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Alien: Romulus is “Very, Very, Very Different” According to Actor David Jonsson

As we continue to wait for the first official teaser trailer or publicity stills of Alien: Romulus, the actors have started to open up about the film. Isabela Merced recently talked about a "disgusting" scene that had her co-stars looking away. Now, in a new interview with MovieWeb, actor David Jonsson has described Fede Alvarez's upcoming ... [Read More]

James Cameron’s Aliens Announced for 4K Blu-Ray!

After having been rumoured for many years, James Cameron's Aliens is finally coming to 4K Blu-Ray! Lightstorm Entertainment have announced that Aliens Ultimate Collector's Edition will be released digitally on December 12th while the physical releases will be out next year on March 12, 2024. Aliens is just one of a few James Cameron classics that will be ... [Read More]

Updated: The Alien & Ellen Ripley Come to Dead by Daylight on August 29th!

As promised by the Killer Power Hidden Pursuit A series of tunnels become available on the map when the Xenomorph is in play. By accessing a Control Station, it can enter these tunnels to quickly move around the map, detect the presence of nearby Survivors, and speed up the cooldown time of its Runner Mode ability. Exiting a Control Station tags nearby ... [Read More]

It’s Official! Alien Chapter Announced For Dead By Daylight!

After much rumour, speculation and hoping, it's now official - The Alien is joining the Dead by Daylight roster! A teaser trailer has been uploaded to YouTube (check it out below), showing us some gorgeous Nostromo scenery and a brief shot of the Alien emerging from smoke. It appears we'll be getting further information on the 8th. The suffocating silence of ... [Read More]

Updated: Aliens: Dark Descent Is Out Now! (Review Roundup)

The tactical squad-based shooter Aliens: Dark Descent has now been released! You can now play the anticipated Aliens shooter on PC, PS4, PS5 and X-Box One/X/Series X. In Aliens: Dark Descent, you can command a squad of hardened Colonial Marines to stop a terrifying Xenomorph outbreak on Moon Lethe. Lead your soldiers in real-time combat against iconic Xenomorphs, rogue operatives from the ... [Read More]

“She Is Our Bridge To A Better Humanity” – Aliens: Dark Descent Story Trailer Released!

Like the Aliens attacking the Operations Center, the countdown to Aliens: Dark Descent draws closer and closer! With less than a week left to go before we're dropping down on planet Lethe, Focus Entertainment has released a new story trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy6hrrAsJkU Aliens: Dark Descent releases in just 5 days on the 20th of June. If you haven’t already ... [Read More]

Aliens: Dark Descent’s Enemy Type and Squad Class Descriptions

Following yesterday's release of another and lengthier Facehuggers:When an Egg detects a suitable host, the facehugger it contains comes to life. This spider-like, parasitoid form of the Xenomorph exists solely to implant a Chestburster within a living creature. Guardians:Guardians are the elite of the Darwin Era, not only in a combat sense but in a cultural one as well. These fanatics ... [Read More]

Aliens: Dark Descent Gameplay Overview Trailer Released!

With just under a month left until Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive's Aliens: Dark Descent is due to release, a new gameplay overview trailer has just been released! The new narrated trailer gives us a nice detailed look at Aliens: Dark Descent's gameplay and management systems, as well as plenty of new cut scene footage. We're happy to reveal a new ... [Read More]

Alien³ Teaser Trailer Egg is on Display at the Smithsonian, Originally Thought to be from Different Film

Currently on display at a Smithsonian museum in Washington DC is a giant Alien egg from the Alien series. Rather than a fleshy, petaled Xenomorph egg we're used to seeing in the franchise, this prop is a hard-shelled representation, almost evoking the feeling of a moon. The egg was originally donated to the museum from 20th Century Studios (20th Century Fox ... [Read More]
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