Bughunt Map Pack Review

Posted by Corporal Hicks on August 22, 2010 (Updated: 06-Oct-2023)

It’s been over 4 months since Sega released the Swarm Map Pack for Aliens vs. Predator. As good as those levels were, it’s been an extremely long wait for more. Sega recently released another 4 map DLC pack entitled Bughunt. Like the previous pack, it retails for about £5 on X-Box Live, Playstation Network and Steam. It contains 2 Survivor maps and 2 multiplayer maps. And it’s flipping awesome!


I love Survivor. It’s one of my favourite modes but unfortunately, it has hardly any map variety. The release of Bughunt gives us another 2 maps taking the total up to 6 which is a good start but it’s still not enough. But if the quality of the maps continues to be this fantastic, I’m going to be a very happy man. Tempest is fantastic. If you’re a Survivor fan, this map is worth the £5 alone.

The map is set in a barricaded section on the outside of the colony and it’s in the middle of a storm. The weather effects are simply amazing. Imagine being in the middle of an intense skirmish with aliens. Your marine buddies are nearby but the weather starts to worsen, your visibility decreases and all you can see is a dark shape rushing towards you. Lightning flashes and you catch sight of an Alien running across the roofing above you. It’s exactly like that. It’s amazing!

 Bughunt Map Pack Review

Weapons wise we have the Pulse Rifle and shotguns spread throughout the map as well as more than enough stimpacks. They’re all easy to find. As the waves increase and more aliens come, how frequent the ammo spawns decreases. You have to start being smart the longer you play because sooner or later it’ll be down to you and your pistol.

It’s such a simple map made brilliant by these weather effects. It changes the playing field and makes things interesting. The aliens have plenty of high sections around the colony buildings they can use and plenty of shadows to ensure they can get behind you. I cannot stress just how amazing this map is. I’ve had some fantastic experiences on this map. It’s perfect for just 1 player, it’s perfect for 4 players. If you enjoy Survivor, buy Bughunt for Tempest!


Monument is a huge map set amongst some Predator ruins. It uses much of the same style seen in the ruin multiplayer maps or Mausoleum. It is definitely one of those maps you want to play with at least 2 players. It’s full of high walls, dark ceilings and a huge statue in the middle of the map that the aliens love to use as cover.

The large size of the map ensures your team has enough room to move and to avoid each other’s fire. It also allows you to flank aliens attacking your teammates allowing for better team play.

Monument Aliens Colonial Marines Bughunt Bughunt Map Pack Review

One thing I did find in Monument was that when you had a low number of aliens, they would try and avoid you. They’d be trying to circle around you from the shadows or use their acid spit attack. Having a full team allows you to spread out and ensure that you’ve got all corners covered and they can’t keep escaping. There is an abundance of ammo spread throughout the level, you’ve just have to find it. It’s all hidden in small hideaways around the outside of the map.

It’s not my favourite Survivor map but it’s still a great map. Plenty of ammo and plenty of space for your 4 player team.


Furious is set within a furnace-type facility and is an obvious reference to Alien 3. It’s very industrial in style with corridors and levels focused around a central furnace vent. This map is definitely very Alien in style and I’m a big fan of it due to that reason. One of my original complaints was that too many of the maps were focused around Predators and so I welcome an Alien style one with open arms.

Furious Aliens Colonial Marines Bughunt Bughunt Map Pack Review

The map is filled with long corridors, a huge open area around the furnace and high vantage points, catering to every species. The Aliens have the high ceilings and many walk-ways they can manoeuvre on, the Predators can easily get around the map, maintaining a brilliant vantage point and the more confined areas offer narrow fields of fire for the marines. I especially loved the little Hived up section.

I absolutely love this level. It is easily my favorite Multiplayer level. It’s the perfect size and I can never turn down an industrial level like this.


Crashsite is located within the jungles of BG-386 . As the name implies the map is home to a crashed dropship. Nearby are numerous tunnels, caves and a few Predator ruins scattered about. The level boasts some lovely visual effects, in particular the flaming dropship and the way the light dances off the river in the level. It looks great.

Crashsite is huge! And I mean huge! You need at least 8 players to get the most of this level. It’s perfect for Infestation and Predator Hunt but it will work fantastically with all game modes as long as there is enough people which is certainly a drawback to the size of the level.

Crashsite Aliens Colonial Marines Bughunt Bughunt Map Pack Review

The darkness and high walls offer some fantastic cover for the Aliens. There are multi-layered tunnels and rocks, giving the Predator the option to use his focus jump. And the marine…well, get ready to stick together because you’re gonna make a mess of your undies if you’re alone.

It’s certainly miles above Outpost in quality and fun.


I think Bug Hunt is an amazing map pack. I simply cannot get over the amazing quality of the maps in this pack. Tempest is amazing and I hope to see weather effects like that in future releases. If you want to support this game and have a helluva time doing it too, I wholeheartedly recommend spending that meagre £5 to get this pack.

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