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“Doesn’t Everyone Want Their Parents Dead?” Prometheus 10th Anniversary Retrospective – AvP Galaxy Podcast #147

We have just uploaded the 147th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! Corporal Hicks, RidgeTop and Xenomorphine are joined once against by Omegamorph to revisit Sir Ridley Scott’s immensely divisive return to the world of science-fiction and Alien, Prometheus, for its 10th anniversary. We discuss if our opinions have changed since we first ... [Read More]

Jon Spaihts Talks About His Alien: Engineers Prometheus Script

Writer Jon Spaihts has given a rare interview with the ScriptApart podcast about his work on 2012’s Prometheus. Spaihts most recently co-wrote 2021’s Dune which was very well-received but also re-wrote 2016’s Doctor Strange. He was the sole writer, however, on 2016’s Passengers  – the sci-fi romance starring Jennifer Lawrence. Jon Spaihts was the original writer of Prometheus ... [Read More]

The Deacon – New Weyland-Yutani Debrief Entry

First featured in Prometheus, the Deacon served as an epilogue for the film to make its connection to the Alien series even more concrete than just featuring the Engineers. The Deacon’s first appearance has so far been its only appearance and as such mankind has never knowingly encountered the creature. With no in-universe name, it is known only by the nickname ... [Read More]

Ridley Scott Explains Why The Engineers Wanted To Kill Mankind & David’s Motives

The Empire Podcast has released a new episode focusing on Alien: Covenant. As well as discussing the film, the Spoiler Special episode also includes an interview with Sir Ridley Scott recorded during Alien: Covenant’s press rounds. Scott talks a lot about Alien, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, re-iterating a lot of points that he has previously spoken about (including some ... [Read More]

Ridley Scott Admits He Was “Wrong” About Prometheus & Talks About Future Alien Films

With Alien: Covenant due out any soon, more information from the press rounds is pouring out. Yahoo Movies also asked Scott about the future of the Alien series. He re-affirmed that Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 had ceased movement, shot down hopes of any revitalised interest in a new Alien vs. Predator film and took a  couple of more months off his ... [Read More]

Prometheus (And Other Tangents) – AvPGalaxy Podcast #49

We have just uploaded the 49th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download) and it’s the one I’ve been dreading! Our latest episode (recorded in April) sees RidgeTop and myself joined by special guest star Andrew E. C. Gaska discussing the highs and lows of Prometheus with several other assorted tangents. We discuss ... [Read More]

Carlos Huante Talks Alien: Covenant Concept Work

Carlos Huante talks Alien: Covenant concept work. Carlos Huante is one of the many talented concept artists who worked on Prometheus. He recently updated his Instagram page with numerous Prometheus concepts (including several new pieces). One of the things that fans have noticed is that the creatures from Alien: Covenant seem to share similarities with unused designs from Prometheus. The ... [Read More]

Janty Yates Talks Alien: Covenant & Prometheus Costume Design

Janty Yates talks Alien: Covenant & Prometheus costume design in a new interview with Collider. Janty Yates is a long time collaborator of Ridley Scott and worked alongside Ridley Scott for his 2012 return to the world of Alien and science-fiction with Prometheus. She also worked with him again in this year’s immensely successful The Martian and ... [Read More]

Lance Henriksen shares his thoughts on Aliens & Prometheus

Legendary actor Lance Henriksen has done a recent interview with Youtube celebrity Comic Book Girl 19 where he discusses his career highlights including his time on James Cameron’s Aliens and shares his thoughts on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Like the rest of us, he left the cinema feeling pretty confused about the whole thing. He praises Noomi Rapace’s performance but he was pretty disappointed ... [Read More]
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