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Alien: Blackout Adds “Survive” Game Mode

Alien gamers are certainly no strangers to being introduced to even more difficult game modes. Rebellion’s Aliens vs. Predator Classic and 2010 both had a Nightmare mode in which if you were killed, you would have to restart the level. Alien: Isolation also introduced its own Nightmare mode which brought a more aggressive Alien, limited resources and a malfunctioning motion tracker! Following ... [Read More]

AvP Galaxy Interviews JD Sorvari, the Lead Writer and Narrative Designer for Alien: Blackout!

Site Updates If you’ve been checking out our recent content, you may have had some indication that we rather enjoy Alien: Blackout here at Alien vs. Predator Galaxy. So when the people who worked on the game started to come out of their chambers of secrecy I jumped at the chance to chat to JD Sorvari, the Lead Writer and Narrative Designer ... [Read More]

Alien: Blackout Review – AvP Galaxy Podcast #80

We have just uploaded the 80th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! The latest episode of the podcast sees RidgeTop, Xenomorphine and I get together to talk about the brand spanking new Alien game, Alien: Blackout! Three enthusiasts (you’ll get it when you listen!) get together to discuss the initial reactions to Blackout’s ... [Read More]

Alien: Blackout Publishers Talks Working With Rival Games, Backlash and Alien AI

Game Revolution have published an interview with Senior Producer Josh Austin and Head of Communications Michael Cerven from Alien: Blackout’s publisher, D3 Go, in which the duo discuss the inspiration for Alien: Blackout, how D3 Go and Rival Games came together, the Alien’s AI and about the backlash to Blackout’s announcement. Josh Austin discussed how Fox brought the ... [Read More]

If Alien: Blackout Came To Consoles, It’d Probably Come To The Nintendo Switch First

In a new article from Dual Shockers (via Den of Geek) FoxNext Games’ Vice President TQ Jefferson was asked about the possibility of taking Alien: Blackout from the portable screen and onto a console, specifically the Nintendo Switch. “I think Switch is a good one to bring up and we’ve certainly seen many games ... [Read More]

Updated: Alien: Blackout First Impressions Are In & They’re Pretty Good!

Following a somewhat disastrous announcement, several outlets have posted up early impressions of the upcoming game and they’re pretty positive! VentureBeat in particular was really keen on Alien: Blackout! And in the case of Alien Blackout, developers Rival Games and Theory Interactive and publishers FoxNext/D3 Go! are about to remind us that the platform doesn’t dictate the quality ... [Read More]
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