AvP Multiplayer Game Modes

Posted by Corporal Hicks on March 21, 2010 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

Like the previous Aliens vs Predator game and any other game with a multiplayer component, AvP has various multiplayer modes for gamers to indulge themselves in. There are also various leaderboards where you can check your stats against other gamers to see how you’re faring. Below you will find a list of the multiplayer modes.

Deathmatch/Species Deathmatch/Mixed Species Deathmatch

A staple of the online gaming, there are three variations of deathmatch featured in Aliens vs Predator. There is the standard free-for-all deathmatch mode where no species allegiances matter. You’re on your own here and it’s every man/extra-terrestrial for themselves. Species Deathmatch is basically team deathmatch. The players are separated into three teams based on the three species and pit against each other. Mixed Species Deathmatch is just what the name implies. There are two teams considering each of the three different species. It adds an unusual element to the game due to the three different styles working together.

All three modes are based around the usual deathmatch conditions. You or your team either achieve the frag limit to end the game, or the game ends after a certain time and the team with the most kills is the victor.

 AvP Multiplayer Game Modes


Domination is based very loosely on a capture the flag kind of mechanic. You play as either marines or Aliens. The objective is simple: To take and defend as many “Control Points” that are scattered throughout the level. You accumulate points based on the amount of Control Points you have and how long you keep them. The victor is the one who reaches the score limit or the team with the most points when the time runs out.

 AvP Multiplayer Game Modes


Infestation is a very similar mode to Survivor from Alien vs Predator 2. Every player begins the match as a marine. One player is selected at random to become an Alien. That Alien then has to hunt down and kill the marine players. When a marine dies, he becomes an Alien. The game ends when everyone has been killed and turned into one of the Alien hive. For the marines it is key to stick together, to have all 360 degrees covered. As an Alien, you must stick to the shadows and use the heights to your advantage. It may be hard at first but once you kill one or two marines, the rest will fall.

 AvP Multiplayer Game Modes

Predator Hunt

Like in Infestation, all the players start out as marines with one randomly selected to be the Predator. As a Predator, you have a time limit in which to kill as many marines as possible. For each kill you make as a Predator, your score increases and as does your time limit. As you the marine, your job is to kill the Predator. The only way you can become the Predator is if you kill it or the time limit runs out and another player is selected at random to be the Predator. At the end of the match, the player who scored the most points as a Predator wins.


Survivor is an online skirmish mode. With up to four players, you play as marines against never ending waves of AI controlled Aliens. As you defeat each wave, the next wave throws more Aliens at you, eventually, you will face off against different and stronger variants of the Alien. The weapons on each map are limited, as is the space you have to escape the swarms. It’s an enjoyable mode on your own but far superior with your friends. With only one life each, the game ends only when all marine players have been killed.

 AvP Multiplayer Game Modes

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