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Alien: Blackout Reviews Round-Up

Now that Alien: Blackout has been out for a few days now, I just wanted to get a summary post up of some of the reviews that have come in for the game. Reception to Alien: Blackout from review outlets has largely been positive/mixed.

Many have praised Alien: Blackout for it’s sound design and its graphics, with particular emphasise on the visual continuity with Alien and Alien: Isolation, as well as it’s ability to create that “Alien” feeling on the mobile platform.

The game is also being criticised for its short length and repetitive game-play. The topic of it’s difficulty is also being brought up but that seems to divisive matter with some loving it and some disliking it. As of writing, Alien: Blackout currently sits at 72 on Metacritic.

 Alien: Blackout Reviews Round-Up




Despite the initial negative response to Alien: Blackout’s announcement, player feedback has also been largely positive. Alien: Blackout currently has a rating of 4.5/5 on the Apple Store and 4/5 on the Google Play store.

We’ll have our own review up over the next week or so, as well as a podcast episode devoted to Alien: Blackout. So make sure you keep an eye on AvP Galaxy for those!

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  1. Corporal Hicks

    QuoteAll elements of Alien: Blackout conspire to create a slick-looking, tense experience that stands as one of the best mobile game tie-ins I've ever played. The replay value is low on this one, and it isn't exactly a game you'll obsess over and get sucked in for days and days (you can probably beat it in the amount of time it takes to watch any of the Alien movies). The Five Nights at Freddy's comparison is unavoidable, but it's arguable that Blackout pulls off the security-cam horror gimmick more effectively. For the price, it's hard to complain about a game so polished and fun.
  2. Corporal Hicks
    QuoteAlien: Blackout successfully follows the Five Nights at Freddy's formula with an authentic Alien style, complete with surprisingly well-done voice acting and xenomorph animations when things go wrong. However, once you've learned the ropes and figured out how to exploit the alien's AI it becomes much less interesting, and there's no reason to revisit it.

    QuoteAlien: Blackout is a cleverly crafted piece of work that shapes itself around the limitations of its mobile canvas, and then it takes ownership of its boundaries with uncanny confidence. As a total package, it is miles ahead of anything a straight Alien: Isolation mobile port would've been, and it is a strong enough concept to stand on its own as a separate game series.

    So much so that I was left wanting more, which is one of the few negative things you want being said about a game. There's a blip in the pacing towards the end, and it could help to have adjustable difficulty, but these are minor things. Alien: Blackout is an amazing hour or two of horror-puzzle entertainment. Grab a pair of headphones, cozy up in a dark corner somewhere, and toss five bucks at this game already.

    Alien: Blackout review — This is how you do a mobile spinoff
  3. SoggyDonutLV426
    I agree with both the positive and the mixed reviews, but the negative review seems a little ridiculous to me. I never felt so detached from the game that I could simply "drum my fingers" as I wait for a character to get to the next location. I'm too busy clicking through camera feeds and making plans for how I can corral the alien in a certain part of the map. Much like Isolation, this game will be more appreciated by fans of the franchise. That's natural. The only real frustration I have with the game is that I can't ever figure out which side the alien is entering into Ripley's vent, so I end up closing the wrong vent half the time. Maybe I just suck at these types of games (never played FNAF), lol, but it seems a bit random, and I don't like dying over and over again without being given a chance to learn or improve because of those deaths. If there are audio cues alerting me about which vent it's coming through, I'm not hearing them.
  4. Hudson
    I really enjoyed this one, because while the conventions of this guy's interviews involve him regularly flying off the handle, his reviews of other Alien games have indicated he's a loyal and dedicated fan of the franchise and I find his opinions sincere. Although the part where his iPad dies makes no sense to me. Can't he just plug it in...?
  5. Corporal Hicks

    QuoteIn Short: Shallow and repetitive it might be, but this new mobile game can prove surprisingly tense and recreates the atmosphere of the first film very well.

    Pros: Great graphics and voiceovers, that demonstrate a clear understanding of the original film's appeal. The tactical options may be limited but they knit together well and can be genuinely scary.

    Cons: Slow-paced, shallow, and repetitive gameplay will barely hold your attention till the end. Too expensive, with little replay value.

    Score: 6/10
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