very, Very Different" According to Actor David Jonsson

“We have such an incredible spin on it” describes Alien: Romulus actor David Jonsson.

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    I'd imagine the marketing would want to piece together something vague and creepy that will get audiences cautious, if too much of the plot or good moments are spoiled in the trailer it will either discourage some from seeing the movie whereas for others they'll be motivated to having the go see the film for the moments in full context. Concerned that whatever they piece together isn't underwhelming but also that it doesn't give away too much.
    Hmm it's a tad irritating having to wait but that builds up anticipation, some brief  tease that vaguely gives you an impression of the movie, curious for what they have in store for Alien Day.

    Would it be out of the question to do a retrospective a look back to the teaser brief glimpses of the previous films

    The first Alien had a really effective teaser with the barren terrane and a single egg which scrawls as it hatches and a flashes of snips from the movie Ending with the line "In space ... no one can hear you scream".

    The other teasers had good novelties, Aliens's with brief flashes then the line "This time it's war".

    The misleading Alien³ teaser with an egg floating over earth and the line "On Earth... everything can hear you scream".

    Alien Resurrection's Twinkle Little Star worth brief flashes and the line Witness the Resurrection.

    AVP's silhouette of the monsters then the line Whoever wins...we loose.

    AVP Requiem had a teaser which brief glimpses  of the movie with the red band trailer revelling in the gore.

    Prometheus's vague glimpses that makes use of the original Alien teaser siren and the Alien "The search for our beginning could lead to our end".
    Alien Covenant's teaser giving a glimpse at the back burster in medbay, use of a song Nature Boy sung by Aurora,
    various glimpses and ending with the shower kill.

    Neat to look back at what's come before, the excitement, the speculations, the letdowns, the expectations met, the effectiveness of promotion and viral marketing overall enthusiasm as fans what they have in store.
  3. MikeC83
    Sooo has anyone seen the possible test screening leaks that have come out? Taking it with a pinch of salt, but they sound really promising. Also speculation that the trailer will drop this month. I thought it would be on Alien Day, but I really hope it's much sooner.
  4. Nightmare Asylum
    I wouldn't really say the TV series is "less connected" to the prequel material so much as I would say that it is very consciously retconning what certain elements of those movies mean. This isn't a case of wiping movies out of continuity (like what the prequels did to the AVP movies) so much as it is a case of redefining what elements in previous films mean (like what the prequels did to the Space Jockey in Alien).

    Like SiL said, there isn't really a bible for the production side of things. Steve Asbell (who oversees film production for 20th Century Studios) doesn't even have any official overlap with the studio's television side (though he did say that they chat about certain things).
    @Nightmare Asylum what I meant was do the studios, the show runners, executives have notes and files and creative book not for public but for writers room, I'd imagine they enquire Ridley to consult depends on the project, something that's covering the Making of and the Alien Mythology series and oversee the process making sure its meets their expectations and that nothing clash with cannon, perhaps they've bent that rules with the upcoming Tv series being less connected to the Prequel material.
  6. Nightmare Asylum
    Quote from: Ingwar on Mar 09, 2024, 10:27:33 PMIs it? Never heard anything about it.

    It's been delayed a million times, but (so far) is on track for late this year now. We have a thread for it here.

    Quote from: DaveT937 on Mar 09, 2024, 10:30:40 PM
    Quote from: Nightmare Asylum on Mar 09, 2024, 10:08:11 PMThere's an encyclopedia coming later this year that's going to cover the six currently released films.
    And most likely the 7th, given the delays and it's releasing after Romulus is out...

