Aliens Deleted Scenes

Posted by Darkness on December 25, 2013 (Updated: 14-Dec-2020)

Other Deleted Scenes

A.P.C. Attack 
As the marines in the A.P.C. hurry to put out the fire caused by Drake’s Flamethrower, Gorman backs away from the door against a hatch. Something lands on the roof of the A.P.C. and the hatch is ripped away. Gorman is pulled outside up to his waist and he kicks his legs in terror. The Alien that grabbed him buries its stinger into his shoulder and Hicks runs to the turret controls. A turret cannon turns toward the Alien and blasts it. Gorman, now unconscious, is pulled back inside. This scene was in the script, but it doesn’t appear that it was filmed.

Reebok Sneakers
Ripley puts on her Reebok sneakers after she sees the opened stasis cylinders. This scene reportedly showed on the opening day of the film in theaters, but it isn’t in the script or any version of the film released.

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  1. I just noticed that that in the opening scene on the Sulaco. As the list of names runs down a computer screen, Hudson’s name does not appear. It is possible that his name appears at the end of the list and can’t be seen because the shot fades prior. However, this is unlikely as the list is in order of command authority with Gorman, Apone and Hicks listed first and non military, Carter and Ripley listed last. Lended weight to the idea that the entire list can be seen. Here’s a theory, Hudson’s name may not appear because he might have been a last minute addition. He mentions later that he had four more weeks left in the corps. This also might explain why the squads are uneven, 4 and 5. Doesn’t really make sense though, unless Hudson’s computer skills are more valuable than made apparent in the film.

  2. Noticed something very weird today. While watching the Aliens SE on laserdisc I saw the
    “Entering the Colony” scene where Gorman, Burke and Ripley are greeted by Frost and Hicks at the door. I was doing a PQ comparison with the Blu Ray and to my surprise this scene is omitted.
    I would have swore this scene was on the Blu Ray. I used to have the SE on DVD and I’m all but positive it’s on that disc as well.
    Why was this scene omitted from the Blu Ray? It’s one of those things I would have sworn that was on the Blu Ray if I hadn’t just seen it. Again, weird.

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