Aliens Deleted Scenes

Posted by Darkness on December 25, 2013 (Updated: 14-Dec-2020)

Alien Anthology Aliens Deleted Scenes

A few Aliens deleted scenes were featured on the Alien Anthology Blu-Ray release. These scenes weren’t in the Theatrical cut or the Special Edition cut.

Ripley’s Daughter
There’s some slight extra dialogue at the end of the scene where Burke tells Ripley about her daughter. Burke says: “There are some promises you just can’t keep” and the scene ends there.

Burke Aliens Deleted Scenes

When the marines are awakening from their cryo sleep, there is a shot of Spunkmeyer who says: “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

Spunkmeyer Aliens Deleted Scenes

Burke in the APC
When Burke and Ripley are in the APC, Burke is watching Drake’s monitor when Drake finds a messy desk. Burke says: “Looks like my room in college.”.

Burke Aliens Deleted Scenes

When group first encounters Newt, Drake says: “Let her go man who cares.”

Drake Aliens Deleted Scenes

Ripley and Newt
When Ripley is cleaning Newt’s face, there is some additional dialogue. Ripley says: “It’s all right with me. Most people talk a lot, and they wind up not saying anything at all.”.

Newt Aliens Deleted Scenes

Newt Escapes
Following on from this, Newt tries to escape again by crawling under the desk. She is stopped by Hicks.

Newt Aliens Deleted Scenes

When Ripley and the group are discussing how to get the other Dropshop down from the Sulaco, you can hear aliens banging on the doors. Vasquez notices that they’ve stopped when Hicks says: “They’re in the complex.”

Vasquez Aliens Deleted Scenes

Ripley and Hicks
During the scene where Hicks asks how long it was since Ripley got any sleep. Ripley says: “They’ll get us.” and Hicks replies: “Maybe…and maybe not.”

Hicks Aliens Deleted Scenes

Burke Cocooned
This is the most well-known Aliens deleted scene. While searching for Newt in the alien g, Ripley finds Burke cocooned. He knows an alien is inside of him and asks Ripley for help. She hands him a grenade and she continues on.

Burke Cocooned Aliens Deleted Scenes

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  1. I just noticed that that in the opening scene on the Sulaco. As the list of names runs down a computer screen, Hudson’s name does not appear. It is possible that his name appears at the end of the list and can’t be seen because the shot fades prior. However, this is unlikely as the list is in order of command authority with Gorman, Apone and Hicks listed first and non military, Carter and Ripley listed last. Lended weight to the idea that the entire list can be seen. Here’s a theory, Hudson’s name may not appear because he might have been a last minute addition. He mentions later that he had four more weeks left in the corps. This also might explain why the squads are uneven, 4 and 5. Doesn’t really make sense though, unless Hudson’s computer skills are more valuable than made apparent in the film.

  2. Noticed something very weird today. While watching the Aliens SE on laserdisc I saw the
    “Entering the Colony” scene where Gorman, Burke and Ripley are greeted by Frost and Hicks at the door. I was doing a PQ comparison with the Blu Ray and to my surprise this scene is omitted.
    I would have swore this scene was on the Blu Ray. I used to have the SE on DVD and I’m all but positive it’s on that disc as well.
    Why was this scene omitted from the Blu Ray? It’s one of those things I would have sworn that was on the Blu Ray if I hadn’t just seen it. Again, weird.

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