    Not sure what has caused all of the delays, but it has been confirmed by some folks in the know here that the delays are not to accommodate Romulus and that the film will not be accounted for in the book.
    This may be odd to ponder is there a log a creative bible of the Alien Franchise surveying the six movies soon to be seven (AvP cross overs are a separate matter treated as a What If) the comics, novels, games and gradings what is and isn't cannon and which aspects of continuity they wish to maintain and how currently the focus of the franchise has steered away (as far as films are concerned) from the post AlienS, Alien³ and Resurrection Ripley/Ripley8 sequel era and now perhaps distancing itself from the Prequels, though I'd be fine if there's an Easter egg to Prometheus stuff in AlienRomulus, is there some guide a movie bible over seeing the series and what is the studios interest In exploring?
  8. Random
    Not saying I like the Idea but my gut tells me it might revolve around the Xenomorph that came out of the Engineer's chest in Alien. With Davids mutations I don't think it would look anything like the Xeno that came out if the Engineer in Prometheus. But obviously would look a bit different from the tradition Xeno, which could be a pretty big negative. Per what I have read the film is to pick up right after the 1st film. Obviously, this particular Xeno "popped up/out" prior to the original film. It could have been the day prior or 100 years. But the big SOB could have been lurking around the same time they originally found the eggs.
  9. Still Collating...
    Quote from: Mike's Monsters on Mar 05, 2024, 11:11:23 PM
    Quote from: Local Trouble on Mar 05, 2024, 11:01:49 PMIntense wokeness has been radiating from Mike ever since he screened Romulus.  Coincidence? >:(

    It's been bursting out of my butthole ever since...

    The butthole has aWOKEn... :laugh:

    Quote from: Nightmare Asylum on Mar 05, 2024, 10:49:39 PMDune: Part Two has gone woke, can't believe what used to be a nice woke-free franchise is critiquing fascism now. No wonder why it's bombing! >:(

    Criticizing religious fundamentalism and traditional values while having prominent women save the "chosen one's" life and manipulate the whole of the human species for millennia. Things are really getting out of hand I must say....... :P 
  10. Mike’s Monsters
    Funny story about Herbert.

    My Grandpa was a pilot in WWII and then after flew planes around in Alaska. He had a job where he would fly people in by seaplane to land on lakes or rivers and drop people off to go fly fishing for salmon. He often flew Herbert, which led to them building a friendship. One day he brought Frank over to the house to have cigars and some drinks, the only time he ever came over. My grandpa told my dad, who was in late elementary or jr. high school age, to come hang out with them, but my dad had a slight cold and just stayed in bed.

    Later on my dad rises from his nap to find my grandpa saying how surprised he was that my dad didn't want to come out and meet his favorite author, Frank Herbert, who had been sitting in his living room for hours.
  11. Nightmare Asylum
    Quote from: SiL on Mar 05, 2024, 11:11:55 PM
    Quote from: Nightmare Asylum on Mar 05, 2024, 10:49:39 PMDune: Part Two has gone woke, can't believe what used to be a nice woke-free franchise is critiquing fascism now. No wonder why it's bombing! >:(
    Next you'll tell me they're making Paul's supposed godhood a bad thing???

    Frank Herbert better not go and write a super depressing sequel novel doubling down on that notion because he was frustrated that people somehow missed the point the first time around!

    And Denis better not be planning to adapt that sequel, either. >:(
  12. Mike’s Monsters
    I don't recall seeing any woke things that people tend to call out in movies these days when I watched it. And I hate the woke arguments, I think they're silly. This movie doesn't do any of what people are worried about with that stuff.

    There's definitely no pizza delivery boys swimming with girls who think about clocks a lot in this one.
  13. razeak
    Bro.....this isn't going to end well.

    Also.......I really hope he doesn't mean teen slasher..we got that with AVPR.

    The originals were woke in a non preachy way, which is good and the best way. They just showed a person go through some tough shit and develop during the course of the film. Just write movies like that.  Then just put whatever type of person they want in the role and it will sell itself just fine.
  14. [cancerblack]
    Quote from: 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔈𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔥 𝔓𝔞𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔯 on Mar 05, 2024, 03:43:18 PM
    Quote from: [cancerblack] on Mar 01, 2024, 10:33:32 PMSurely some sort of word filter (automatically replacing "woke" with "FUN!" or "based" for example) is easily doable on the site.

    I fun up with a headache this morning.

    Nah, these word filters are a disaster

    This is a feature, not a bug. Maybe you just hate things that are FUN!.
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