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Posted by Darkness on February 16, 2010 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

This page covers all the alien abilities and attacks in 2010’s Aliens vs. Predator game.

Claws (Light Attack)
Your Light Attack uses your claws to quickly slash at your enemy. It also is used to interrupt opponents who are about to perform a Heavy Attack on you. Blocking can also be used to block another player’s Light Attack from hurting you.

Claws AvP Alien Abilities

Tail (Heavy Attack)
Heavy Attack uses your tail to strike your enemy. It’s slower than the Light Attack but it does a lot more damage. It also stuns your opponent so you could finish them off with a few Light Attacks or attempt a Trophy Kill. Your tail can reach surprisingly far so a good way to use it from the ceiling. You also tend to do Tail attacks faster when you’re on the ceiling or on a wall too. You can also break through an opponent’s block with your Tail whereas you can’t with your Claws. In some multiplayer levels, you will be able to destroy lights with your Tail which will help keep you hidden.

Tail AvP Alien Abilities

Aliens have the ability to crawl on ceilings and walls to reach places where Marines and Predators can’t go. It’s a great ability to use if you want to sneak up on your prey. If you have Auto-Transition turned on, Aliens are set to crawl on anything but you can use the Transition button to drop off a wall or a ceiling back onto the ground or vice versa.

Crawling AvP Alien Abilities

Sprinting doubles your speed for a short duration. The Alien generally moves at 14m/s but it can sprint up to 28.47m/s. In singleplayer it can sprint for 3 seconds with a one-second cool down between each sprint. In multiplayer it moves at the same speed, however the duration of the sprint is 4 seconds. Use the speed to your advantage. Aliens move much faster than Marines and Predators so you’d be able to attack one of them before they even realised what was going on. Beware that you can’t perform Stealth Kills when you’re sprinting. You’ll have to stop and then perform it.

Sprinting AvP Alien Abilities

Players have the ability to jump great distances. Look where you want to jump and when the cross-hair on the screen gets a little bigger, you will be able to jump to that location. It’s a pretty useful ability for making a quick getaway.

Jumping AvP Alien Abilities

Pounce Attack
You can pounce towards enemies by entering focus mode to lock on to a target. Press Light Attack and you will leap towards the target stunning them. Finish them off with some more Light Attacks or try and get a Trophy Kill.

Pounce Attack AvP Alien Abilities


Stealth and Trophy Kills
Stealth and Trophy kills are attacks that instantly kill the other player. Stealth Kills are easier to perform than Trophy Kills. They just involve sneaking up behind an enemy and performing the action. It’s an instant kill and the enemy can’t escape from it. Remember you can’t use Stealth Kills when you’re sprinting. Trophy Kills are performed from the front in combat. Prompts for these will appear when you’ve stunned your opponent. You can stun an opponent by using a Counter Attack, Heavy Attack or Pounce Attack. It’s possible to prevent an enemy from performing a Trophy Kill on you if you block at the right time, providing you have enough health. Beware when performing Stealth or Trophy Kills because you’re left vulnerable to Stealth Kills from behind yourself.

Stealth and Trophy Kills AvP Alien Abilities

You only have one type of vision but enemies are highlighted clearly. In multiplayer, Marines have a blue outline around them while Predators have a red outline. You can still see cloaked Predators but only if they’re within a certain range. Other Aliens have a dark yellow outline. In the singleplayer campaign, Marines and Predators are red, Combat Synthetics are blue and Civilians are green. The other big advantage of your vision is Aliens can see through walls. If there are any enemies nearby, you’ll be able to see their outlines through the walls. Use this to your advantage and this will help you plan your attacks effectively. Remember that other Aliens have this advantage too. If you can see them through a wall, they’ll be able to see you too.

Vision Modes AvP Alien Abilities

You can harvest civilians in the singleplayer campaign. It’s similar to a Stealth Kill. You basically just hold a civilian down while a Facehugger jumps onto them. You don’t get anything special game-wise for doing this but you will get an Achievement / Trophy if you harvest every civilian you see.

Harvest AvP Alien Abilities

Aliens automatically regenerate their health when they aren’t being attacked. If you get drawn into battle, don’t be afraid to retreat to a safe place to regenerate and find a different strategy.

You can basically make a hissing sound. This might be useful to lure enemies to your location and take them down. Or if it’s a team game, you could Hiss from one location and have a team-mate come around behind the unsuspecting enemy.

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